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Emberlight 2.0.3

Mod ID: 1369802940

Join us on Discord! Ask questions to your heart's content or just be goofy:

We have a Patreon! You can find it here:

Welcome to Emberlight!

This mod is intended for roleplayers and other Conan Exiles players who want a richer and more immersive experience. It is crafted with players at the forefront of our work; you won't need the admin panel to access any of the mod's current or future content.

Our focus is interactivity. We want players to feel like the things in our mod can be picked up, held, and put to use. Here's an overview of our features:


Craft, farm and decorate with a wide variety of items:
  • Decorative flower pots and trees
  • Placeable potted planters and mushroom boxes
  • Garden boxes and wedges which snap to building pieces

Animal Husbandry

Build pens and keep game for hides, meat and other resources. The following animals can be domesticated:
  • Rabbits
  • Antelopes
  • Gazelle
  • Ostriches
  • Goats
  • Boar
  • Deer
  • Shoebills

Wine Maker

Build an Arbor to grow grapes for food, juice and wine, and use your Horticulture bench to craft decorative trellises and vines. The arbor, trellises and vines can be configured with different styles and colors so you can live our your perfect Tuscany fantasy life in Exile.

Explore the Exiled Lands and slay enemies to find the knowledge you need to craft these items.


Construct silkworm habitats and produce silk. Like Wine Maker, learning this sophisticated skill comes down to killing the right NPCs out in the world. Why should they have silk worms and not you?


Server administrators can configure the crafting time and output of all Homestead machines to fit their server. While in admin mode, use the radial menu on any of these placeables to bring up the Configuration Menu.

Homestead Quickstart

Emberlight has its own slightly modified version of farming, which we've tweaked the base game's farming system to work with. The most important change to understand is Ranch Water. Ranch Water is a multi-purpose item, used for growing plants and caring for animals.

Generating Ranch Water:

1. Purchase any feat which teaches you the Water bucket recipe. The recipe is available in the Water Collector feat, as well as the introductory Animal Husbandry and Horticulture feats. Craft a Water Bucket

2. Fill a water bucket at any water source, just as you would a water skin.

3. "Empty" a full water bucket into any Homestead crafting machine (such as a planter or animal pen) by dropping it into that machine's inventory. This will generate 100 Ranch Water.

Growing Things

Common plants:
In any Emberlight or base game planter: Compost + Ranch Water + any seed

Lotus plants:
In any Emberlight or base game planter: Compost + Ranch Water + Lotus seeds

Aquatic plants:
In any Emberlight water planter: Ranch Water + Phykos clippings OR Blue Goop

IMPORTANT: You muse use the "Grow" option from the radial menu to begin the growing process of a planter. You will only need to do this once, each time you begin growing a new plant. Additionally, you will not see the output from growing Emberlight plants until you open the planter's inventory again. We have made the planters this way to ensure they use as little server overhead as necessary to do their work.


Where to find babies for animal pens:

Rabbits: Rabbits do not have babies in the wild, so you simply need to pick up normal wild rabbits as you would a baby animal
Deer, Antelope & Gazelle: These animal pens all use the same Fawn babies, found wherever the adults spawn
Ostrich: Found in areas where adult ostriches spawn
Boar: Found in areas where adult boars spawn
Shoebill/Jungle Bird: Eggs can be purchased from a merchant in the wild
Mountain Goat: Harvested from slain adults with a 10% drop chance. Any harvesting tool will work equally well

Food, soups and drinks are now visible when placed in the inventory of special Serving dishes and mugs, tankards and flagons. You can obtain these items from the Hospitality feats in the Decoration tab of your Feats screen.


Use the Vanity table to customize your character's aesthetic, expanding available options and giving you more robust control over how your character looks. In addition to some basics like lipstick style, hair and beard style, the Vanity placeable allows you to do the following:
  • Trim or completely shave your character's body hair
  • Change your scalp style independently of your hair style, allowing for unique combinations
  • Change your stubble style (for males) independently of beard style, allowing for unique combinations
  • Wear a mustache, because we found them in the Dev Kit and figured 'Why not?'
  • Apply glistening body oil to your character for either a subtle desert glow or Aquilonian Gladiator shine

Thrall Dressing Room

Use the Thrall Dressing Room to customize the appearance of your Thralls:
  • Place Thralls in the dressing room to activate the dressing room UI
  • You can activate the dressing room UI for a placed thrall by using the radial menu. The vanity feat is required in order to do this, and DLC warpaints require either the decorative warpaints feat or the basic building feat from the corresponding DLC.

Cupcake's Aesthetics

Having inherited the mod Cupcake's Aesthetics by creator CupcakeValkyrie, we have added it to Emberlight, expanding the color palette for hair, eyebrows, makeup, eye color and skin color.

New weapons using original artwork:

  • Darfari War Blades (axes) for tiers 2 through 5
  • Darfari Greatblades (Greatswords) for tiers 2 through 5
  • Fist Weapons for tiers 2 through 5
  • Greataxes for tiers 2 through 5 as well as Star Metal

Endgame variants of popular weapons

  • Epic-tier Falcata, Cutlass, Stygian Khopesh, iron and wooden targe shields, all with distinctive color tints
  • Acheronian Glaive and Acheronian Greataxe created from existing game assets

Craftable armor variants and visually modified clothing

  • Expedition Armor - Exile light, medium and heavy armor for cold weather, including epics
  • Bandit Mask
  • Variant Setite chokers
  • Rugged Wraps - craftable and practical loincloths and chestwraps for hot and cold weather
  • Cold weather climbing boots and gloves, learned via the Mountaineer feat

Additional Items

  • Bindable Bed Pillows for cohabitation
  • Bookshelves, placeable rows of journals and stacks of scrolls
  • Stone butcher tools (learned with the Apprentice Butcher feat)
  • Iron Sickle (learned with the Iron Tools feat)

Custom Thralls and Emberloot!

  • Thralls with recipes for Emberlight Weapons and Armor have a chance to spawn in the Exiled Lands. Enemies may be equipped with Emberlight Armory weapons, and may cause you to have a bad day
  • Emberlight items will drop from slain enemies and can be found in chests around the game world

Quality of life improvements

  • stack sizes increased to 100 for most consumables and materials
  • Basic crafting station inventory size increased to 30 slots.
  • Barrels and Small Barrels can now be used to store items
  • Combine Leather to make Thick Leather at the Armorer's Bench
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alrenstormeveer  [автор] преди 5 часа 
shogakusha, we recommend joining our discord. The link can be found at the top of our mod description. Maybe the other server owners there can help shed some light on what’s going on.

Fishassassin233, we do not take commissions. If you want to make suggestions for the mod we have a suggestion channel in our discord

Savag3Calib3r, if your problems just started today you might want to start with anything that changed today. Since people aren’t screaming at us in discord I do not think Emberlight is the cause of your woes.
Savag3Calib3r преди 8 часа 
my Players on my servers are saying Named thralls as of today are spawning all as the same generic naked thrall that dont do anything and if you try and harvest them you get an item of them I dont know if this mod is to blame or not can you please let me know if it could be this mod or not?
fishassassin233 преди 8 часа 
Hello, I was wondering if your team takes commission and how would one go about contacting you?

shogakusha преди 14 часа 
Wondering if anyone else is experiencing Emberlgiht falling off server at restart. I find that this last week, Emberlight has remained identified in my server control panel, but is not loading on the server. A manual restart seems to restore it but then I have players reporting that Mysterious Bells and Water Buckets are gone from inventory after such a drop of the mod. Just seeking input if this is isolated to my server, or is perhaps a recent issue others are also experiencing. thanks!

Oh other mods are:
Zara's McGuffins
Savage Steel
Asshuri Treasures
shogakusha 20 май в 11:55 
Dr Nash - I truly appreciate that Emberlight team has worked on balance. It does show in current weapons (as compared to mods that make game breakingly amazo-weapons) :-) I can understand the challenge. Just looking forward to continuing my awesome Hasta/shield combos haha!
Dr. Nash  [автор] 20 май в 9:01 
@Idefix, this seems like it's going to be a complex issue best worked through in our Discord server where we have the benefit of a more fluid back and forth, which helps when troubleshooting issues like this. There are a lot of questions we need to ask to narrow down the problem and this just isn't a good place to do that. You can find the link to our Discord server in the mod description. In the meantime, I'd also open a support ticket with your server host and give them as much information as possible.
Dr. Nash  [автор] 20 май в 8:51 
@shogakusha, we don't have legendary weapons implemented yet. We've been a bit slow on that, as we've been trying to make sure the balance is right on our custom weapon types, but you'll see them in upcoming updates. :)
shogakusha 20 май в 8:48 
Loving the new weapons and other elements from Emberlight. I see there are blacksmiths that can make Exceptional and Flawless versions of Embelight weapons like the Hast. However am I correct in assuming no legendary tier versions of those weapons were added to the loot tables? Without such weapon tier, those cool weapons become unusable in end game. Thanks!
Idefix 20 май в 7:44 
I use Host-unlimited, the file shows up as emberlight.pak when I uploaded it via FTP
sidewalksurferXX 20 май в 7:12 
Idefix what host do you use? I know on gtx servers the park files get renamed to the mod id number. For example this mod's pak would be 1369802940.pak and the modlist also references that file name. Your issue might be similar.