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Football Manager 2018

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Danmarksserien by Girafi (Denmark Tier 4)
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Danmarksserien by Girafi (Denmark Tier 4)


This database adds tier 4 in the Danish league system, with real life rules and relegation + promotion.

Full Changelog: (Latest version 1.0.2)

If you find have any issues or you have an idea, feel free to post it below!
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15 коментара
Girafi  [автор] 4 март 2018 в 13:41 
Denmark does not have any U21 leagues, but yes there is a U19 league.
AlviseLeone 4 март 2018 в 12:43 
Has this mod U21/U19 leagues?
🅱Docone 18 ян. 2018 в 20:47 
nice mod.. et lille gæt du er fra Lystrup ;)
Girafi  [автор] 3 дек. 2017 в 13:23 
As the plans stands right now, Lemvig GF will not be managable since they played 1 level under what I plan to add. Although they will have a chance to be promoted to the league above, which will be managable.
jemo81 3 дек. 2017 в 13:19 
hoping for adding so that Lemvig GF will be managable
lifesabitch5 22 ноем. 2017 в 13:18 
@Girafi thanks! sounds great
Girafi  [автор] 22 ноем. 2017 в 13:10 
There is indeed plans. Currently working on adding down to tier 6, though as a separate project. I imagine it will take a couple of weeks to finish though :)
lifesabitch5 22 ноем. 2017 в 12:54 
Good job by the way!
lifesabitch5 22 ноем. 2017 в 12:54 
Any plans on going lower to the local series?
Lucifer 22 ноем. 2017 в 6:20 
This is amazing! keep up the good work!