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Little Busters! English Edition
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Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Japanese
Players: Single-player
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29/abr/2017 às 16:06
1/nov/2017 às 0:10

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【Little Busters! English Edition Release Date】
Little Busters! English Edition Postpone Announcement
Data de lançamento: 2017
Huge Visual Novel with multiple Endings from developer KEY, now with touch screen support, switchable English<>Japanese text language and completely in HD (720p, possible to zoom out to original 4:3 aspect ratio)!


Riki Naoe, the protagonist of the story, lost his parents as a child, and fell deep into despair.
He was saved by a group of kids calling themselves the Little Busters, consisting of Kyousuke Natsume, Masato Inohara, Kengo Miyazawa, and Rin Natsume.
They took him outside and playacted at being heroes who fought the evil that was all around them.
Riki discovered endless joy in spending time with them, even though they acted silly and their missions tended to end in failure.
Over time, it washed away his loneliness and suffering.
Years later, the whole gang has entered the same school, and Riki is now a second-year.
They are still as silly as ever and spend their youth going along with whatever Kyousuke proposes.


"Little Busters!" is a huge hit visual novel that was originally released in Japan in 2007.
In the following year, the "Little Busters! Ecstasy" edition came out, promoting Kanata Futaki and Sasami Sasasegawa from side characters to main heroines, and adding an all-new heroine, Saya Tokido.
In 2012, the "Little Busters! PERFECT EDITION" was released with improvements in the "Little Busters! Ecstasy" scenarios.

In 2012 and 2013, the game was made into two anime series titled as "Little Busters!" and "Little Busters! ~Refrain~". Both of the series are available and have gained a large following in many countries outside of Japan as well.

"Little Busters! English Edition" is a new version produced by further upgrading the "Little Busters! PERFECT EDITION". The new edition supports HD resolution for the first time on PC, and allows switching between Japanese and English languages.



Ordinary Boy with an Extraordinarily Lively Youth

The protagonist. Riki is a bit weak-willed, yet very considerate toward his friends. He always gets involved in the ruckus caused by the troublemakers around him. Riki also plays an important role as the straight man in his pals' idiotic comedy routines.


Leader who Turns Ordinary Days into Missions

Kyousuke is the only third-year in the team and leads the team. The mysterious side of his personality attracts many girls without him knowing that while he enjoys boys' comics like a little kid.


Lovable Straight Muscle Idiot

Masato is simply a muscle idiot. He dedicates his life to building himself up and fighting. Masato and Kengo are like cats and dogs, always fighting each other. No one but Kyousuke is capable of arbitrating their fights.


Masato's Strongest Rival

Kengo is a different type of idiot from Masato, one who devotes himself to kendo. He pretends to be cool and collected, but is actually impulsive and short-tempered under his exterior. Unlike the rest of the team, he has a somewhat cynical nature.


Height: 159cm
Weight: 45kg
Measurements: 83, 57, 84

Peerlessly Cute Fairy Tale Girl

Komari is a girl who loves picture books, fairy tales, and sweets. She is so careless and clumsy that she often messes things up and ends up bringing herself to tears. She lives her life seeking "wonderful things" and "keys to happiness." Komari is, in short, an optimistic airhead.


Height: 153cm
Weight: 43kg
Measurements: 77, 54, 80

Prideful Kitten who Doesn't Easily Take to Others

Rin is Kyousuke's little sister. She is rather unsociable, having grown under the protection of her brother. She tends to act before she thinks. She is often seen using high kicks when a particular person does or says something silly.


Height: 163cm
Weight: 49kg
Measurements: 81, 59, 82

Easygoing Noisy Girl

Haruka belongs to a different class from Riki, but for some reason can always be found in his classroom. Where she goes, trouble always follows, and she is either gleefully getting involved in it, or getting caught up in the mess. She basically flies by the seat of her pants without taking anything seriously.


Height: 145cm
Weight: 37kg
Measurements: 69, 51, 72

Exotic (Self-Proclaimed) Mascot

Kudryavka has a very Japanese personality, influenced by her Japanophile grandfather, despite having been born and raised outside Japan. She doesn't like that fact and forces herself to speak English. She is actually younger than the rest of the team. Everyone around her adores and picks on her as a mascot. She's casually called "Kud."


Height: 170cm
Weight: 55kg
Measurements: 90, 60, 89

A Tad Mischievous Anego

Yuiko is one of Riki's classmates, the very personification of an "Anego." Everybody around her counts on her because of her arrogant attitude and keen insight. She also loves cute girls.


Height: 153cm
Weight: 41kg
Measurements: 75, 55, 79

Parasol-Holding Silent Beauty

Mio is a quiet girl who spends every recess reading by herself. She is diligent in everything she does but sometimes goes off into her own little world after getting the wrong idea about something. She never forgets to take her parasol with her when going out.


Height: 156cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 83, 55, 82

Invincible Airhead

One side of Saya is a cute girl liked by everybody in her class. The other side is a mysterious spy who in the night searches the school property for the "treasure" hidden and protected by the Darkness Executives that she occasionally engages.


Height: 163cm
Weight: 47kg
Measurements: 80, 57, 82

Blunt, Unsociable, and Tactless Prefect

Kanata is the head prefect at school. She is inflexible, unfriendly, and unhesitant to pelt insults at others. She has persistent hostility toward any student who "corrupts public morals."


Height: 154cm
Weight: 43kg
Measurements: 78, 54, 81

Self-Centered Cat Queen

Sasami is the hope of the softball club and a prideful girl always accompanied by her followers. She somehow consideres Rin as her rival. Many people stutter when attempting to pronounce her tongue twister-like name.

Theme Song

"Little Busters! -ecstasy ver.-"

Composition & Lyrics
Jun Maeda

Arranged by
Tomoyuki Nakazawa (I've)
Takeshi Ozaki (I've)


Vocals & chorus

All screenshots are from an early alpha build
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Ivy 9/out/2017 às 11:59 
Продам почку в обмен на все новеллы от Key, пишите в лс
Mr. Manual 24/set/2017 às 8:37 
Actually, a set date. November 1st
Yureina 23/set/2017 às 15:04 
Mr. Manual 23/set/2017 às 7:44 
Fall release window folks!
霁月光风 23/set/2017 às 5:40 
I like this
TeFatCat123 14/set/2017 às 9:19 
end me
Mr. Manual 12/set/2017 às 3:52 
It's been pushed back to a Fall release since they had to fix the minigames.
ToDzY 12/set/2017 às 0:19 
Yureina 27/ago/2017 às 13:52 
Some news about it would be nice. Not hearing anything sucks. :(
DemonShadow423 27/ago/2017 às 11:57 
I just hope that if it was delayed, it wasn't delayed by more than a few days or a week.