Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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14x8, A* University
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14x8, A* University

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A* Services / エイスター・サーヴィス
53 itens
A* Schools / エイスター学校
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A-star Services will help to make your city better!

Student capacity: 3,600
Upkeep: 2,000 / week
Cost: 80,000

Smaller size (13x12-->14x8)

Education accumulation: 250
Education radius: 8,000

Water: 50
Electricity: 125
Sewage: 50
Garbage: 40
Uneducated: 0
Educated: 100
Well Educated: 300
Highly Educated: 500

--My Recommendation--
Jul’s very beautiful mod ‘University’:

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A* Services / エイスター・サーヴィス
A* Parks & A* Parking Lots / エイスター公園

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2 comentário(s)
Jul 21/nov/2017 às 10:12 
A really big thank you that you mention my little changing to your beautiful Schools
I nearly got a tear in my eye when i saw this
Thank you very much
风驰电掣华莱士 7/jan/2017 às 23:55 
nice work!