When theres no squads to join
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"and you just feel so lonely :("
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noslord 1/out/2017 às 11:35 
Hey, you're not supposed to use black people in memes anymore, remember? It's racist.
Narkenstein3D 8/mar/2017 às 14:25 
Its true, though usually a squad takes pitty on me and lets me tag along with them until either I die or a squad opens up, but still :steamsad::steamsad:
Lazykore  [autor(a)] 8/jan/2017 às 17:10 
I dont mind being a leader but When THERE IS LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE and you take the very LAST slot so you gotta solo :(
Drewsko 5/jan/2017 às 9:54 
Time to man up and lead then!
Tetris 28/dez/2016 às 20:30 
Papa bless the squad leaders.