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rp_vanqor_v1 (Performance update! Read patch notes!)
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14/abr/2016 às 14:23
11/jul/2017 às 16:02
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rp_vanqor_v1 (Performance update! Read patch notes!)

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Loosely based on the planet of Vanqor from the TV show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars".

.vmf + materials here http://www.mediafire(dot)com/file/jubh61che3n969a (Now it actually compiles!)

For whom ever wants to edit and make their own version.
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42 comentário(s)
Joob  [autor(a)] 5 de fev às 11:08 
I apologize for the inactivity on this comment page, but I'm really happy with what you all did (and are doing) with this map. I appreciate your credits and your efforts a lot!
[SBS] The Guy 5 de fev às 6:01 
Hey Doughboy, just letting you know that you can find a new version of this map here:

You have been credited in this version as well, thanks for allowing us to recreate this map.
ebittel 12/mai/2018 às 6:54 
hey Nasal Mediafire is blocked!
M'aiq The Liar 13/mar/2018 às 7:48 
Ai nodes?
liviotdf 26/jan/2018 às 4:27 
I downloaded it so I could I play LV-426, another mod which requires Vanqor. However the Derelict doesn't show up. what do I do?
Beefray 16/ago/2017 às 8:48 
I compiled it without modifying it at all.
Joob  [autor(a)] 16/ago/2017 às 1:23 
Did you add anything to the map before compiling or did you compile it without modifying it at all?
Beefray 15/ago/2017 às 16:48 
Doesn't seem like the map is compile-able (including the one you gave with the link)
Every attempt at compling this map, it always gives the error "bad geometry".
Any idea how to fix?
ACE 14/ago/2017 às 9:01 
cyka bleat
[Onyx] Donut 13/jul/2017 às 14:48 
Awesome I appresiate it and by me I meant my staff team we will talk about it soon and hopefully start it soon aswell