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Long War SMG Pack
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Long War SMG Pack

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By Pavonis Interactive

Adds three new submachine gun-type weapons to the game, one per tech level, for the XCOM side. They offer bonus mobility, concealment and close-range accuracy, at a penalty to damage and long-range accuracy relative to the assault rifle.

Bonus concealment means enemies' detection range (red tiles) is reduced against units with these weapons equipped.

They can be equipped by any XCOM unit that can equip assault rifles.

This mod was commissioned by 2K Games to be released with XCOM 2.

Free for noncommercial use: Modders are free to incorporate any code or other assets from this mod in their own, provided credit is given to Long War Studios in the appropriate places in mod releases.

Modelling, textures: James "JCLewis" Karlson
Textures: Robert "Baszermaszer" Bakos
Design Lead: John "JohnnyLump" Lumpkin
Technical Lead: Rachel "Amineri" Norman

v2 update (3/14/2016)
- Fixes issue caused by 3/10 main game patch that was preventing SMGs from upgrading properly
- Fixes issue caused by directly upgrading from conventional to beam SMGs causing you to lose weapon addons
- Improvements to textures

v3 update (3/29/2016)
- Fixes issue in which upgrading SMGs in engineering while one is equipped to a soldier gave that soldier a second invisible SMG, conferring double mobility benefits and causing two shot and overwatch icons to appear. Note this probably won't fix soldiers in existing campaigns who received the double bonus.

v4 update (5/12/2016)
- Fixes issue caused by 5/12 main game patch that was giving you only 1 SMG at campaign start

DO NOT LOAD THIS MOD WITH LONG WAR 2. Its features are already incorporated.
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504 comentário(s)
王湍 9 de mar às 23:43 



这个模组是由2K游戏委托XCOM 2发布的。

4rrakis 11 de jan às 17:10 
There already is one: Long War SMG Pack - WotC (unofficial)
vandujr 11 de jan às 16:30 
wotc version? (yes there needs to be one of these comments on every legacy mod)
Lord Bubba 13/set/2019 às 7:55 
Good mod. The only problem I have with it is it does not kill an uninjured Advent soldier or alien on the first shot.
Vasilas 29/mai/2019 às 9:58 
@Deadput Thanks for that, will try it out!
Deadput 29/mai/2019 às 9:07 
This isn't a mod for WOTC, despite what that HX guy said below this is not compatible with WOTC.

This is the link for the WOTC version (says unofficial but Pavonis is never touching their mods again so this is as official as it gets)

Vasilas 29/mai/2019 às 7:47 
Doesn't work with WotC. Game crashes on startup. Tried on fresh installation, with no other mods. Have all the DLC.
QuasarBeing 10/fev/2019 às 21:10 
WotC compatible?
Lux Manifestus 24/jan/2019 às 12:43 
Are we going to get a tactical legacy version? Pretty please?
Agrippa HX 1/dez/2018 às 15:12 
@Magicalskittles — I'm sure this guide will help you: