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Guia Circuit, Macau
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Guia Circuit, Macau

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This is a track I had in rF1 and have now put into rF2.
Countless hours have been spent updating materials, shaders, textures, and adding rF2 features including increasing the resolution of the track mesh for real road and mapping the race groove to the fast path . . . hope you enjoy it.
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38 comentário(s)
Rwen 3 de jan às 5:44 
Looking forward to your updates
ManBearPig 3/dez/2019 às 17:31 
Mainly struggles when going past the start finish line/pits. Get dropped frames. Rest of the lap is great..
Bloodiwolfi 22/nov/2019 às 13:06 
i have tested with VR | RTX2080Ti | i7 7700K ... np, works fine
senormen  [autor(a)] 13/nov/2019 às 13:15 
aw really ? . . . i have same set up . . . runs fine . . . struggling anywhere in particular or just overall ?
ManBearPig 13/nov/2019 às 11:34 
amazing work... thank you! can it be optimized for VR? rtx 2080ti, i7 9700k struggles.
Supra_Legend 16/set/2019 às 8:56 
Thx m8 :D
chisco85 6/mar/2019 às 11:04 
the best:steamhappy:
FHarbor 24/fev/2019 às 5:44 
The track is great but the guardrails and walls are simply terrible. Even if you touch it a little bit the car get sucked into it and it's stucks here. You can't drive out of the guardrail, or just stops your car in an unrealistic way like 100 to 0 km/h in half second. Racing with AI because of this it's not really possoible there.
Also the hairpin needs to be widened nor me nor the Ai can take it with full steering lock in GT cars. Or when it happens i take it with like 15-20kmh lol..
Apex Predator 14/jan/2019 às 1:23 
This circuit is straight up bonkers. It makes Long Beach and Monaco feel forgiving.
zelderan 26/nov/2018 às 8:35 
Thank you!