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Ironkraft - Road to Hell
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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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29/jul/2015 às 13:27
26/jan/2016 às 19:42

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Ironkraft Early Access is Out Now on Steam!
Ironkraft - Road to Hell is now 15% OFF until 10 AM PDT, 29th October

Watch the crazy car-brawling action in the Early Access Launch Trailer:
Thanks for being here with us, let's build this game together until its planned final release next year!

Ironkraft - Road to Hell got Greenlit!
Data de lançamento: Already released via Early Access
Out Now on Steam as an Early Access Game

Ironkraft - Road to Hell is a fast paced 2,5D side-scrolling car-brawler with an alternative World War II story - Zombies, Nazis, Customized Cars and maximum craziness included! Oh, did we mention Aliens too?

In a Mad Max-like post-apocalyptic vehicle driven universe, where people are living in isolated colonies on Earth, no one can be safe on the road. The scarce supplies of the remaining cities are transported by the so-called Roadtraders. You!

Ironkraft - Road to Hell rolls out with:

Crazy Story
Think of the craziest alternative WW2 reality you can imagine. Now multiply it by 10. Finally, add aliens too!

Great 2,5D graphics
Just look at the pictures. Seriously. If you know anything that looks better than this game, please inform us here because we will exterminate the rival studio, yeah, even their pets we are always willing to improve our skills.

Phenomenal physics
Controlling the Annihilator is much more fun than anything you have ever done before. OK, if you are a billionaire, then it is a blatant and obscene lie, but otherwise it is a fact.

Looting time!
Collecting and selling cargo? Check! Attacking other traders? Check! Hunting down giant bosses for some bounty? Check! You have many ways to become a rich man!

Pimp your ride
The Annihilator is fully customisable. You want some horns like a texas oil baron straight to a sitcom? You get them! Or, you love post-apocalyptic themes? Turn the Annihilator into a car straight out the wastes! OK, maybe not the horns but you get the idea, right?

Weapons, weapons, and more weapons
Well, you know. Weapons. Stuff that kills. There is a lot. Good ol’ American killing machines, and some ultra-super-secret Nazi prototype weapons, like the Kitty Cannon, or the Sauerkraut Sprayer! (Aliens are allergic to both. Or not. It damages them, OK?)

Secret places
Completing the stages is a challenge, but can you find the secret places? Hidden Nazi bunkers, treasures, you name it, we have it! Try to catch the zeppelins for some ultra-cool levels!

Easter-egg parade
Anytime-anywhere. But basically, everywhere! Try to find something in the pop-culture that does NOT have a reference in Ironkraft. Good luck with that!

And remember: Drive-Crash-Shoot-REPEAT!

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█▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀ 5/fev/2016 às 18:53 
I love the soundtrack
Blitz 27/dez/2015 às 8:51 
its looks shitty bruh
thedrilling 11/dez/2015 às 7:21 
Michael Cera's Father 18/nov/2015 às 19:54 
BesT 14/nov/2015 às 0:24 
Kombiice 9/nov/2015 às 1:36 
wow !!
Hype × 1/nov/2015 às 0:55 
Cool !
-_F.A_-Грешник™ 30/out/2015 às 0:52 
Jimmy Dali 10/out/2015 às 8:58 
Absolute mayhem baby!
Kombiice 22/set/2015 às 10:16 
wanna play now :D:D