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Cologne/Köln v2 - detailed, hand drawn map
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20/mar/2015 às 1:17
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Cologne/Köln v2 - detailed, hand drawn map

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This is an updated version to the very detailed, very realistic map of Köln (Cologne), Germany

started off a heightmap from, the rhine river, all large lakes and highways have been constructed using openstreetmap data and finetuned by hand.

this map is about 2× size to encapsulate suburbs like Hürth, Weiden, Pesch, Dünnwald, Merheim, Porz, Zündorf

great with the unlock 25 tiles mod!

—All Highways surrounding and leading into cologne (A3, A4, A57) with accurate intersections
—Major train tracks from all directions (also: ships and airplanes)
—Highway connection in starting tile: A57 coming in from North with exit in Ehrenfeld
—Trees and Forest of Stadtwald and Grüngürtel
—Oil in south and fertile land in the corners for farming suburbs
—Accurate waterfront and water level
—Elevated platform to place Cathedral and build waterfront road

All highways and railways can be deleted and rebuilt

Read about the process here:
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65 comentário(s)
Lionpudding 6 de nov às 3:12 
@forbesyj9 you can use the mods "Ship Path Anarchy" and "More Network Stuff" to edit the ship paths in your save game.
forbesyj9 2 de abr às 2:28 
so im building away and notice i have no ships coming through the river. i happen to check each end of the river and notice the shipping lanes dont even line up with the river... they are on the land.... wtf... its completely ruined my map.
fiahdon 24/dez/2017 às 16:17 
i would love if you did manchester ukv its a similar layout to this
Skybreath 12/dez/2017 às 8:17 
Please do Regensburg
player8472 20/ago/2017 às 9:03 
Irgendeine Chance, dass du die noch für 81 tiles erweiterst?

Ich hätte gerne mein komplettes Lebensgebiet zum bebauen (Frechen bis Overath) - und ich bin zu blöd es selbst zu machen...
m0pp3Lk0tz3 17/ago/2017 às 6:11 
Danke für die Arbeit. !!! Freue mich meine Heimatstadtnachzubauen. Schääl Sick ftw. (Thielenbruch/Strunden, Dünnwald/Höhenhaus, Mülheim)
theoobg 22/mar/2017 às 13:33 
Great work. Simply wonderfull......
r3fe 27/jan/2017 às 3:07 
You missed the Ramp going from the A3 going Frankfurt onto the A4 going to Aachen
Yijare 2/jan/2017 às 13:23 
Wo isn die A59 und die A559? :steamhappy:
throatbird 11/jun/2016 às 15:47 
Dude. Absolutley great map. With all these transport connections, this is what I've been waiting for.:steamhappy: