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Unofficial Extra Customizable Weaponry 2.0
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Unofficial Extra Customizable Weaponry 2.0

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Gmod4phuns Test Server Collection 2 - CW, WAC, etc.
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THIS REQUIRES THE Customizable Weaponry 2.0 by Spy, get it HERE.

Unofficial Extra Customizable Weaponry 2.0 - revival of old weapons.

UECW 2.0 is a pack of weapons that I like the most from the old Extra pack, and decided to re-make them on the new base.
I tried to make the guns as customizable as they could be. If I did not include some attachments on a certain weapon, I had a good reason for that.

This pack includes 17 weapons, lots of new attachments and a lot of fun.

-- AN-94
-- AWM
-- FN Five-SeveN
-- G2 Contender
-- H&K G36C
-- Glock 17
-- M16A4
-- M98 Bravo
-- Magpul Masada
-- Masada ACR
-- MP-412 REX
-- H&K UMP .45
-- H&K USP .40
-- H&K XM8
-- M16A2
-- M4A1

-- Ballistic Telescopic Scope - 20x magnification
-- Deployable Harris Bipod
-- C-More Sight
-- SG-556 Scope - 4x magnification
-- Trijicon ACOG Scope - M150 RCO Variant - 4x magnification
-- Schmidt Bender Scope - 12x magnification
-- Ballistic Suppressor
-- Rifle Suppressor
-- Pistol Suppressor
-- Tactical Pistol Light
-- Docter Red Dot Sight
-- ELCAN C97 Scope - 3.4 magnification
-- Reflex Sight
-- Trijicon Reflex Sight
-- Skin Silencer
-- FoldSights
-- USGI Mag - 35 rounds
-- E-Mag - 40 rounds
-- Extended AK Mag - 40 rounds
-- Surefire Magazine - 60 rounds
-- Beta C-Magazine - 100 rounds
Also includes some attachments (for modders) - LaRue Rail, Picatinny Rail, Rail Mount, Front and Rear Sights

Custom ammo types are included, for some guns (AWP, Contender, UMP etc.)

-- Spy - CW 2.0, old ECW models
-- Tigg - Various attachment models and textures
-- Knife Kitty - ideas, helper, compiling the Trijicon Reflex for me :)
-- Bunneh, Wystan, Kali, Valve - attachment models (from CW 1, and from CSGO Bodygrouped Weapons pack)
-- FA:S 2.0 Team - some weapon sounds
-- Gmod4phun - compiling some attachments, reviving some weapons, fixing up textures on attachments, and the rest of the work
- Weapon models belong to their respectful creators. If I forgot to credit someone, sorry.

Q: How to open the customization menu?
A: Stop. Seriously...

Q: Why do I see errors?
A: Make sure you have CW 2.0 Installed.

Q: Why does not the gun X have the attachment Y?
A: Read the description carefuly.

Q: How to turn on the tactical light?
A: You cant. And dont ask me to make it work.

Q: Will there be more weapons coming?
A: Yes, I will be making some more weapons.

Q: When will they be released?
A: When I feel like releasing something.

Thats everything. Enjoy and please, dont write dumb comments, they will be ignored and/or deleted.
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Қatka ♥  [autor(a)] 10 de abr às 0:49 
Yeah I probably will at some point. CW2 did not have the 5.7x28mm ammotype back when I released this and I was too lazy to update it.
Coolumin 9 de abr às 19:53 
you should make the five-seven in this pack use the 5.7mm that CW2.0 comes with already instead of its own
Қatka ♥  [autor(a)] 8 de abr às 0:45 
It does not 'prevent' you from reloading. It's called Mag System for a reason. You need to have some magazines in the first place and fill them up with ammo, then you can reload.
★$$NightMeme$$★ 7 de abr às 9:34 
Uninstall the CW:2.0 Mag system, r whatever it's called, it's similar to that. For some reason it prevents you from reloading.
Klumsy13 7 de abr às 7:18 
all these guns are good but i got one problem.... WHEN I PRESS R TO RELOAD, THE GUN DOES NOT RELOAD.... what do i do?!
BWU | D4TH_L0RD3 31 de mar às 13:21 
you could change the sounds of g36 and fiveseven, because they override the original cw sounds.
Is this better... 31 de mar às 6:27 
Just asking, thank you
Қatka ♥  [autor(a)] 30 de mar às 16:08 
Of course, why couldn't you?
Is this better... 30 de mar às 14:44 
Can I use this mod on a server?
Joesupersnail 28 de mar às 12:53 
Subscribed for the customizable sniper in the images, I was sad that the only sniper in the CW 2.0 pack didn't have any customizations, thanks for this!