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Masterwork Composite Bow (Azura's Ranger Bow)
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Masterwork Composite Bow (Azura's Ranger Bow)

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Random note: I also included the scimitar under Smithing-> Steel-> Scimitar just because.... I wanted to be able to craft this sword. Maybe freak some guards out or something (they won't stop stating that people have curved swords on my end.)

Not to be outdone by any ordinary weapon makers, a masterful ranger (who also happened to be a champion of Azura herself) once constructed a bow equal to his own skill at marksmanship! He just didn't realize that it would make others just as deadly as himself, which led to his undoing.

This is an uber powerful bow! Not to the extreme, but it's deadly enough that it'll kill almost anything you shoot even basic-level arrows at.

The bow can be found at any smithing forge, where it was listed for some reason under 'Misc' items. The list of items needed will be found there, but you'll want to have 2 firewood pieces, 4 leather strips and some metal ingots.

To keep this weapon leveled, I decided on 'Orcish' smithing as the perk to have to be able to craft this... But if the creator didn't keep that, then it may be available at all levels.

If you don't see it to begin with, then you will probably need Orcish smithing to see/build this bow.

You will love it, I'm sure.

-Extended range
-Excessive damage (due to composite bends in the bow and extra strong sinews!)
-Repeatable accuracy
-You can make/sell tons of 'em, or make some deadly missile-flingin' allies out of followers.