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Heaven Community Materials
Criado por Faety
This is a compressed pack with stuff that I fixed (like hitboxes) or reupload because it was taken off.
This pack also contain models made by/for us that we use in our server....
LED screens
Criado por MacTavish
LED panels are here!

LED screens are similar to text screens but they add a little bit more realism and fun to use in RP servers

- Different types of running text
- Color customization
- Text scrolling speed
- W...
Criado por Schnitzelschnabel

Sadly, development on this addon has been stopped indefinitely, and as such, any issues with the addon will remain unfixed until further notice. Please note that this might no
Tom Clancy's The Division Hazmat Bag
Criado por The Seraphim
Hello to all the people who are viewing this! This is the bag that the Agents use to store Dark Zone Contaminated items in, in Tom Clancy's The Division!

Maker and Creator of the model: UBISOFT MASSIVE

Extractor and Porter of the model: SHADY

Weapon Holsters with editor
Criado por Othereum
This add-on is currently out of support.
If you have a problem or want to add a feature, modify it yourself and feel free to upload it. Don't worry about copyright.

Enhanced Weapon Holsters

Unsubscribe other laggy, buggy wea...
Arkham Origins Harleen Quinzel NPC/playermodel
Criado por True
Arkham Origins Harleen Quinzel Npc/playermodel


If you like this or any of my others, keep those positive rating rolling so i can make more!
Feel free to follow me to stay updated with my mo...
Dr. Schwaiger
Criado por Lt_C
This is Dr. Schwaiger, a scientist from Sniper Elite V2.

He is available as a ragdoll and playermodel, comes in two suits and a scientist outfit from AVP. His glasses are bodygrouped, and if you're a fan of the ragdoll mover, they're also rigged to a bo...
suits and robbers playermodels
Criado por ムyce
I didn't make these models or Playermodels!

If you are the owner and you want them deleted please write to me!

I just wanted to reupload it because it was removed from workshop!
SCP-RP staff (Janitor)
Criado por Dr.
This is currently not the complete model, it's up to the owner of the server if he wants me to edit the current one, so it's in beta state. the 3D Model had no head for a reason.

And I must give credit, cause it's a reskin. But the original author is Bu...
Resident Evil 2 Remake - Hunk [PM, NPC, Ragdoll]
Criado por auditor
Do NOT use playermodel or npc ragdoll for posing.
For obvious reasons npc and pm are using lower poly version of the model, ragdoll is left as is.

- His MP5, fully bodygrouped and rigged
- Original bone weights and rigging
- Jigglebones
COD Ghosts - Hazmat Suit PM
Criado por holyC programmer
Re-upload since the creator deleted the addon. I do not claim to have created this in any way/form. All rights go to the original creator.

Add me on steam if you need help with anything.

Find the ragdoll here:
Scp D class,MTF,Scientists. [NPC+Ragdolls+Playermodels] Pack
This addon consists of 26 character models (D class, scientists, scientist guardians, Mtf, security personnel, medical personnel)
Also, the addon consists of 52 NPCs (part of the allies, part of the enemies). Their AI is absolutely common.
The Talos Principle playermodel
Criado por VLSN
A robot model I made using playermodel for Serious Sam 3 by noam2000.

And congratulation - you're the 9999999 user who comment "I, Robot" in here. You guys are sooo funny....
SCP:CB 0.5 Zombie Guard Player & NPC
Criado por jqueary
This is a reskin of this addon, reskinned to look like a victim of SCP-049.
•Contains two NPCs, "friendly" and "hostile".
•Player model

SCP:CB Zombie PM Upgrade
Criado por jqueary
Upgraded old zombie player model....
SCP: Containment Breach - Unity: SCP-173 PM
Criado por jqueary
SCP-173 From SCP Unity Remake

  1. All Textures are 2048 HD (phong, sheet, normal)
  2. Playermodel
  3. Prop

Visit SCP: Containment Breach - Unity via
Official forums can be found here: https://fo...
SCP: Containment Breach - Unity: SCP-106 PM & NPC
Criado por jqueary
SCP-106 from SCP Unity Remake

  1. Vest bodygroup.
  2. C_Hands for playermodel.
  3. NPC, friendly and hostile.
  4. Shiny eyes, visible in the dark.

Credits for 106 model:
  1. Apocryphos
  2. Shadowscale
SCP-682 PM
Criado por Garry
SCP-682 Playermodel....
SCP-076-2 Swep
Criado por NeZoX

SCP-012 [Working Entity]
Criado por c4sual

Item #: SCP-012

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-012 is to be kept in a darkened room at all times. If the object i...
SCP-096 Animated Player Model (Update: 18/03/2018)
Criado por jqueary
Update: 18/03/2018 Log
Re-done run, walk, crouch animations
Added phys model

Model contains "walking","running", "sitting" and "idle" animation.

Animations trigger on a specific weapon type. Ani...
SCP:CB 1.3.8 SCP-049 Player & NPC
Criado por jqueary
•Contains two NPCs, "friendly" and "hostile".
•Player model
•Made Bumpmaps for the mask and body. Best view for the bumpmaps is screenshot 3, 4 and 5.

Vinrax - porting, r...
SCP 294 - Redux ( Editor Version )
Criado por Xenikay
Now with a "good" flavour editor !
You can now create your own flavour !

Helper : karl-police ( added tp )

Commands :
- scp294_debugHUD ( 0 / 1 )
- scp294_keybo...
SCP:CB 1.3.8 Footsteps
Criado por jqueary
• Replaced Chainlink sounds
• Replaced Concrete sounds
• Replaced Duct sounds
• Replaced Grass sounds
• Replaced Metal sounds
• And replaced Tile sounds....
Talk Icon
Criado por Johnny
NOTE: This addon will force mp_show_voice_icons to 0. Changes will be applied in your server CFG.
Short description: this is a replacement for the default voice chat icon plus a new text chat icon, with minor improvements.

SCP Site-65
Criado por Lord_Fr3ze

- No, I don't give out my VMF for this map
- I don't allow any sort of reupload or edits of this map
- Map name is rp_site65
Functioning Broom
Criado por Zycarite
Complete with sweeping sound and dust effect at sweep location.
There is no animation yet for sweeping and the broom is the one built into HL2 (models/props_c17/pushbroom.mdl)

A broom that actually works. (Clears decals in an area)
Its not pre
Military Cases PROPS
Criado por Kally

This pack contains three hard cases and two rifle cases. Two of the cases are openable and feature separate lid props, both of the rifle cases are ragdolled, and all of them feature skins, bodygroups, and are rigged for use with the joi...
Night Vision Goggles
Criado por Dragoteryx

My take on the night vision goggles. I don't think there is any mod where the goggles are actual entities that you can pickup.

This mod will be required for another addon that will come soon, it's not that h...
Criado por jqueary
SCP-939, from the game SCP - Containment Breach.

  • Animated player model.
  • Re-done animations, "run","walk","sit","idle", etc.
  • Normal map.
  • Specular map.
  • Jaw positioning.
  • The joints bend in a weird manner on some po
SCP-999 PM
Criado por jqueary
  1. Model has jigglebones
  2. Player model

Suggestion requested by Bob
Modeling and texturing is done by jQueary.

©2018 jQueary. This item is not authorize...
SCP-1048 Pack & Animated Player Model
Criado por jqueary

Marker contains its own bumpmap texture.

Model of SCP-1048-A and regular SCP-1048 are an animated player model, including the follwing animations "runn
AvP Flamethrower Swep
Criado por snaek eatre

Update: Added a Pulse Rifle swep that is tbh pretty shit but owell lmao

after a very long time in development

Rememeber that worthless weapon from Aliens vs. Predator?

Well i t...
SCP-714 Entity | The Jaded Ring
Criado por Dragoteryx
I finally finished this entity. Initially I planned to release it along with 1025 but then I thought that I should make it standalone so the other SCPs I will release (if I do release other SCPs) will be able to interact with it as well, without the user n...
Modern Notifications
Criado por UselessGhost
Little cosmetic update for default Sandbox notifications....
Criado por Yoh
expel the bad guys from the server.



SNTE is a preventive security script against the use of exploit menu on your server. , originally imagined by Meepen[[]...
Criado por Atomic Kyle
Edited by nightboy ported by tryhard77885.

I take NO credit for these models they are nightboy's. They are effects because do you seriuosly want me to make 222 models props ,NO!

Source : SFM Workshop + Half-Life 2 Episode 2 + L4D2
My work, not so h...
Electric Fences
Criado por FluxTheGod
Just a simple electric fence addon which uses models already on Garry's Mod so no massive download.

good for roleplay or any gamemode that need electric fences.

Office Prop Pack [GTA V]
Criado por Sal
Models by Rockstar for GTA V
Ported by Sal

Follow me on the workshop for more content:

- 4 chairs
- Big Conference Desk
- Desk with duel monitors
- Desk with nothing on it
- Pen Cup
Criado por Wolly
These are basic turrets/emplacements. They actually work as entities. Use them at your own discretion. Have fun.
No longer requires GBombs.

The 4 turrets are

7.62x39mm Turret
- Fast rate of fire, good for crowd control.
- Not very effective at ...
Criado por Billy
What is GmodAdminSuite?
GmodAdminSuite is a pack of administration utilities which work on top of your admin mod (e.g. ULX) to supercharge your server's staff experience.

Learn more[]
DarkRP Radio System
Criado por Trench

IMPORTANT NOTICE#1: It's been a long time since I tested this in a server with multiple people, so if the voice communication doesn't work, please let me know and I will have it fixed prompty, although it should!
Chell NPC [Portal 2]
Criado por pillow
This addon simply adds 2 Chell NPCs under the category Portal 2.
One is hostile, the other is friendly.
This addon also adds a new playermodel, being an originally coloured Chell.
It includes c_arms and is hexed.

Feel fre...
[SCP] SCPs Labels Materials
Criado por Guthen
Welcome to my new SCP addon !

This addon contains SCPs Signs materials, you can use them with Material Tool on an "1x1 plastic plate" in the game.

List of actual SCPs Signs (total of 25 signs) :
• SCP-002 :
• SCP-00...
Zar Police K9 -Playermodel | UPDATED Jul 29
Criado por Sterling


-Fixed Animations

-Nothing really just a playermodel

Need To Be Fixed:
SCP-527 Playermodel
Criado por ♪ Grodbert
Your favourite SCP, Mr. Fish has come! It features:

* Interchangeable clothes (suit / class D outfit)!
* Hat or no Hat!
* Moves his mouth when speaking!
* Can change the color of his suit!

(UPDATE): Now the hat's band is colourable too! Also added...
Criado por Wgis
Reuploaded PlayerModel...
Muted Toolgun
Criado por Ward
Simple addon that removes the laser effect from the toolgun and mutes the sound.

Useful for not breaking immersion when admins are running an RP event or for film makers....
[Gmodstore] [#1679] Arivia F4 DarkRP Menu [Resources ONLY]
Criado por Richard
Arivia is an F4 menu for DarkRP that takes on the look that everyone has enjoyed since it was first introduced in Linx and Liko. The development of Arivia was focused around the ability to provide a clean and updated look to Garry's Mod GUIs, while keeping...
SCP-1025 Entity | Encyclopedia of Diseases
Criado por Dragoteryx
For my first "serious" project for GMOD I decided to go with one of my favorite SCPs => SCP-1025. You can find this entity under Entities/SCPs.

Interesting fact: the real SCP-1025 doesn't actually inflict diseases, rather it makes others become paranoid...
Criado por Xenikay

SCP-513 , is now an entity.
You can use SCP-513 and if you too close of it when you use it then , SCP-513
is gonna haunted you.

[ How to make him go away ? ]
You must die

[ Did everyone who hear the sound is haunted ]

Criado por 19$ fortnite card
Smoke some SCP-420-j....
Ubersoldat Non-Nazi version
Criado por XYDIU
Basically a re-make of the Ubersoldat from Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, with the exception of the Nazi symbols on it, so it could be used for more than just wolfenstein role-play, and such. Also so that it could be used on servers without issue.

Arctic's Slightly Nicer Armor and Medkits
Criado por Arctic
New! Join the OFFICIAL Discord server here:

A set of armor and medkits slightly nicer than other available options. Notable features include:

- Plays nice sound when equipping
- Won't attempt to equip if you alrea...
Poly's Booby Traps
Criado por Polymorphic Turtle
An addon in development with the goal to add semi realistic booby traps to gmod and aid with guerilla tactics.

List of Booby Traps (More on the way):

Spring Gun
Tripwire Grenade
Incendiary Grenade
Nitrous Oxide Jet
Directed S...
Umbrella Corps - G.R.U Redux [Playermodels]
Criado por W4YS3R!
Hello guys and welcome to what I persoanly think is one of my best models I have done yet. Essentialy, these are just Bloocobalt's RE6 BSAA models but with less bodygroups and new textures. I have also edited stuff like the headset for example to remove ce...
Retro Pack - Last Year - [Props]
Criado por cassius
This is Slashero's retro pack ported from Last Year, with proper collision models to work as props in Garry's Mod.
Each one of the assets present in this addon are property of Elastic Games and Dekogon Studios.
Black Wolf PlayerModel [ANIMS FIXED]
Criado por [CTG] Bigby Wolf

WARNING: All credits go to Novus Project SCP 023 Addon creators:
- Default_OS - playermodel creator
- St11l - Project Owner
- Vindictus Ragdolls Pack VII - Ragdoll

Novus Project Addon: https://ste...
SCP Engineer
Criado por killa1191
A Engineer PM for SCP RP

Right now it's just a Playermodel, but i'm working on adding bodygroups and a NPC....
ComradIvan18's GSG-9 Operators [PM & NPC]
Criado por ArachnitCZ
auditor got 1 kill in black ops 3

Customly assembled GSG9 Operators from multiple games by ComradIvan18/MadIvan18.
Battlefield 4
Battlefield: Hardline
Escape From Tarkov
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered

Criado por jqueary
Unfolded model
Folded model
SCP-178-1 player model

I recommend using Ragdoll Mover in order to pose SCP-178-1....
SCP: Containment Breach - Unity: SCP-178-1 PM
Criado por jqueary
SCP-178-1 from SCP Unity Remake

  1. Walk, run, crouch and idle animations implemented
  2. Animations for PM
  3. Ragdoll
  4. Realistic phong

  1. jQueary - Porting model over to Gmod & reanimating
  2. Apoc
Texturize PLUS
Criado por ZonNaukaowaCytryna
This addon adds over 175 new shaders.

The texturize feature is an powerful post process. This can change completely look of what's visible on map.

It's realtime, no loadings.

How it works?
1.Open s...
Metro 2033 Gas Mask Overlays
Criado por Morganicism
Here are 5 gas mask overlays that I ripped straight from Metro 2033. Now you can obscure your vision with all of the condensation, dirt, and broken glass in Garry's Mod too!...
[Novux Project] Playermodel SCP-860-2 + SWEP
Criado por Default_OS

Playermodel made for Novux[] project

The addon includes
  • Playermodel SCP 860-2
  • SWEP


SCP-008 V0.83
Criado por Buttery
Note: I no longer edit/ update this mod. Anyone is free to download and change the code as well as re-upload it to the workshop, on the condtion that credit is given.

This mod is based on a file written by the SCP wiki's community: http://www.scp...
Fire Extinguisher
Criado por Rubat
Extinguish fire! A classic fire extinguisher, just like in Half-Life 2: Beta. And it pushes physics objects too!

It uses custom ammo, which can be replenished by jumping into water or picking up another fire extinguisher....
Call of Duty: Ghosts Federation [P.M. and NPCs]
Criado por Mao Long
Laboratory Equipment
Criado por Gravity
Created by BabyFawnLegs. (I just fixed it)
A full set of laboratory glassware, plus Bunsen burners and safety goggles.
Included are:
2x Beakers
2x Erlenmeyer flasks
1x Working Bunsen burner (flame and no flame)
2x Test tubes (two sizes, with and with...
Mobile Computing Pack
Criado por Lt_C
Models of two tablets and a phablet.

In this pack, you'll find the classic military tablet, but it has now been revamped - more screens all on a single model, and a few have even been animated. You'll find everything from scrolling green c...
Tranquilizer M9
Criado por UselessGhost
Yet another MGS weapon, the M9 featured in MGS2 and MGS: The Twin Snakes. Use it to tranquilze players, but be careful: only a direct hit to the head will instantly knock them out.

This does not work on NPCs.

The M9 model itself is from GameBanana: h...
Simple Lamp SWEP
Criado por ashibot
Basically the same swep I posted once

It is ment for thirdperson, can be used how you want though

questions in the comments please dont add me

Update: You can modify the color and alpha in the Utilities menu - > Simple Lamp...
Server Rack Super Computer
Criado por Coffeestain
Model of a supercomputer server including a model with a laptop attached

Please consider donating for more models and 3D scans in the future.
Aperture Scientists Players
Criado por Havanna ElLama
BMS Player Models Pack V2
Criado por Lenoax
Well, this is an improvement of a previous project I did mind, you see now, and the improvements that are made :

- Eye Fix
- Bodygroups including
- Skins aggregates

Coming, in Part Two of the pack will be:

- Young Eli
- Young Kleiner
- T...
SCP Tactical Redux MTF (Materials)
Criado por Skip
Materials needed for "SCP Tactical Redux MTF (PM)" addon.


Makage: Fixed crotch material issues...
Black Mesa Source: Security Guard [P.M.]
Criado por Mao Long
✡Mao Long✡
For creating the playermodels for Garry's Mod version and adding in more bodygroups.

Auditor ♦
For th
Black Mesa Lab Models
Criado por Status:Headcrabed
This pack includes all of the Black Mesa Lab Models. Credits to BM Dev team...
SCP-966 Playermodel & Ragdoll
Criado por nasvaykid


SCP:CB - Model;
Me - Export model from SCP:CB and did rigging

Tags: scp player model monster 966 breach foundation ...
SCP-009 Red Ice Entity
Criado por 19$ fortnite card
SCP-009 Red Ice Entity
SCP-009 Is Ice that is red.
If someone will touch this SCP he will slowly turn in to SCP-009 and die.

SCP wiki
SCP-207 Entity
Criado por 19$ fortnite card
SCP-207 Entity
SCP-207 is bottle of coca cola.
Person that will drink this will move faster and get extra health but if person will drink to much of it he will die.

SCP Wiki
Gas Mask Ports


[TW] SCP Site Director and Head of Security
Criado por nick

Site Director
Site directors for major Foundation facilities are the highest-ranking personnel at that location and are responsible for the continued, safe operation of the site and all of its contained...
The Prone Mod
Give those tired legs a break and go prone!

Note: This addon may cause some NPCs to glitch into prone animations at random times. Currently this issue is known but will not be addressed until a proper solution is found.

How do I ins
Binoculars Fixed
Criado por Expired Water
This is an fixed and updated verson of

PrimaryAttack : Zoom In
SecondaryAttack : Zoom Out...
DRadio Materials
Criado por DanFMN on YT
[ArcCW] Arctic's Customizable Weapons (Base Only)
Criado por Arctic
"A weapon isn't good or bad, depends on the person who uses it.”
-- Jet Li

You asked for it, you're getting it - the ultimate customizable Gmod weapon base, featuring procedural recoil, PiP scopes that finally don't suck or eat your fr...
SCP-427 Entity&Model
Criado por 19$ fortnite card
SCP-427 is a small, spherical, ornately carved locket made of a polished silver material.
The person who is wearing SCP-427 will get regeneration from it.
But if someone will wear it for to long he will turn in to SCP-427.
I didn't create this model I o...
VManip (Base)
Criado por datæ
A small clientside library for left hand animations, with slight support for legs animation as a bonus. For first person view only.
This only includes the base code and some models!
This only supports c_hand weapons!

[VManip] Armor Plates (Warzone)
Criado por datæ
Lets you carry armor plates that grant armor/suit energy on use.
Bind a key to +armorplate - Tap to check how many plates you have, hold to put some on.

sv_armorplates_armor - How much suit energy one plate gives
[ArcCW] Counter-Strike +
Criado por Arctic
"I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.”
-- Clint Eastwood

Please stop using this addon. Get Gunsmith Offensive instead.

Join the OFFICIAL Discord server here: https://...
[ArcCW] M9K/CSS Extras Pack
Criado por 8Z
The Extras pack is the first addition to the Arctic's Customizable Weapons base, developed alongside the CS+ pack to take advantage of all the features of ArcCW. Most of these models are sourced from CSS or M9K, and hacked and animated by yours truly.

[ArcCW] Gatekeeper MAP-APS
Criado por Arctic
"Birthdays. Proposals. These should be surprises. No one wants a grenade to the face."
-- Jager, Rainbow Six: Siege

Six-shot deployable Man-Portable Active Protection System that can intercept grenades and rockets mid-air, destroying t...
[VManip] Contextual Animations
Criado por datæ
Adds flavor animations for some events.
Requires VManip

  • Use animation
  • Swimming
  • Choked by barnacle
  • Hurt by explosion
  • Voicechat animation (cl_vmanip_voicechat 0 to disable)