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PerfectWorld3 - Updated
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22/ago/2013 às 16:04
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PerfectWorld3 - Updated

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This is an updated version of PerfectWorl3 by Cephalo. It is intended to look play and feel like PerfectWorld. I have implemented numerous bugfixes and optimizations as well as altering how some map elements get placed. I've added an optional terrain matching feature that gets rid of stray tiles (this is turned off by default, read the configuration section for details on changing this).

From the original mod:
This map script uses various manipulations of Perlin noise to create landforms, and generates climate based on a simplified model of geostrophic and monsoon wind patterns. Rivers are generated along accurate drainage paths governed by the elevation map used to create the landforms.


Recommended Installation

I Highly recommend moving script itself from the \Mods\ directory and placing it in the following folder:
\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization V\Maps

You should uncheck the mod in the mod browser once you've moved the script to the \Maps\ directory; it should already appear in your list of maps. I have not tested multiplayer, but it should work if all players have the script in the folder mentioned above. Placing the script there also allows you to get achievements while playing singleplayer. The biggest thing this accomplishes is to prevent Steam from re-downloading and overwriting the script. With the configurable constants found at the top of the file, Steam overwriting your tweaked version can be a real pain...

Alternative Download



If you don't like something about the map, there's most likely a tweakable constant at the top of the script that will affect whatever it is you have an issue with. Any text editor will work for viewing the script, though I personally recommend NotePad++. I have re-orgianized the constants and added notation so that it's (hopefully) easier for someone, who is new to the map, to jump in and get there feet wet with configuring the script.



-Implemented multiple fixes for ghost tiles (tiles that retain invalid heightmap and texture information after being re-plotted, which causes them to appear to be something other than what they are) and map seam issues, including Xshift.
-Improved Oasis Placement.
-Changed Marsh Placement.
-Fixed some issues with feature/terrain striping near the equator.
-Added optional terrain matching features.
-Prevented single-tile mountain islands.
-Implemented a multiplayer-ready random.
-Fixed an issue with threshold determination that sometimes caused an infinite loop.
-Refined threshold determination.
-Changed the main constant YtoXRatio to calculate it's value based on the map's dimensions. Landmasses should appear less stringy and less vertically-skewed.
-Fixed the possibility for rivers that can't path to a body of water!
-Changed how the average height around a river junction was getting determined.
-Removed local copy of elevationMap from riverMap. It wasn't necessary since elevationMap is Global and there were no changes being made to the local copy.
-Fixed and Optimized SiltifyLakes().
-Raised the iteration limit of SiltifyLakes() to 10,000,000 and changed the error status to just log a message instead of crashing the map. It seriously should not be possible to hit anywhere near 10 million iterations without there being an infinite loop, seriously.
-Implemented a vast number of optimizations. It runs in about 1/10th of the time compared to v4.
-Probably 40 other things I can't recall right now.
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152 comentário(s)
Bobert13  [autor(a)] 10 de jan às 15:57 
One thing that's been brought up in the past is the fact that my file name may include parentheses. If so, try removing them, and if necessary alter the .modinfo to reflect that change then see if Reseed detects it properly.
Digital_Archer 16/nov/2018 às 21:14 
How do I allow Reseed to reroll the map? I can't find import or <files>
Dude 12/nov/2018 às 16:25 
quick question, were do i find the option of "no start on same continent"...
Bobert13  [autor(a)] 6/nov/2018 às 18:07 
I don't own Civ VI nor do I have plans to port PW3 or Planet Simulator. I have given open permission to use my work for anyone willing to do so though.
p0kiehl 12/out/2018 às 13:40 
Hey @Bobert13 - do you have any eventual plans to bring Planet Simulator or something to Civ 6?
The World is a Sandbox 25/abr/2018 às 2:19 
I can confirm this map is created from completely randomized inputs (Perlin Noise - I admit I had to look that up). So you can get a completely boring map, same old, same old.

And then you won't.

This comment is based on a sample size of just two, so reader beware. My first go-around with this script resulted in a standard, randomized map. Yawn. I aborted for other reasons, but came back for one more unenthusiatic try. If you know Civ 5, randomized map scripts always suffer from equal distribution (i.e. everything is pretty evenly spaced out), which means the AI will immediately try to "close the gap" by colonizing close to you to create conflict. But this RANDOMIZED script created a unique world which I've never had before, when it started me on a completely separate small continent, which the AI couldn't reach (be sure to check the appropriate option: "no start on same continent").
The World is a Sandbox 25/abr/2018 às 2:18 
For the first time on a randomized map script, I had to work very hard to keep up on research (no boni due to proximity to other Civs); at the same time, it's amazing how this game plays when you don't have to maintain a standing army of thousands to deter the Huns. Loved it. Never had this before; might well be the best game I've played on a randomized map. Actually, present tense, because it's 2:15am, the old adage of "one more round" applied, and I have no idea how I get through my work day tomorrow. But I will surely finish off this game tomorrow. Beautiful map, valleys, mountain ranges, rivers and all. Kudos to Cephalo, and thanks to Bobert13 for porting this to Civ V (and for making me feel miserable five hours from now).
Bobert13  [autor(a)] 31/jan/2018 às 21:28 
@Baleur Because they're useless tiles that the resource spawner see as good places to spawn fish and luxuries around, that then get calculated into an area's "fertility" even though the bonus tiles are actually unreachable. Basically, forcing these tiles to be city-worthy is a bandaid fix to a problem inherent in the resource and start location placement. It prevents civs from being Shanghai'd in bad locations that the game thinks are good.
Millthunder 28/jan/2018 às 9:19 
Thanks for answer :-) sorry for my late response ... I have to analyze what I like more first ... then I try what you recommended. I think it was more hills generally ... maybe also more jungles and bigger continents (not sure of that because now I'm used to civ6's 4x larger maps)
Baleur 14/jan/2018 às 10:24 
-Prevented single-tile mountain islands.

Why? I liked those, was awesome when you had 1 tile mountains sticking up just outside a mountanous coast =D