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Tradable Meals
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Mod, 1.0
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8/set/2018 às 11:23
20/out/2018 às 14:57
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Tradable Meals

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Allows bulk goods trade ships to buy and sell meals again.

*Updated to v1.0*
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8 comentário(s)
Angrysquirrel 19 de jan às 19:42 
Holy sheeple. Thanks people!
groovybluedog 3/nov/2018 às 9:53 
Great, now I have to decide in my head whether I'm cheating by using this :P
«ⓌⓎⓋⒺⓇⓃ» 20/out/2018 às 15:57 
Thank you :3
meow  [autor(a)] 20/out/2018 às 15:26 
All updated now.
«ⓌⓎⓋⒺⓇⓃ» 19/out/2018 às 15:35 
Update to 1.0 possible ? Or are meals implemented to trade ship as vanilla feature again ?
Wild Dog 11/set/2018 às 13:27 
Thank you for this mod. I was shocked that they took out meals as a sellable item for trade ships as this was my main source of income most of the game.
bearhiderug 11/set/2018 às 11:44 
I agree. Making and trading meals is not only profitable but soemthing I too use to trade with/for.
delta 8/set/2018 às 12:52 
Excelent! I've been looking for someone to make this mod ever since I noticed you could no longer trade meals. It was one of the ways I made some money early on.