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Medical Cabinet with glass
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Medical Cabinet with glass

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This is a rather simple Medical Cabined modification.
It simply adds translucent glass and modifies the opening animation a bit, so that the handles artually turn now.

Just so you know, the director may swap the pills inside the box with medkits. With this mod you can actually see that happen sometimes. Not a big deal, just a little suprising to see pills be swapped with medkits.

This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named мяFunreal; Steam id "funreal".
Redistribution and Modifications of this mod without explicit permission is prohibited.
I have my own Discord server[discord.gg] where i post WIP screenshots. We can also just chat.
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ichigeki 26 de jul às 20:24 
nov3 4 de abr às 4:51 
maybe a new version with RNG texture?
Scotty From Prank Patrol 4 de mar às 1:55 
Adamosky 29/nov/2018 às 10:25 
Nie rozumiem połowy komentarzy ale fajen :/
咕~嘿~嘿~ 29/nov/2018 às 5:14 
∮Brozuck✲ 27/nov/2018 às 22:59 
very useful!!!!:steamhappy:
Buenos dias 27/nov/2018 às 20:12 
LittleWan 27/nov/2018 às 10:35 
I killed YOU 27/nov/2018 às 8:17 
启航 27/nov/2018 às 5:38