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Pet and Fishing Overhaul
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Pet and Fishing Overhaul

This mod is intended to be a complete overhaul and improvement of the Pet, Transformation, and Fishing systems.
**Works with Synergies**

Please remember to rate up if you enjoy this mod. Thank you for 90+ positive ratings!


Adds 25 26 New Pet Transformations. (See full list below. Images above) (*Just added - Ancient Automaton MKI)

Increases Value of all Fish to make fishing profitable.

Adds Transmutation Recipes for all default and new fish (Three 5min Fish = One 15min Fish and Three 15min Fish = One Permanent Fish).

Adds Potions that will Permanently Transform your Pet into any of the Starter Pets to all General Goods Vendors.

Increase default and new Fish Stack Sizes from 5 to 50.

Adds Big and Giant versions of Troll Transformation fish and Vampiric Spider Eggs.

Adds 7 new Buff Fish that affect the Player (See list below. Images above)

Adds 1 new buff fish that affects your Pet (reduces pet travel time to town).

Adds 75 New Fish items for the 25 New Transformations (5 minute, 15 minute, and Permanent).

Adds 75 New Fish items to spawnclasses (loot drop tables) so that they will appear in fish pools with the same frequency as their default counterparts.

Adds fish to 'crate' and 'rock' loot drops.

Adds small amount of fish to other loot drops (popcorn).

Add Weapons and Armor that will Increase Fishing Luck. (See list below)

Adds -15% to -25% Pet Travel Time to some Unique Pet Collars and Tags.

Adds custom pet Inventory. You can equip two rings and a necklace on your pet! (images above)

Adds custom fishing overlay. See your 'Total Fish Caught' and 'Fishing Luck' bonus. (images above)

Adds custom pet Mana and HP bars (HUD). Now you can see percentages. (images above)

New Transformations

Acid Gel - Emits a Poison Cloud
Armadax - Heavily Armored
Ancient Automaton MKI - Heavily Armored
Basilisk - Petrifies enemies
Black Widow - Poisonous bite
Blightslug - Spits Noxious Saliva
Bone Golem - Throws Bones
Dark Alchemini - Needs no introduction
Claptrap - Heals party members
Wisp - Heals party members
Djinn - Casts Fire Nova
Dragon Elemental - Fires Flame Bolts
Shade - Teleports
Dragon - Breaths Fire
Blood Monkey - Uses Draining Touch
Mycon Pygmy - Throws Mushroom Spores
Forest Gargoyle - Divebomb attack
Minecraft Creeper - Heals party members
Mirka Slasher - Uses Frost Breath attack
Phase Beast - Causes AoE Shock damage
Roachling - High Elemental Resistances
Salamander - Scorches enemies
Sandrat - Casts Sandstorm
Shadowbat - Fires Shadow Bolts
Pale Shamber - Lobs Stun Grenades
Werewolf - Uses Charging attack

New Buff Fish

Apollo Fish - Buffs Pet - Decreases pet travel time to town by 33% for 30 minutes.

Angel Fish - Buffs Player - +33% Charge rate, +33% HP, +33% MP and -15% to Casting and Attack Speed for 5 minutes.

Barracuda - Buffs Player - +33% Casting Speed, -33 Skill Mana Cost, and -33% Movement Speed for 5 minutes.

Tiger Shark - Buffs Player - +33% Attack Speed, -33 Skill Mana Cost, and -33% Movement Speed for 5 minutes.

Buffalo Fish - Buffs Player - +33% Strength and Physical Armor. -33% Focus and Dexterity for 5 minutes.

Grunt Sculpin - Buffs Player - +33% Dexterity and Dodge. -33% Strength and Focus for 5 minutes.

Creek Chub - Buffs Player - +33% Focus and Mana Steal. -33% Strength and Dexterity for 5 minutes.

Sail Fish - Buffs Player - +75% Movement Speed and - 33% HP, MP, and Physical Armor for 5 minutes.

Fishing Luck Gear

Goblin Fish Wacker - Level 1 and Above - Two-Handed Weapon that increases fishing luck by 15.

Fisherman's Cap - Level 15 and Above - Helmet that increases fishing luck by 20.

Chumming Gloves - Level 25 and Above - Gloves that increases fishing luck by 25.

Pond Waders - Level 35 and Above - Boots that increases fishing luck by 30.

Angling Vest - Level 45 and Above - Chest Armor that increases fishing luck by 35.

Version Information

Coming Soon! Fish Effect Descriptions (see image above).

Beta version 2.6 - Please report any bugs in the 'Bug Reports' discussion below.

*Moved patch notes to 'Change Notes' tab at the top of the page*

Known Bugs

Annoying screen shake effect with Dragon transformation.

Conflicts with other mods that change pet's inventory.

Not a bug but Wisp, Claptrap, and Creeper do not attack. They will only heal party members.

Other Information

This mod is now included in Bandit's 'Combine Them All' mod pack. Find it here.

This mod is now included in Lone Wolf McQuade's 'Torchlight II Essentials' mod pack. Find it here.

Now on RGF: Find it here.[]

Playing with Mods

It is always a good idea to back up your saved games before installing or uninstalling any mod. Your TL2 saves are located at C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\save\ on Windows 7 and 8 systems and at C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\My Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight on Windows XP by default.

This mod will bind to your save. It can usually be cleaned from a save using Mod Unbinder.

The order in which mods are loaded can affect how they operate if more than one mod affect the same game files. This is especially true in the case of mods that change the user interface (UI).


Deadie - Creator of 'Pet Equipment' - For their custom pet inventory idea that adds two ring and one necklace slot to pet's inventory.

Mod Permissions

All rights to this work are public. No permission is required to use this mod or it's contents in any way. Reverse-engineer it, tear it apart, re-upload it, combine it with others. Whatever you want to do with it. My work is yours! Credit is appreciated.
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21/jan/2016 às 16:30
Bug Reports
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139 comentário(s)
[Führer King General] Kenten 8/jul/2019 às 11:14 
Booted up the game for the first time in a while, didn't do or have anything new and the extra slots for pet equipment are gone but still auto-equip items
Sleepy Joe 24/jul/2018 às 2:00 
How do you get fishing bait?
Demolukas 9/dez/2017 às 6:23 
how do i get that creeper pet?i can't find it...:steamsalty::steamsalty:
9HitCode 22/jan/2017 às 20:06 
Hi, I have a made a mod pack called "Void Pack"
I would like to inform you that I am using your mod in the mod pack and simply want to show you that I do not take any credits of your incredible work
I have also linked your mod in my mod pack to prevent any misunderstanding

Void Pack - Part A

If you would like me to remove your mod please contact me and I'll remove it as soon as possible!

Thank you for making Torchlight II a better gaming experience!
[Führer King General] Kenten 25/abr/2016 às 19:57 
Question 21/jan/2016 às 16:18 
You forgot to mention that mousing over rings/necklaces will cause the ones in your pet inventory to popup as well. I would suggest changing them to additional collars/tag slots.

Also the description for the tunnel shark fish is wrong.
Masked 3/nov/2015 às 15:22 
*originally posted on the torchlight essentials page*

I had claptrap as a pet, and I used a potion to permanently change him into a hammerbot. Then I went through a synergies portal to that addon, and the hammerbot changed back to claptrap. So I used a fish from this compilation to make claptrap into a troll.

When the 15 minute transformation ended, the game crashed. So I reloaded and I tried to use a potion to turn my pet back to original form, but it wouldn't work - game would crash every time.

Something to do with a database issue, concerning claptrap.wav file.

So I would avoid this to be honest.

My character was level 28, playing with synergies, this file and the compatibility mod for syngeries/essentials and had no issues up until this moment. So it might not crash right away, but it will eventually waste hours of fun.
NostalgiaMascot 9/out/2015 às 2:56 
Goblin Fish Wacker seems non-existent... I haven't seen it for quite a while. Where does it drop, if anywhere?
The Sixteen Voices of Delirium 25/ago/2015 às 12:38 
Hello Voodu

I love your mod but i like to run cosmetic slots mod and this mod seens to be incompatible with the ui removing either the removes pet slots or removing the cosmetic slots is there any way of making these mods compatible.

Thanks ~Az
MadbaM 20/out/2014 às 19:26 
When the transformation expires, my pet turns into a thunder lotus, I only use essentials mod. Can you help me?