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The Resource War
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The Resource War

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Historically, World War II was a war of economics. Britain’s blockade on Germany motivated their gambit to seize the Ukraine, while German convoy raids brought the British to their knees. Copper shortages were only narrowly avoided – the Soviets demanded copper-rich territories from Finland to help resolve their ammunition shortage, and Swedish copper was one reason for Germany’s invasion of Denmark and Norway. Oil both started and ended the war for many of the more confined powers; it instigated Case Blue, the Allied bombing campaigns, and Japan’s strike at the U.S.

This mod aims to bring that urgency and decisive nature of resource shortages to Hearts of Iron IV.


- New resources: Grain and Copper. These have been carefully balanced so that shortages are inevitable, with Germany and Britain being especially vulnerable.
- New consumable equipments: Rations, Gasoline, Light Munitions, Heavy Munitions, and Anti-Tank Munitions. These equipments have a low reliability rating, meaning that they tend to get used up quickly in combat. Shortages also completely reduce the effectiveness of a division: a gun is useless without bullets.
- Lost trade-route efficiency now takes much longer to recover after a convoy raid, making submarines more effective.
- Buffed submarine speed, allowing for more raids per month.
- Buffed strategic bombers.
- Made convoys more expensive to produce.


This mod still has as few problems that you’ll want to consider when setting up your game:
- Divisions get ground into nonexistence quite frequently due to the new essential equipment types, and the fact that the AI isn’t good at keeping their units stocked. A division will disappear if it completely runs out of food or ammo, so keep an eye on the orange bar!
- Axis-Allies balance has been thrown off a little and needs some tweaking. For now, I suggest buffing the Axis a bit if you want a challenging Allied/Comintern game, which can be done using the little gear icon in the bottom-right of a game setup.

Please report any bugs or issues to this page, and I’ll see what I can do. Additionally, feedback on balance or any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


The Resource War will be incompatible with mods that impact the following:
- Resources.
- Map layout, though mods that simply add new states or rename states might be fine.
- Mods that change the infantry tech tree.
- Mods that impact artillery, anti-tank guns, and tanks/motorised/mechanised equipment (these equipments are adjusted to not require Oil/Tungsten in this mod).
- Mods that adjust submarine stats.
- Mods that adjust key value definitions; things like convoy detection rates, strategic bomber damage, etc. These are all in one big file in HoI4, so unfortunately most gameplay rebalance mods will impact this.
- Mods that adjust the German focus tree.
- Mods that adjust the starting factory assignments of each country. Factory assignment had to be changed in this mod because the AI doesn’t like giving enough factories to the new equipments at the start of the game, but it’s not a game-breaker. If you want to override this in favour of another mod, you can simply delete the theresourcewar/history/units file in your Steam workshop directory (the HoI4 directory code is 394360).
- Mods that adjust the starting researches of any country.
- Mods that adjust the User Interface for the Trade view, Production view, Logistics view, or Diplomacy view. That said, only the Trade view is absolutely vital, so if you want to delete the .gui files for the other three views (under the “interface” directory) you can.

Future Plans

Though we do have some ideas on how we can improve the mod, we’re simply too busy right now to make it happen. I do hope to get the mod compatible with Man the Guns shortly after It’s launched, though.


Mod creator: ultermarto
Sprite artist: Pyromstr
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raphaelortiz 1 de jun às 10:16 
Ahh, ok. thank you
Ultermarto  [autor(a)] 1 de jun às 8:45 
@raphaelortiz possibly. Still would require quite a few changes.
BlueNexus 14 de mai às 5:29 
Also, if you can't update it right now, I *might* be able to help out?
BlueNexus 14 de mai às 5:19 
Wouldn't it be fine if you removed petrol?
raphaelortiz 10 de mai às 6:52 
Hey Ultermarto, thank you for letting us know.
One question... just removing the gasoline as equipment would ruin the balance?
Ultermarto  [autor(a)] 5 de mai às 14:57 
Hey everyone. Ever since I saw the dev diary for MTG I've been wanting to update this mod to adapt its content to the new stockpile system. But doing so would be an enormous rebalancing effort, and would probably take as much time as the original. And frankly, I'm starved for free time right now. Just writing this to let people know that an update can't be expected any time soon, though if I find the time then I'll gladly do it.
c3jojopro 13 de abr às 3:20 
please update it looks awesome
Scotvince 11 de abr às 6:44 
do you think it is possible for you to make a mod that only contains the ration ressource ?
Communist Bastard 9 de abr às 8:14 
Kensai 3 de abr às 13:59 
Could you make an update now that the 1.6.2 is out? I think now is a good time, 1.7 is long off since it will be probably tied to the next DLC.