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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Berserker Mod
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Berserker Mod

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Berserker: gains a promotion which gives it +25% combat strength when attacking, but also doesn’t receive defensive terrain bonuses anymore (which means it can't fortify either).

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These additional promotions are to flavorfully represent the combat style of the Berserker even more.

These warriors were pretty ferocious and most likely favored offensive tactics over defense while in their fearless battle frenzy and disregarding wounds.

With this mod, Berserkers are meant to strike hard and fast (and hopefully, first!). They may not be able to fortify or receive extra defense from terrain, but their strong attacks and speed make up for it as you charge into enemy territory – both by land AND sea. Plus, Denmark’s unique ability helps them recover any lost health easier than others by doing something else they’re good at -- pillaging!
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10 comentário(s)
ChefGuevara 9/jan/2016 às 17:25 
I feel like berserkers should have a foreign lands bonus as well;I mean,weren't the vikings known for exploring,or something like that?
PALADINxSANCTUS 5/jun/2015 às 21:00 
I was happy to see this mod, thanks.
amunoz 22/jan/2015 às 12:07 
I can't seem to use ANY mods that have vikings, norwegians, celts, danes, etc. Everytime I download these civs, and try to turn them on, I am told that I am missing this or that. How can I get this worked out? I have downloaded and paid for the Korean mod, Wonders mod, scrambled nations, etc. but no matter what I do, I am still unable to use ANY nordic civilization. Can someone tell me what is going on?
resolha 9/out/2014 às 19:25 
"depended on surprise attacks.." b.s. the old vikings where simply superiour to their rivals, wery well trained and skilled, used to trainn cesars elite-soldiers in unarmed combat and hired in as cesars personal guards a.s.o. they were primarely swordsmen, known for their superb swords that could cut off a roman sword like it was plastic
Raynor 11/nov/2013 às 5:58 
I really love your mod I have most of them installed. But can you make mods that combine all the Unit in 1 mod. Wonders in another. Buildings in another & Leaders in another? Please??? I use over 100 mods and its really hard to sort them. You have 42 mods ATM and that's a really long list.
Camus Moo 24/out/2013 às 16:50 
ohhhh perfict
kongkim 16/ago/2013 às 6:02 
For some unknown reason i can't download around 50% or more of your mods. it start to download but then get stuck at saying Transferring and nothing more happens.. and i have tried adding and removing mods. its your mods all the time. its wird as i never have had problems with them before.
Praylak 23/mai/2013 às 17:19 
I second Zakii's point.
Zakii 8/mar/2013 às 11:04 
This is actually very realistic. Berserkers depended on surprise attacks and being on the offensive, and when put on the defensive only fared as well as the average unit. I like realism.
feandrad 16/fev/2013 às 16:30 
Your mods are awesome! Simple and effective!