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depot coop re-reuploaded
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Maps (co-op): Checkpoint
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20/jul/2017 às 12:10
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depot coop re-reuploaded

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This is a re-reupload of depot_coop.

Original map by Andre Valera:
Coop version by =ADC=Killerman:
Reupload by Arc:

The version of depot_coop (re)uploaded by Arc is slightly different from the one that is commonly distributed via FastDL. The "difference" is that a single texture got renamed (so the maps are 100.00% identical visually, gameplay-wise etc) but it's enough to kick you with the "your map is different from the server's" error. At this point a lot of people have the 'wrong' (FastDL) version of the map on their computers while quite a few servers continue to distribute it via FastDL - and this prevents players from joining the Workshop-based servers without having to manually delete the map from the /maps folder. So here's a copy of the Workshop version under a different name to stop the map mismatch errors once and for all. Note: the new name is "depot_ws_1"; for technical reasons the string must have the exact same length as "depot_coop". This name sucks, I know, but there's nothing I can do.

No permissions have been obtained. I'm simply trying to let more people enjoy this map without facing any issues or having to manually delete/install anything. Thankfully, Workshop versions of most maps do match the commonly found FastDL versions of them.
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Gizmo 12/fev/2018 às 12:48 
map depot_ws_1