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[ScrN] Total Game Balance + Gunslinger Perk
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Sep 20, 2012 @ 8:49am
Jul 1, 2017 @ 12:59pm
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[ScrN] Total Game Balance + Gunslinger Perk

In 3 collections by [ScrN]PooSH
ScrN Balance
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Custom Monsters & ScrN Balance Bundle
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ScrN Mod Pack
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Total rebalance of the game. Adds new guns, Gunslinger perk and server-side achievements.
Now it IS COMPATIBLE with Objective Mode! Select "Objective Mode [ScrN]" for a proper gameplay.
Version 9.50.

If you have any questions about this mod, then please press "Join Steam Group" button above and post your questions there.

Main features:
  • New perks: Gunslinger and Combat Medic;
  • More than 400 custom achievements can be earned;
  • Earn achievements to unlock weapons.
  • New weapons: Golden M79 Incendiary, Napalm Thrower, MK23 with laser sights etc.;
  • Medic Grenade Launchers: M79M Medic GL, M4-203M Medic Rifle;
  • Quick Melee Bash feature.
  • Tactical Reload for Commando and Combat Medic.
  • Chainsaw consumes fuel and brings real massacre to the game;
  • Perk bonuses for custom weapons (the ones you can get via workshop);
  • Changing gun skings "on-the-fly"
  • Balances weapons and perks, making each perk useful in the game;
  • Alternate Burning Mechanism makes Firebug awesome (but not OP);
  • Perks support custom weapons: install a new weapon, add it to the config and receive perk bonuses for that;
  • Configurable spawn inventory and weapon prices;
  • New HUD (optional);
  • Manual Reloading (optional);
  • Grenade "Cooking" (optional);
  • Show Damage (optional)
  • User-defined soundtrack.
  • Voting for ending trader time, zed spawn boost etc.
  • Configurable max zeds at once on the map. Now you can raise previously hardcoded value of 32 zeds and fight against 100-zed croud!
Most features are configurable (turn on only what you like).

Detailed info on Group Page:
ScrN Balance News Page

Guide how to use custom weapons with this mutator

Make a backup of your ScrnBalance.ini and ServerPerks.ini files, if you make any changes to them. Otherwise they will be overwritten by the future releases.

Copyright © 2012-2017 PU Developing IK, All Rights Reserved.
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Jul 2, 2017 @ 4:18am
I think this game would be much more fun if perks had some passive bonuses.
< >
{ST}Immortal Nub Jun 14 @ 3:05pm 
A few glitches that I should bring up, though it is worth mentioning that I do not keep scrn up to date.

1) The husk cannon's primary fire will consume ammo upon charging AND firing, effectively consuming double ammo.

2) Holding both primary fire and secondary fire with the husk cannon will allow you to fire both at the same time when you release primary fire.

3) (This is a vanilla glitch) Firing the M203 attachment while reloading the M4's mag will reload both at the same time.
please you can put a link to do manual download it will be great
{ST}Immortal Nub May 20 @ 5:02pm 
camara de gás
When you get that screen, just confirm the "perk choice" as though you had picked a perk, then try picking a perk again.
Nando Moura Opressor May 20 @ 1:18pm 
on my pc the perks disappeared... why???
Samdaman Apr 17 @ 9:21am 
where are the machine pistols?
{ST}Immortal Nub Feb 21 @ 7:02pm 
Oh, so nothing I can do about it? I'm worried about players getting in trouble for playing our server, then hopping on another server.
[ScrN]PooSH  [author] Feb 21 @ 6:54pm 
If you set default properties of KFMod, then those are here to stay until game reboot.
{ST}Immortal Nub Feb 21 @ 6:36pm 
The mutator is very simple. It only has PostBeginPlay, and in it consists of lines that will always look like this:

class'(file_path)'.default.(variable) = (new value);

So all it does is modify default attributes of weapons in ScrnBalanceSrv or KFMod. No fancy logic or anything like that.
{ST}Immortal Nub Feb 21 @ 5:36pm 
"Doesn't unload properly": If you hop on our server, then try a solo game, or sometimes another server, you are still affected by the mutator in some way. ex dual handcannons equip on 3 instead of 2.

Where do I call Destroyed()?