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Real US Radio, 230+ Stations (Updated 03/20/20)
By Gabe Valentine
Radio stations from across the United States! Listen to great local radio from New York, Washington, Texas, California, Alabama, Ohio, Florida, & more. Includes national programs such as ESPN, CNN, and TED Talks. All-in-1 download available.
Hello! Here are some radio stations formatted for American Truck Simulator.

20 March 2020: Major overhaul of the list! Every stream has been tested. All dead streams have been removed from the list and the all-in-one. Over 40 new stations have been added to replace those I removed. Total stations is now over 230. All station names now follow the same format: call sign, brief branding or info (such as HD# or station affiliation), frequency, and location.

Download the all-in-one live_streams.sii file here[], it includes the stations that have been requested in the comments.

I have written a new guide on how to Find & Import Radio Stream URLs.

I bought ATS and found out the in-game radio is pathetic, there were less than 40 stations available (from "update from internet" in-game) when I made this guide. You may want to use this, because it adds a lot of U.S. based stations; there are also 5 Spanish broadcasts and a couple are bilingual French/English. If you want more non-English stations just ask.

Initially the list was just a few radio stations I listen to daily but now includes over 200 230 radio streams. I gathered all these streams from the internet using a little bit of detective work. If there is any genre for which you would like more options, please leave a comment and I'll add more.

Thanks for visiting my guide, please give a thumbs up!
How To Use
Option A
  1. Download this live_streams.sii (Google Drive)[] file.
  2. Place file in \Users\YOU\Documents\American Truck Simulator. Overwrite old file unless you have other custom links.
  3. (optional) Open ATS and select radio. Click "update from internet" to add default stations.
Option B
  1. Locate file live_streams.sii, located in \Users\YOU\Documents\American Truck Simulator.
  2. Open with Notepad++ or similar program.
  3. Add entries to the end of the list and change stream number to be unique for each line (if last entry was 234, new station is 235).
  4. Save file and enjoy.
  • Don't worry to sort! The game will rearrange the list when you sort stations in-game, so don't waste time.
  • Don't worry about first few lines of code (live_stream_def and number of streams). You can change them manually but ATS fixes if you forget. I didn't even notice the first few times I edited.
  • Request a specific station, genre, or location and I'll try to add it.
  • You can replace any existing entry (for example, non-working streams) without problem.
  • ATS can be running when you edit live_streams.sii. Game will re-check file each time you click "radio" in-game.
  • A couple stations do not broadcast 24/7. They're not dead, just sleeping. If you do notice consistent problems with a specific station, let me know in the comments and it will be replaced.
  • You can leave an entry blank; ATS will add dividers and set bitrate 0. Example:
    stream_data[X]: "" stream_data[X]: "|||0|0"
How To Read Links
Every link should be formatted like this:

stream_data[Number]: "URL|Name|Genre|Language|Bitrate|Favorite"

  • Number is unique stream id number, used by the game to organize the list.
  • URL is direct link and can be tested in web browser.
  • Name is in-game description of station.
  • Genre can be changed for organizing preferences.
  • Language is mostly English, see section IV for Spanish language streams.
  • Bitrate is not guaranteed accurate but doesn't really matter in-game.
  • Favorite is boolean, 0 or 1.
Stations by Genre (I)
stream_data[4]: "|KCMP Current 89.3 FM Northfield, MN|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[5]: "|KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle, WA|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[6]: "|KNDD The End 107.7 FM Seattle, WA|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[7]: "|KNRK 94.7 FM Portland, OR|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[8]: "|KYRK 106.5 FM Corpus Christi, TX|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[9]: "|RFC Alternative Hits|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[10]: "|RFC Alternative Hits #2|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[11]: "|RFC Alternative Hits #3|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[12]: "|WEQX 102.7 Manchester, VT|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[13]: "|WFIV 105.3 FM Knoxville, TN|Alternative|EN|64|0" stream_data[14]: "|WMRQ HD1 104.1 FM Hartford, CT|Alternative|EN|64|0" stream_data[15]: "|WWCT 99.9 FM Peoria, IL|Alternative|EN|128|0" stream_data[16]: "|KXRY X-RAY 91.1 FM Portland, OR|Alternative|EN|128|0"

Classic Country
stream_data[17]: "|KKXA 1520 AM Seattle, WA|Classic Country|EN|64|0" stream_data[18]: "|KZHE 100.5 FM Texarkana|Classic Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[19]: "|WAME Legends 550 AM Statesville, NC|Classic Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[20]: "|WPDM Star 1470 AM Potsdam, NY|Classic Country|EN|64|0"

Classic Hits
stream_data[21]: "|KFMH Kool 101.9 FM Rapid City, SD|Classic Hits|EN|96|0" stream_data[22]: "|KOMA 92.5 FM Oklahoma City, OK|Classic Hits|EN|64|0" stream_data[23]: "|KYKK Kool 95.7 FM Hobbs, NM|Classic Hits|EN|128|0" stream_data[24]: "|WCSY 103.7 FM Benton Harbor, MI|Classic Hits|EN|128|0" stream_data[25]: "|WDOH Fun 107.1 FM Lima, OH|Classic Hits|EN|128|0" stream_data[26]: "|WHEO 1270 AM Patrick County, VA|Classic Hits|EN|64|0" stream_data[27]: "|WOMC 104.3 FM Detroit, MI|Classic Hits|EN|128|0" stream_data[28]: "|WZRV The River 95.3 Shenandoah, VA|Classic Hits|EN|96|0"

Classic Rock
stream_data[29]: "|KBBN 95.3 FM Broken Bow, NE|Classic Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[30]: "|KCFX Fox 101.1 FM Kansas City, KS|Classic Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[31]: "|KDGL Eagle 106.9 FM Coachella, CA|Classic Rock|EN|64|0" stream_data[32]: "|KEJL Eagle 100.5 FM Hobbs, NM|Classic Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[33]: "|KMKX Max 93.5 FM Fort Bragg, CA|Classic Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[34]: "|RFC Classic Rock|Classic Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[35]: "|RFC Classic Rock #2|Classic Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[36]: "|WEGE The Eagle 104.9 FM Lima, OH|Classic Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[37]: "|WIMI The Storm 99.7 FM Ironwood, MI|Classic Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[38]: "|WKBU Bayou 95.7 FM New Orleans, LA|Classic Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[39]: "|WKIO 107.9 FM Arcola, IL|Classic Rock|EN|64|0" stream_data[40]: "|WRSR The Fox 103.9 FM Flint, MI|Classic Rock|EN|128|0"

stream_data[41]: "|KICJ IPR 88.9 FM Des Moines, IA|Classical|EN|128|0" stream_data[42]: "|KSOR 90.1 FM Jefferson County, OR|Classical|EN|128|0" stream_data[43]: "|KXPR 88.9 FM Sacramento, CA|Classical|EN|96|0" stream_data[44]: "|RFC Classical|Classical|EN|128|0" stream_data[45]: "|RFC Classical #2|Classical|EN|128|0" stream_data[46]: "|WCNY HD3 Jazz 91.3 FM Syracuse, NY|Classical|EN|192|0" stream_data[47]: "|WERN HD2 WPR 88.7 FM Madison, WI|Classical|EN|96|0" stream_data[48]: "|WIAA 88.7 FM Interlochen, MI|Classical|EN|128|0" stream_data[49]: "|WKSU 89.7 FM Kent, OH|Classical|EN|128|0" stream_data[50]: "|WQXR 105.9 FM New York, NY|Classical|EN|128|0" stream_data[51]: "|WRTI 90.1 FM Philadelphia, PA|Classical|EN|128|0"

stream_data[52]: "|KLSU 91.1 FM Louisiana State|College|EN|128|0" stream_data[53]: "|KRUI 89.7 FM University of Iowa|College|EN|128|0" stream_data[54]: "|KUSF University of San Francisco|College|EN|128|0" stream_data[55]: "|KUTX 98.9 FM Austin, TX|College|EN|192|0" stream_data[56]: "|WBWH-LP 96.1 FM Bluffton, OH|College|EN|128|0" stream_data[57]: "|WGTB Georgetown University|College|EN|112|0" stream_data[58]: "|WNRC-LP 97.5 FM Nichols College, MA|College|EN|96|0" stream_data[59]: "|WRNU 103.9 FM Rutgers-Newark, NJ|College|EN|128|0" stream_data[60]: "|WSOU Seton Hall University 89.5 FM South Orange, NJ|College|EN|80|0" stream_data[61]: "|WUSB 90.1 FM Stony Brook, NY|College|EN|128|0" stream_data[62]: "|WUTK 90.3 FM University of Tennessee|College|EN|128|0" stream_data[63]: "|WVFS V89 89.7 FM Florida State|College|EN|128|0" stream_data[64]: "|WZBC 90.3 FM Boston College, MA|College|EN|80|0" stream_data[65]: "|WZBT 91.1 FM Gettysburg College, PA|College|EN|128|0"

stream_data[66]: "|TuneIn Comedy Clean|Comedy|EN|128|0" stream_data[67]: "|TuneIn Comedy Clean #2|Comedy|EN|128|0" stream_data[68]: "|TuneIn Comedy Explicit|Comedy|EN|128|0" stream_data[69]: "|TuneIn Comedy Explicit #2|Comedy|EN|128|0"
Stations by Genre (II)
Contemporary (AC)
stream_data[70]: "|KADA Cool 99.3 FM Ada, OK|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[71]: "|KATF 92.9 FM Dubuque, IA|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[72]: "|KIOA HD2 99.9 FM Des Moines, IA|Contemporary|EN|64|0" stream_data[73]: "|KZLK Star 106.3 FM Rapid City, SD|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[74]: "|KZOR 94.1 FM Hobbs, NM|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[75]: "|KZRC Mix 96.1 FM Durant, OK|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[76]: "|WBMW 106.5 FM New London, CT|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[77]: "|WBTA 1490 AM Genesee County, NY|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[78]: "|WCDT 1340 AM Winchester, TN|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[79]: "|WCXT The Coast 98.3 FM Hartford, MI|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[80]: "|WEZF Star 92.9 FM Burlington, VT|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[81]: "|WHMI 93.5 FM Livingston County, MI|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[82]: "|WHVE The Wave 92.7 FM Jamestown, KY|Contemporary|EN|64|0" stream_data[83]: "|WIOZ 102.5 FM Southern Pines, NC|Contemporary|EN|64|0" stream_data[84]: "|WJPT Sunny 106.3 FM Fort Myers, FL|Contemporary|EN|96|0" stream_data[85]: "|WMC 99.7 FM Memphis, TN|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[86]: "|WNCV Coast 93.3 FM Shalimar, FL|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[87]: "|WOMX Mix 105.1 FM Orlando, FL|Contemporary|EN|64|0" stream_data[88]: "|WRAR 105.5 FM Northern Neck, VA|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[89]: "|WTSS Star 102.5 FM Buffalo, NY|Contemporary|EN|128|0" stream_data[90]: "|WYUL Hits 94.7 FM Montreal, Canada|Contemporary|EN|80|0" stream_data[91]: "|WZWZ 92.5 FM Kokomo, IN|Contemporary|EN|128|0"

stream_data[92]: "|KAFF 92.9 FM Flagstaff, AZ|Country|EN|64|0" stream_data[93]: "|KALP 92.7 FM Alpine, TX|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[94]: "|KAMS 95.1 FM Mammoth Spring, AR|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[95]: "|KARL 105.1 FM Marshall, MN|Country|EN|64|0" stream_data[96]: "|KATC Nash 95.1 FM Pueblo County, CO|Country|EN|80|0" stream_data[97]: "|KATM 103.3 FM Modesto, CA|Country|EN|80|0" stream_data[98]: "|KCTN 100.1 FM Elkader, IA|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[99]: "|KDBR 106.3 FM Flathead Valley, MT|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[100]: "|KDST 99.3 FM Dubuque, IA|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[101]: "|KIXN 102.9 FM Hobbs, NM|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[102]: "|KPLX The Wolf 99.5 FM DFW, TX|Country|EN|80|0" stream_data[103]: "|KYGO 98.5 FM Denver, CO|Country|EN|64|0" stream_data[104]: "|KZZI Eagle 95.9 FM Rapid City, SD|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[105]: "|RFC Country Hits|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[106]: "|RFC Country Hits #2|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[107]: "|WBBC Bobcat 93.5 FM Blackstone, VA|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[108]: "|WCIT Legend 98.5 FM Lima, OH|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[109]: "|WCJC 99.3 FM Muncie, IN|Country|EN|80|0" stream_data[110]: "|WDXX Dixie Country 100.1 Selma, AL|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[111]: "|WFXD 103.3 FM Marquette, MI|Country|EN|64|0" stream_data[112]: "|WKDE 105.5 FM Altavista, VA|Country|EN|64|0" stream_data[113]: "|WKEA 98.3 FM Scottsboro, AL|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[114]: "|WLWI I-92 92.3 FM Montgomery, AL|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[115]: "|WMTL Moose 870 AM Leitchfield, KY|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[116]: "|WNNT 107.5 FM Northern Neck, VA|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[117]: "|WUSW 92.7 FM Springfield, IL|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[118]: "|WZZK 104.7 Birmingham, AL|Country|EN|128|0" stream_data[119]: "|KCNI 1280 AM Broken Bow, NE|Country|EN|128|0"

Hip Hop, R&B
stream_data[123]: "|WPOZ HD2 Hot 95.9 FM Orlando, FL|Hip Hop|EN|128|0" stream_data[124]: "|KALV Live 101.5 FM Phoenix, AZ|Hip Hop|EN|48|0" stream_data[125]: "|KBFB The Beat 97.9 FM DFW, TX|Hip Hop|EN|128|0" stream_data[126]: "|WBLX '93BLX' 92.9 FM Mobile, AL|Hip Hop|EN|80|0" stream_data[127]: "|WFXA Foxie 103.1 FM Augusta, GA|Hip Hop|EN|128|0" stream_data[128]: "|WPEG Power 98 97.9 FM Charlotte, NC|Hip Hop|EN|96|0" stream_data[129]: "|WZBZ Buzz 99.3 FM Atlantic City, NJ|Hip Hop|EN|128|0" stream_data[167]: "|KMEZ 102.9 FM Belle Chasse, LA|R&B|EN|80|0" stream_data[168]: "|WAKB Magic 100.9 FM Augusta, GA|R&B|EN|128|0" stream_data[169]: "|WKZJ K 92.7 FM Columbus, GA|R&B|EN|128|0" stream_data[170]: "|WTTH 96.1 FM Atlantic City, NJ|R&B|EN|128|0"
Stations by Genre (III)
News & Information
stream_data[131]: "|CNN Simulcast|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[132]: "|Fox News Simulcast|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[133]: "|KOPB 91.5 FM Portland, OR|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[134]: "|KUCV 91.1 FM Lincoln, NE|News|EN|64|0" stream_data[135]: "|KUOW NPR 94.9 FM Seattle, WA|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[136]: "|KUT NPR 90.5 FM Austin, TX|News|EN|192|0" stream_data[137]: "|MSNBC Simulcast|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[138]: "|WCSP C-SPAN Radio Washington, DC|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[139]: "|WFSU 88.9 FM Tallahassee, FL|News|EN|64|0" stream_data[140]: "|WHA WPR Ideas 970 AM Madison, WI|News|EN|64|0" stream_data[141]: "|WMPN 91.3 FM Jackson, MS|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[142]: "|WNYC 820 AM New York, NY|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[143]: "|WNYC 93.9 FM New York, NY|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[144]: "|WUNC 91.5 FM Chapel Hill, NC|News|EN|128|0" stream_data[145]: "|WERN WPR 88.7 FM Madison, WI|News & Classical|EN|96|0" stream_data[146]: "|KDTH 1370 AM Dubuque, IA|News & Oldies|EN|128|0" stream_data[147]: "|WADK 1540 AM Newport, RI|News & Talk|EN|128|0" stream_data[148]: ";|WOND 1400 AM Atlantic City, NJ|News & Talk|EN|128|0" stream_data[209]: "|KFTK NewsTalk 97.1 FM St. Louis, MO|Talk|EN|64|0" stream_data[210]: "|StarTalk Radio|Talk|EN|128|0" stream_data[211]: "|TuneIn TED Talks 24x7|Talk|EN|128|0"

stream_data[149]: "|KIXI 880 AM Seattle, WA|Oldies|EN|128|0" stream_data[150]: "|KUEZ Easy 104.1 FM Reno, Nevada|Oldies|EN|128|0" stream_data[151]: "|RFC Swing Time|Oldies|EN|128|0" stream_data[152]: "|RFC Swing Time 2|Oldies|EN|128|0" stream_data[153]: "|WCAM StarTime 1590 AM Camden, SC|Oldies|EN|128|0" stream_data[154]: "|WMID 1340 AM Atlantic City, NJ|Oldies|EN|128|0" stream_data[155]: "|WQXC Cool 101 100.9 FM Allegan, MI|Oldies|EN|128|0" stream_data[156]: "|WWON 100.7 FM Waynesboro, TN|Oldies|EN|80|0" stream_data[157]: "|WXRB The Golden 95.1 FM Dudley, MA|Oldies|EN|128|0"

stream_data[175]: "|KXWA WAY-FM 101.9 FM Denver, CO|Religious|EN|128|0" stream_data[176]: "|WKCL 91.5 FM Charleston, SC|Religious|EN|128|0" stream_data[177]: "|WNZN Power 89.1 FM Lorain, OH|Religious|EN|128|0" stream_data[178]: "|WOJG 94.7 FM Bolivar, TN|Religious|EN|128|0" stream_data[179]: "|WPOZ Gospel 106.3 FM Orlando, FL|Religious|EN|128|0" stream_data[180]: "|WPOZ HD1 Positive Hits 88.3 FM Orlando, FL|Religious|EN|128|0" stream_data[181]: "|WTHB Praise 96.9 FM Augusta, GA|Religious|EN|128|0" stream_data[182]: "|WXKL 1290 AM Sanford, NC|Religious|EN|64|0"

stream_data[183]: "|WMYZ HD4 103.7 FM Orlando, FL|Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[184]: "|KATT 100.5 FM Oklahoma City, OK|Rock|EN|80|0" stream_data[185]: "|KDDX X-Rock 101.1 FM Spearfish, SD|Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[186]: "|KEZO 'Z-92' 92.3 FM Omaha, NE |Rock|EN|64|0" stream_data[187]: "|KISW The Rock 99.9 FM Seattle, WA|Rock|EN|64|0" stream_data[188]: "|KXXR '93X' 93.7 FM Minneapolis, MN |Rock|EN|80|0" stream_data[189]: "|RFC Today's Rock|Rock|EN|192|0" stream_data[190]: "|WMYK Rock 98.5 FM Kokomo, IN|Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[191]: "|WQLZ 97.7 FM Springfield, IL|Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[192]: "|WRHQ 105.3 FM Savannah, GA|Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[193]: "|WRQT The Rock 95.7 FM La Crosse, WI|Rock|EN|128|0" stream_data[194]: "|WZUU The Zuu 92.5 FM Kalamazoo, MI|Rock|EN|80|0" stream_data[195]: "|WZXL 100.7 FM Atlantic City, NJ|Rock|EN|64|0"
Stations by Genre (IV)
Top 40 & Pop
stream_data[159]: "|KRBE 104.1 FM Houston, TX|Pop|EN|80|0" stream_data[162]: "|WKLV K-Love 93.5 FM Meridian, MS|Pop|EN|128|0" stream_data[163]: "|WPIA Kiss 98.5 FM Peoria, IL|Pop|EN|128|0" stream_data[164]: "|WRIL The Big 106.3 FM Pineville, KY|Pop|EN|128|0" stream_data[165]: "|WVMJ Magic 104.5 FM Conway, NH|Pop|EN|128|0" stream_data[166]: "|WXZO MeTV 96.7 FM Willsboro, NY|Pop|EN|64|0" stream_data[212]: "|KACZ 96.3 FM Riley, KS|Top 40|EN|128|0" stream_data[213]: "|KHMY My 93.1 FM Wichita, KS|Top 40|EN|64|0" stream_data[214]: "|KSNA MyFM 100.7 FM Idaho Falls, ID|Top 40|EN|112|0" stream_data[215]: "|RFC Music Pulse|Top 40|EN|192|0" stream_data[216]: "|RFC Music Pulse #2|Top 40|EN|192|0" stream_data[217]: "|WAYV 95.1 FM Atlantic City, NJ|Top 40|EN|128|0" stream_data[218]: "|WIZM Z 93.3 FM La Crosse, WI|Top 40|EN|128|0" stream_data[219]: "|WMNP Mixx 99.3 FM Newport, RI|Top 40|EN|128|0" stream_data[220]: "|WWRX Jammin 107.7 FM New London, CT|Top 40|EN|128|0" stream_data[221]: "|WWWQ Q 99.7 FM Atlanta, GA|Top 40|EN|128|0"

Other Languages
stream_data[158]: ";stream.mp3|BIG 92.7 FM India|Pop|HI|128|0" stream_data[160]: "|Radio City 91.1 FM India|Pop|HI|96|0" stream_data[161]: "|WCHK La Nueva 1290 AM Atlanta, GA|Pop|ES|64|0" stream_data[171]: "|KRZU Radio Bilingue 90.7 FM Batesville, TX|Regional|ES|128|0" stream_data[172]: "|KXPK La Tricolor 96.5 FM Denver, CO|Regional|ES|96|0" stream_data[173]: "|WLKQ La Raza 102.3 FM Atlanta, GA|Regional|ES|64|0" stream_data[174]: "|XHEM La Z 103.5 Chihuahua, Mexico|Regional|ES|80|0" stream_data[222]: "|WKKB Latina 100.3 FM Providence, RI|Tropical|ES|128|0" stream_data[223]: "|WMRQ HD2 Bomba 97.1 FM Hartford, CT|Tropical|ES|128|0"

stream_data[197]: "|ESPN Fantasy Sports Radio|Sports|EN|128|0" stream_data[198]: "|ESPN TV Simulcast|Sports|EN|128|0" stream_data[199]: "|ESPN Today in Sports|Sports|EN|128|0" stream_data[200]: "|WCPV The Game 101.3 Essex, NY|Sports|EN|128|0" stream_data[201]: "|WEAV The Zone 960 AM Essex, NY|Sports|EN|128|0" stream_data[202]: "|WFAN The Fan 660 AM New York, NY|Sports|EN|128|0" stream_data[203]: "|WIOU ESPN 1350 AM Kokomo, IN|Sports|EN|64|0" stream_data[204]: "|WKTY Sports AM 580 La Crosse, WI|Sports|EN|128|0" stream_data[205]: "|WPRT 102.5 FM Nashville, TN|Sports|EN|96|0" stream_data[206]: "|WSCR The Score 670 AM Chicago, IL|Sports|EN|128|0" stream_data[207]: "|WSJM 1400 AM St. Joseph, MI|Sports|EN|128|0" stream_data[208]: "|WWSR The Fan 93.1 FM Lima, OH|Sports|EN|96|0"

stream_data[0]: "|RFC 70's Hits|70's|EN|128|0" stream_data[1]: "|RFC 70's Hits #2|70's|EN|128|0" stream_data[2]: "|RFC 80's Hits|80's|EN|128|0" stream_data[3]: "|RFC 80's Hits #2|80's|EN|128|0" stream_data[120]: "|WZDJ DJ Radio Jacksonville, FL|Dance|EN|128|0" stream_data[121]: "|RFC Newport Folk|Folk|EN|128|0" stream_data[122]: "|RFC Newport Folk #2|Folk|EN|128|0" stream_data[130]: "|WEIB 106.3 FM Springfield, MA|Jazz|EN|32|0" stream_data[196]: "|WAEG 92.3 FM Augusta, GA|Jazz|EN|128|0" stream_data[224]: ";|KBAC 98.1 FM Santa Fe, NM |Variety|EN|128|0" stream_data[225]: "|KUNM 89.9 FM University of NM|Variety|EN|128|0" stream_data[226]: "|WARH Arch 106.5 FM St. Louis, MO|Variety|EN|64|0" stream_data[227]: "|WEDM WCHS 91.1 FM Indianapolis, IN|Variety|EN|128|0" stream_data[228]: "|WMWV 93.5 FM Conway, NH|Variety|EN|128|0" stream_data[229]: "|WNOV 860 AM Milwaukee, WI|Variety|EN|128|0" stream_data[230]: "|WVOX Vox Populi 1460 AM Westchester, NY|Variety|EN|64|0"
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stevenstay88 Aug 24 @ 4:18pm 
please add KFXN 100.3 FM in Minneapolis MN! Thaks for all the stations!
Edabul Aug 17 @ 11:04am 
Isn't FOX NEWS entertainment? Shouldn't it be under "talk" instead of "news" ?
grimjesta Jul 22 @ 11:13pm 
This is a game changer. Driving across the state to classic rock really sets the mood. I tried listening to my favorite metal station (89.5 WSOU), but I kept getting pulled over for speeding. Hah.
Kazadeath Jul 16 @ 6:17pm 
Looking for CD102.5 in Columbus Ohio.
Awesome alternative station.
elben376 Jul 15 @ 11:32am 
Could you add Radio Heartland from The Current? Here is the channel number: KNOW-FM 91.1 HD2.
BloatedHook302 Jun 30 @ 2:17pm 
Np. Thank for the info. Also changed for KMOX 1120 AM.

stream_data[251]: "|KMOX 1120 AM St. Louis, MO|News|EN|32|0"

The SBM at the end will stop it from working.
Gabe Valentine  [author] Jun 30 @ 1:05pm 
@BloatedHook302 Accurate bitrate doesn't really matter that much. I'm sure some of my entries have inaccurate bitrates too because I'm too lazy to check it half the time. Here is how to check:

• Open VLC and hit ctrl+N. Paste the URL.
• Click play, then hit ctrl+J to bring up the codec info.

If I don't have VLC open already I usually just skip it and guess a bitrate based on audio quality.

Thanks for taking the time to find those stations and write entries for them! :p2cube: I will add them to the all-in-one on the next update.
BloatedHook302 Jun 30 @ 6:01am 
Update. I found a few more. However, I'm not good with the bitrate quality. So, here you go.

stream_data[248]: "|KFAV 99.9 FM Warrenton, MO|Country|EN|64|0"
stream_data[249]: "|KYKY Y98 98.1 FM St. Louis, MO|Contemporary|EN|128|0"
stream_data[250]: "|KNOU NOW 96.3 FM St. Louis, MO|Top 40|EN|128|0"
stream_data[251]: "|KMOX 1120 AM St. Louis, MO|News|EN|128|0"
BloatedHook302 Jun 28 @ 4:10pm 
Thanks! Also, is it possible for you to add more radio stations from Missouri?
Gabe Valentine  [author] Jun 28 @ 11:15am 

stream_data[247]: "|KTJJ The Boot 98.5 FM Farmington, MO|Country|EN|64|0"