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Star Trek Timelines

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How to play and NOT pay!
By DG Dobrev
In this guide we take a look at what does it take to play a well populated mobile game on steam while NOT paying a dime at all.
1. Introduction.
Welcome to Star Trek Timelines! So, you want to play and not pay? That is absolutely doable and do not let for a second somebody tell you otherwise. There are plenty of players of levels 50 and more that proudly wave their "VIP 0" (ergo, not a single dime paid) badge on the STT forums - not to mention that the new 3.0 Update made F2P better than ever.

In order to accomplish that yourself, however, you will need to adopt a certain way of thinking, but that will by no means reduce the amount of fun you will get by playing the game, and once you set up a good base for yourself, you will shoot up the ranks in no time.

The first thing to be aware when it comes to Star Trek Timelines, is that you are here for the long haul. You can expect to play this game for a long, long time. My suggestion is to accept it like any other MMO or mobile game – which means that you will need to be active, do your daily tasks, join a fleet, join a squadron, and set up a good foundation for future gameplay.

I cannot stress enough just how important a good base for improvement is, and how much it will ease your progression. An active level 10 person is more valuable than a semi-active level 70 one, as he brings more to the fleet than his counterpart. Ask me – when I was starting, I was totally oblivious to 99% of the things in this guide, and became aware of them only after I tested them on a second account (without spending a dime on it, of course).
2. Starting the game.
After starting the game, you will do the tutorial missions and battles. Having done that, you will be taken to the Time Portal, which is a kickback to the original Series of Star Trek in 1966, "The city at the edge of Tomorrow". You will be given a free pick, along with your first “Behold” (allowing you to pick between 3 different crew members). I would strongly suggest that you select Enterprise-D’s Captain Picard, as he’s instrumental to the “play without paying” tactic. The rest of the crew will be taken as they are and leveled up as they are. You have very little influence over whom you get here.
3. Understanding the "Command deck".
In the bottom middle of the screen is your command deck with multiple locked out things. The command deck is where 75% of the gameplay happens. From it you will do cadet challenges and space battles, join fleets, do crew vs crew gauntlet fights, scan and send shuttles on away missions. To the right of the command deck is the galaxy map, where you will participate in 10 (so far) different campaigns for various races in the Star Trek universe. To the left of the command deck is your crew, daily tasks and achievements. It is very important to fully do all of those as soon as possible, as you will get rewarded with merits, credits, chronitons and honor for your efforts. In essence, chronitons are the resource which limits you here, and since we are not going to pay to play, you will want to use them completely, and then take a break until they replenish.
4. Understanding resources.
In Star Trek Timelines, along with the loot you receive from your missions, necessary to build items, there are 4 main "resources" at your disposal that 99% of the time will actually limit your gameplay, just as it is expected from any mobile game that expects people to throw cash at it,

4.1. Chronitons: due to the temporal crisis, you can only exist in a certain period of time or do something if you have the applicable amount of chronitons to perform that action. This is the most important resource, and your biggest limitation. Chronitons replenish at a rate for 10 per hour, or one every 6 minutes.
4.2. Credits: credits are used to make various purchases from the time portal, as well as payment for combining gear for your crew, along with your first two crew quarters upgrades.
4.3. Merits: merits are used to buy various items from all available factions, unfreezing immortalized crew, refreshing rounds in the gauntlet, and so on.
4.4. Honor: honor is used to buy various items, honorary citations (an option to improve your crew star level without additional copies of it), boosters or crew from the time portal. It is accumulated by daily missions, dismissing duplicate or unnecessary crew and various rewards.
5. Doing your daily tasks.
Each day you will be presented with 10 daily tasks for you to accomplish, including leveling up your crew, doing cadet challenges, space battles, away missions and so on. Completing all of the challenges will earn you honor, and if you are in a fleet (hence why it is so important to join one immediately) your actions will positively impact the fleet and allow both your and the other fleet members to gain up to 330 additional honor per day. It is not necessary to always win the single missions (for example, a space battle, a campaign mission or a cadet challenge) – you gain a point every time you complete something, be it with a win or a loss, so don’t worry.
6. Making the most out of your limited crew quarters.
When starting the game, as of Update v3.0 you will have 55 crew slots available. It may look like a lot, but I can tell you, you can scarcely begin to imagine just how quickly those get filled up and you will start vying for extra crew space pretty freaking early. You can upgrade your crew quarters twice more for 5 slots with credits, and any further upgrades must happen with dilithium or upgrading your VIP level, which means paying – and that’s not what we’re here for.

The good news is that you can still gain dilithium without paying. It is done by completing personal achievements – ergo, immortalizing crew. To immortalize a crew member, he/she needs to be at maximum star level (for example, 2/2 Stars), be leveled up to 100 and fully outfitted. The bonus of immortalizing a crew member doesn’t end there – dismissing an immortalized crew only freezes them, and they are at your disposal to return at any point for a modest sum of merits.
Bottom line is, you will need to play with 65 crew slots for a good amount of time before getting any more. As such, you will need to be very precise as to whom to recruit, whom to use and why.
7. Cadet challenges, and how to make the most of them with the least amount of crew.
Cadet challenges refresh every day, you have 6 tries, and you need to use a crew with specific traits for each challenge. At present, there are 5 challenges: “Ex Astris Scientia” (EAS for short), “The United Federation” (TUF), “A Certain Formality” (ACF), “Advanced A Certain Formality” (AACF) and “Advanced The United Federation” (ATUF). Let’s take a look at them.

7.1. Ex Astris Scientia.

On this challenge you are allowed to use only gray (common) and green (uncommon) crew with the Starfleet trait, regardless of gender. Successfully completing a challenge gives you between 15 chronitons at normal level, 20 at Elite and 25 at Epic. Completing a normal mission at 3 star level (ergo, collecting all rare items from it) unlocks the next difficulty level, which is Elite, and completing it as well will unlock epic. Unlocking the last tier and leveling up the crew to the required level is very important, as EAS is a crucial way of collecting chronitons without paying.

7.2. A Certain Formality.

On this challenge you are allowed to use only gray (common) and green (uncommon) crew with the FEMALE trait. I believe you are starting to see a pattern now… In order to maximize crew slots, we would like to have Starfleet members who are also female, in order to be eligible for both challenges. Successfully completing a challenge will grant you a booster of various rarity – with my personal preference being the Elite level for the 10x Rare boosts pack.

7.3. The United Federation.

On this challenge you are allowed to use only gray (common) and green (uncommon) crew who are alien or part alien (ergo, non-human), regardless of gender. So, ideally, we would like to have Starfleet, Female and Alien crew in order to be eligible for all three challenges. This is not as easy as it sounds, but we can use combinations of crew members to accomplish all cadet challenges. Successfully completing a TUF challenge will award you a training program of varying rarity.

7.4 Advanced A Certain Formality.

On this challenge you are allowed to use only rare crew with the FEMALE trait. Sadly, it will be a while until you get and level up the necessary crew, but do not despair. Once you do, you will get extra credits for completing such a challenge.

7.5. Advanced The United Federation.

On this challenge you are allowed to use only rare crew who are alien or part alien (ergo, non-human), regardless of gender. Ideally, we would like to use Female and Alien or Part Alien crew, to maximize the potential and minimize the required crew slots.

7.6. Conclusion.

In order to get the most out of the cadet challenges, you will have to allocate a certain amount of crew slots, which varies between 14 and 20 (20 for max impact). Sadly, it’s a huge chunk of your available space, but I actually found it to be for the best – it forced me to play the game the proper way on my test account: by setting my sights on a goal, following it, immortalizing a specific crew member, analyzing whether I will need him or her, and then freezing him and collecting the dilithium reward. Besides, 30 extra slots are more than enough when you know what kind of crew do you require, and that is what we will talk about the next part of the guide.
8. Crew recommendations.
In this section of the guide, I will give you the best all-rounders – crew members of varying rarities that impact all parts of the gameplay – challenges, gauntlet, missions, and so on. It is very much imperative to work on those crew members once you obtain a copy of them, even if it means using honorable citations to get them to their max star level.

8.1. Common crew.

Sadly, gray or common crew is not something you are supposed to work on seriously at the start of the game. Granted, until you find the required crew members you will need to use some, just don’t overdo it. Common crew members are super easy to outfit due to the extremely accessible equipment, but they take as many training programs as a legendary member to get to level 100, and those are very hard to come by at start. Once you have set yourself up, you can work on common crew members only for the immortalization bonus in order to get more dilithium for more crew slots and maybe even a third shuttle.

8.2. Uncommon crew.

The Uncommon crew will be the one doing 99% of the tasks in the beginning of the game for you, and as such is extremely important to select properly. As such, we will break down the skills of the crew into 6 categories (just like in game) and select the crew members that fit the most cadet challenges as well (starfleet, female, alien).

8.2.1. Command.
We have 2 Crew members who conform to the requirements: Ensign Sito Jaxa (best choice, 320 CMD, 253 DIP, 125 SEC when immortalized) and Ensign Ro (322 CMD when immortalized). I would personally add Nurse Paris to the mix, because while he’s not female, he’s got 359 CMD and 136 MED and a very decent Gauntlet stats (93-335 MED). Ideally, you would like Sito and Nurse Paris.

8.2.2. Diplomacy.
Here we do not have an all-rounder female crew member, so we will need to use a combination of two crew members for all the challenges. The best options here are the Dabo Girl Leeta (325 DIP, 260 CMD) who is alien and female, but does not possess the Starfleet trait. She will be backed up by the Enterprise-D Captain Picard (337 DIP, 249 CMD, 151 SCI) – hence my suggestion to pick Captain Picard as your main 2-Star captain.

8.2.3. Engineering.
We have 2 Crew members who conform to the requirements: Lt. Naomi Wildman (332 ENG, 238 DIP) and Ensign Seska (319 ENG, 217 SEC). It is up to you to decide which one of them to immortalize. Seska is considered to have cheaper gear than Naomi, though.

8.2.4. Security.
Here we do not have an all-rounder female crew member, so we will need to use a combination of two crew members for all the challenges. My personal picks are: Lt. Tasha Yar (338 SEC) and Security Chief Worf (326 SEC, 205 CMD). Another option is to use KDF Alexander, Worf’s son, whose stats are (331 SEC, 145 ENG, 137 CMD), but daddy Worf has more bonus traits who outweigh the extra 5 SEC.

8.2.5. Medical.
Here we do not have an all-rounder female crew member, so we will need to use a combination of two crew members for all the challenges. My personal choices are: CMO Crusher (290 MED) and Dr. Phlox (298 MED, 256 SCI). Ideally, you may want to substitute Phlox for Nurse Kes (310 MED, 246 DIP) – the caveat here is that Kes costs an arm and a leg in terms of equipment to immortalize, while Phlox is way cheaper.

8.2.6. Science.
Here we have used to have a single all-rounder, which was Ensign Pazlar (309 SCI, 223 CMD). As of the October 2017 megaevent, we were treated to a second officer with a high science stat (367 SCI, 255 DIP), and that is Festive Jadzia Dax from the DS9: Fascination episode. Both of them are amazing and must be a priority to level up. Until you get a copy of either, you may opt to use a common crew member, like Lt. Jadzia Dax (262 SCI, 208 ENG – works for all challenges).

8.3. Rare Crew.

When it comes to rare crew, you only need 4 members to deal with all the cadet challenges. That’s the good news – the bad news is the difficulty of obtaining them, so once you get (any of) those 4 priceless ladies, you hold on to them. You should buy rare citations to increase their star level as necessary. My personal picks are:

1. Lt. Saavik (470 CMD, 457 SCI, 146 DIP) – she will take over all command and science challenges. Saavik is a very sore spot for me – because I deleted a 3/3 star Saavik before the AACF challenge showed up… Hence why is it so important to inform yourself properly and read guides!
2. Vedek Winn Adami (410 DIP, 307 CMD) or Lwaxana Troi (410 DIP, 334 CMD) – any of them will do. The third option, if you can’t get any of them is Senator Cretak (432 DIP, 280 SEC), but she lacks decent bonus traits (only Romulan and Diplomat), while Kai Winn and Lwaxana Troi have traits like Cultural Figure or Telepath, which are used on many campaign missions.
3. Sniper Ezri Dax (391 MED, 351 SEC, 227 DIP) – great option to cover both Medical and Security challenges, the only setback is that she doesn’t have the Doctor or Nurse trait, so you may want to back her up with someone like Dr. Selar (409 MED) who is also really good in the Gauntlet (158-496).
4. Maquis Takeover Torres (462 ENG, 281 SEC, 148 CMD) – absolutely invaluable crew member when it comes to the Saturday and Sunday challenges, and also relatively common to obtain. Once you get a copy of her, treasure it.
Here I would like to add a few more crew members who are actually really good for both campaign missions and the gauntlet: the Racquetball Bashir (411 SCI, 345 MED, 175 CMD, tons of bonus traits, 120-414 MED in the gauntlet), Ensign Mendon (448 ENG, 429 SCI, the Prodigy trait, 123-389 ENG in the gauntlet) and Ensign Robin Lefler (544 ENG, 270 CMD, Innovator + Resourceful, traits often used in the gauntlet, 202 ENG and 259 CMD max in the gauntlet).
9. Becoming an advanced player and a powerhouse: selecting the proper Super Rare and Legendary crew.
Foreword: as we progress in the next sections of the guide, it becomes very important to differentiate stats and skill. The stats are displayed in white values, and the skill (which matters in the gauntlet) is displayed next to the stats with green values in brackets. On normal campaign missions, a combination of both values, plus any required trait for the particular challenge matters, while in the gauntlet, only the skill (green values in brackets) matters.

What does that mean for you? It means that to successfully do campaign missions of varying difficulties, you need a crew with as many stars and as high level and equipment as possible. On the other side, in the Gauntlet only level and equipment matters. Even a single star crew, and this is very important for legendary crew, as they are extremely difficult to get to max star level and immortalize, can do wonders in the gauntlet if at max level and properly equipped.

The Super Rare and Legendary crew members are the most sought after in the game, and you will absolutely need a good amount of them to complete all campaign missions, do successful away missions, perform well in events and become a powerhouse in the Gauntlet. I would strongly suggest focusing on the Super Rare crew first - they will be the ones doing more than 50% of your away missions, and only work with legendary crew when you have a good chance of improving them to at least 3/5 stars. This is where things get rough, because you will most likely be hard pressed to keep a copy of a valuable crew in the hopes that you get more of them through events and the portal. It is at this point of the game where you will very much feel in the need of more crew slots. As usual, you will need to select super rare crew that will both do well on campaign missions, and in the gauntlet. This is why I have prepared a sample list of a number of officers per skill to be on the lookout for.
10. Super Rare crew.
This is the list of SUPER RARES that I found most useful. They have good stats for both campaign missions and the gauntlet, in which you will be participating multiple times each day. For super rare crew members I set a skill (the values in the green brackets) bar of 500 (+/- 20), because they can only do so much, and they need to be able to tackle even Legendary crew in the gauntlet.

Let's take a look at the super rare crew member of my choosing, and their stats at max level, along with their gauntlet stats when outfitted properly.

1. Command: EV Suit Tucker 444 CMD & 708 ENG (555 max CMD in the gauntlet), Colonel Karr CMD 481, ENG 239, SEC 503 (518 max CMD in the gauntlet), and Defiant Commander Worf CMD 364 & SEC 609 (488 max CMD in the gauntlet).

2. Diplomacy: Vic Fontaine DIP 681 & MED 576 (524 max DIP in the gauntlet), Ambassador Spock DIP 524, SEC 232, SCI 516 (480 max DIP in the ganutlet), and Nexus Kirk CMD 631, DIP 237 & SEC 502 (476 max DIP in the gauntlet)

3. Engineering: Augment Riker CMD 332, ENG 579, SEC 566 (499 max ENG in the gauntlet).

4. Security: Subcommander T'Rul ENG 844, SEC 377, SCI 305 (559 max SEC in the gauntlet), Romulan Kirk CMD 238, DIP 722, SEC 386 (555 max SEC in the gauntlet), Rura Penthe Reed CMD 497& SEC 624 (548 max SEC in the gauntlet) and Lt. Valeris CMD 218, SEC 579, SCI 387 (511 max SEC in the gauntlet)

5. Medical: Phlox SEC 352 & MED 802 (813 max MED in the gauntlet), Antaak SCI 630 & MED 532 (753 max MED in the gauntlet), Doc Crusher DIP 551, SCI 394, MED 473 (max 732 MED in the gauntlet, this is the costumed Crusher with the hat), Edith Keeler DIP 463 & MED 591 (590 max MED in the Gauntlet), and Apollo CMD 303, DIP 590, MED 582 (586 max MED in the gauntet).

6. Science: Ambassador Sarek CMD 305, DIP 719, SCI 529 (514 max SCI in the gauntlet) and Tash DIP 272, ENG 588, SCI 574 (539 max SCI in the gauntlet).
11. Legendary crew.
And now, let's take a look at the legendary crew of my choosing. Please be aware that this type of crew is extremely difficult to get to level 100 due to the rarity of their equipment, let alone maximize them at 5/5 star rating. As such, legendary crew should be selected very carefully, and be used in the gauntlet first, and in missions later, as you are slowly increasing their star level.

Why in the gauntlet?! The most important concept to grasp here, is that the gauntlet only takes the skill value in the green brackets, and these values are NOT influenced by star level, only by equipment. This is why having level 100 1/5 star Legendary crew matters, especially if you click on every item and pay attention how it influences the skill level of the legendary crew member.

Let's kick back with an example. At the time I am writing this guide, there is a legendary Klingon crew member to collect (up to 4/5 star level due to the mega event that is running), called Kortar (the equivalent of Charon from Greek mythology). Kortar's armor at level 100 gives an extra SEC 100 (0-0). This means that it will improve the security stat by 100 points, but will not raise his skill (0-0) values in the brackets. Gauntlet-wise, you want to improve a Legendary crew's skill, and not stats - as such you may forego a certain piece of equipment and leave it for later in favor of another item that boosts their skill, like in this case, The Map to Grethor DIP 0 (+45-85). It will not add any point to the diplomacy stat, but it will improve Kortar's diplomacy skill in the gauntlet by a significant amount, and raise your chances to win vs. other players' crew members.

In my opinion, each crew member must have a good leading skill, so that you don't get caught unprepared if the secondary is not featured (like Nechayev going 706 CMD vs CMD/ENG for example) and still be able to win.

So, here's my list of Legendaries, with main skill of at least 650 in the gauntlet. I will try to streamline this info by giving only the max skill of the crew. I am doing this on purpose, as having good legendary crew with a very high main skill has a double impact - firstly, it greatly improves your chances of winning, and secondly, it discourages other players to fight your crew - and if the other don't fight your crew as often, you won't lose your standing in the gauntlet leaderboards.

1. Command: Kahless (852 + 500+ SEC), Enabran Tain (754), Nechayev (706), Revolutionary Damar (692). Admiral Riker qualifies, because he's ~500 on CMD/DIPLO/SEC, which is 1000 average, pretty good.
2. Diplomacy: Chancellor Gowron (867), Kai Opaka (759), Guinan (730), Ambassador Troi (711).
3. Engineering: North Star Tucker (587) and Tempted Data (563)
4. Security: Disguised Kira and Gangster Spock with 701
5. Medical: Sulan (810), Crell Moset (675), Goddess Troi (676) and Alternate Future Bashir (649).
6. Science: Seven of Nine (791) and Daystrom (769).
12. Useful tools and links to help your gameplay.
The most important thing about becoming a good played in STT, be it with or without paying, as to keep yourself well informed. As such, I have prepared a few links for you to check.

1. The Star trek Timelines crew cost finder.
An amazing tool, something I look at almost every day, especially whencomparing crew and deciding whether I want somebody or not. It is a tool developed through tons of player contributions, and features even newly created event crew only a day after the pack is released. It's a community effort, and an amazing one.

2. The STT official forums.

This is where you should be lurking every now and then. The developers announce lots of stuff in advance, and as I said, being informed is the most important thing. This is a link to "the Bridge" section of the forum, where you will find a lot of important information.
13. Kickstarting a Faction event.
Allrighty, it's been a while since I updated the guide, so I decided to add a section that will help you start the event at a higher VP (Victory point) level rather than having to work your way up.

13.1. Understading faction events.

I bet you are wondering how the holy bajeebus people make so many points just a few dozen minutes into the event. Actually, it is not much of a money thing than a well planned preparation. In order to score the maximum, 4000 VP, you need to win 40 away missions, regardless of the VP count on them. That's it - nothing more, nothing less. So it is up to you to decide where do you want to start and where do you want to stop. Be aware, however, that failing a mission costs you 1.5 "points" towards the 40 away mission goal, so failing is largely undesirable, because you need to succeed in another 2 to compensate for your fail.

13.2. Understading the VP/Factions correlation.

Before I go on to outlining the strategy, I must point something out. The strategy is very reliant on how many factions are featured in the event. Ideally, you want 3 factions, which gets you up to max VP. Any other combination gets you up to 30, or 2250 Victory points.

13.3. The strategy.

As soon as the event starts, you open 10x Each faction comms. 1 of the factions will be your main (say, ferengi traditionalists), 2 will be secondary (say, Augments and Cardassians). Doing them 10 by 10 is the best way not to get confused, so it's best to pay that extra bit of attention, rather than clicking quickly.

Do the 10x Ferengi ones. Each will give 2 VP, but but that's not what you care about. We are aiming at getting 40 Victories (or as many as it gets), which is the prerequisite for the 4000 VP goal. After the 10 are done, you open a NEW 10 from the 1st (in my case Ferengi) faction. Those are worth 350 VP and last 90 mins. You need to use 10x3 star time boosters, and win all of them to advance - they are easy to get from the Thursday cadet challenge (do the middle Elite tier). Since each mission completes immediately you only need 3-6 good crew.

Forget about the faction's comms you have just been using and focus on the initial ones (in our case, Augments and Cardies). You got 20 of them left since the initial 3x10 opening. Do them WITHOUT boosters, as they are your initial 1 min comms showing falsely as 90 mins - do not overthink it, it is a bug since day one, and this strat has been discussed long before I posted it... Win them all and you are looking happily at the 40 victory threshold, which means the next shuttle missions you launch will be 4000 VP

On 2 factions, with the same strategy you get up to 30 victories as well. On 1 faction, 2250 VP on 30 victories is the max as you can open 20 missions at start.

Alternatively, I have uploaded this video at the request of my fleet - if you want, you can watch instead:
14. Replicating - how and what?
In Star Trek Timelines, you are also allowed to replicate. You can use this option to get any item in the game by sacrifing almost anything to receive an equipment you require. Well, as in all games that expect you to throw some cash at it, you get one free replication a day. What do you do with it? Let's analyze.

As a free to play gamer, you will have a lot of credits and a lot of extra items for the very simple reason that, as I said, neither cash nor chronitons are your enemy, but leveling your crew and getting training programs. With the last server build and the addition of Voyages, you will have tons of stuff and replicator rations to use.

What this does for you, it allows you to get items you wouldn't normally be able to. As such, your single daily replication must absolutely be dedicated to getting a 4* item for 90k or a 5* item for 250k. Why? Because those items, equipped on any crew give the best gains. As such, sufddenly, lucking out with a legendary out of an event becomes a boon, and not a curse, because a legendary crew, even at 1/5 stars will benefit you a lot in every single aspect of the game, and you will suddenly be able to afford anything that crew member can carry due to meticulous replications. Since you will be flush with cash and rations, you will have absolutely no problem with that. Using it to get anythingof 3* and below, unless you lack the items to sacrifice, will usually be a waste of time.
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I'd rather not get into a debate, as plenty of people who play such games on mobile are already used to spending money, so it will be pointless. This guide was for the F2P part of the community. cheap to play or pay to play person would ever read it.
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DG Dobrev  [author] Apr 22, 2020 @ 12:40pm 
Too bad it is pretty outdated, the game really went the crazy money way and quite honestly, I gave up, even if star trek is something I love. Now there should be better combos to keep stuff going, but I missed out on tons of 2 and 3 and 4* crew to update it. Also moved to empires and puzzles... at least their money models are much more tolerable without spending your eastern european salary each month.
smokecigars Apr 22, 2020 @ 12:15pm 
Fantastic post. Started playing a few weeks ago, and have read a lot online. This sums up almost all the god tips I found, and some new ideas. Thanks for taking the time.
NoOne Jan 20, 2019 @ 2:56pm 
Cheers m8, glad I picked Picard at the start (fave anyway). Having a blast, and yeah careful logical play seems to be doing me fine so far. Nice casual game to play while my computer is rendering with Lightwave, and therefore can't handle a game like DS3, Witcher3 etc at the same time. Peace.
Agnithrax Aug 4, 2018 @ 8:56pm 
This is bad juju. Games without players supportng it fold
DG Dobrev  [author] May 2, 2018 @ 10:35am 
Sato is CMD main, and T'Pol is very new. I hadn't had much time of late to update the guide - not to mention that the new 6-mission event system seems to be here to stay, so the old kickstart doesn't work anymore... there's definitely stuff to fix on the guide, I just have to see when.
MsSeidenhaar May 2, 2018 @ 10:31am 
I hve some more crew suggestions:
Ensign Sato for diplomacy (female, starfleet)
Science Officer T'Pol for science (female, starfleet, alien)

Doctor Selar for medicine (only medicine) (alien, female)
Expedition Vash for security (female)
Gilora Rejal for science (female, alien)
Subcommander T'Pol for science (female, alien)

MsSeidenhaar Feb 28, 2018 @ 4:53pm 
I was playing this on mobile phone for some months but especially the crew recommendations for the daylies helped me a lot. Thank you!