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Fantasy Army (V5)
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Fantasy Army (V5)

The Fantasy Army mod adds 55 new units to the game – each with a magical or fantasy genre feel. These units have special capabilities to give them what appear to be magical powers. The mod also adds 12 new buildings, 36 new promotions, and 3 new terrain improvements.

The Fantasy Army base mods adds 9 "classes" of units (with 6 units in each class, spread throughout the tech tree). These classes are:

1. Assassins: a capable recon unit, and a decent melee unit in the later eras

2. Beastmasters: a dominating mounted melee class of units

3. Clerics: a civilian unit, stackable with combat units, which provides enhanced healing capabilities

4. Corsairs: a Pirate/Steampunk-themed class of naval and airship melee units, which specializes in plundering coastal cities and the high seas

5. Drako: a dragon-based class of siege units

6. Magus: an evolving group of supernaturalists who gain capabilities as time progresses.

7. Monks: a ranged class of units who attack using "spellcaster animations"

8. Mystic Warriors: a capable combat/leadership unit

9. Necromancers: adds units that are more like conventional fighting units, albeit with unique characteristics to make them more effective/interesting

Each class has a dedicated promotion set, consisting of 4 levels of competence - later units get the higher promotion levels.

NEW! These units may now upgrade to the next higher/later unit in the class. There is still a limit to 3 units for each class, so once you have 3 of any specific unit, you will not be able to produce the unit or upgrade a lower unit.


In addition to this base mod, there are also two new expansion mods. These mods are independent of this mod, and any of the 3 may be played separately. These mods are specifically designed to expand the "magical" feel of game play:

The first expansion is the "Fantasy Army - Arcane Allies Expansion" mod. Link:

This mod adds 56 new Fantasy-themed units to the game. These units represent troops from 8 different "allies" you can use to assist in crushing your enemies beneath your feet. Each of these allies field 7 unique units, many with new, customized attack animations.

The second expansion is the "Fantasy Army - Wandering Monsters Expansion" mod. Link:

This mod adds 53 "Wandering Monsters" to the game. WMs may appear anywhere on the map, even "settled" areas. WMs appear in all 8 Eras (from Ancient to Information)


Design Note: The units are designed to reduce XP gain. Currently, most units earn XP at 25% of the level of normal Civ V units. They are quite heavily promoted when built - to give them the "magical" capabilities the mod is trying to add to the game. In very early testing, allowing them to earn extra promotions just made them significantly OP. This changed the game so that the non-fantasy units were just unnecessary - which was not my intent in building the mod. It also put the AI at a tremendous disadvantage, as they couldn't use the units as effectively as the human player could.

So, Fantasy Army units have reduced XP gain by -75%, which limits them from gaining more than a few extra XP/promotions. With the classes having 6 units, they become obsolete fairly quickly anyhow, so hopefully the XP limit doesn't hurt game play much.

Discussion Thread:

Instructions: Subscribe to the mod, then enable the mod inside Civ V. Please review the manual in the mod's folder after download to use the new capabilities to their fullest.

NOTE: I've added about all I had originally planned to the mod. Please provide any feedback you have on where to take this mod next. Please leave any/all suggestions in the comments. They are definitely appreciated!

Acknowledgements: This mod was designed to show off some fantastic artwork provided by an extensive community of dedicated Civ V modelers. Many thanks to those of you who did the hard work for me: Bloublou, Danrell, Deliverator, Patum333, Zwei833, Wolfdog, Hangman, Nutty, JTitan, Nomad or What, Uruk, Civitar, Ispanets, Murphy613, S3rgeus, Pouakai, Sukritact, janboruta, Leugi, Reedstilt, JFD, and Renlav. Special thanks to Vondraco for all of the above and beyond assistance in playtest/suggestions/corrections. If I've left anyone out, please let me know and I'll add them to the list. Thanks again to all these gifted artists!
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For S-Man
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S-Man  [author] Jul 10 @ 3:40pm 
@von d. - thanks - always good to hear people are having fun with the mods!

The XP penalty was nerfed (buffed?) from -150% to -75% in V5. So, it's "possible" to get some promotions, especially if you nurture a unit from the early Eras all they way to the end.

You found an interesting problem with the building prereqs required to produce a unit. They can upgrade without any of those buildings in any cities. The normal game handles this issue in the same manner. I suppose I could put a block in the upgrade function if a civ didn't have "any" buildings, but does that make sense? Should a prereq building be "X" tiles away or less? Same continent? I'm a little ambivalent about the issue, but if I could come up with some good rules on how to implement it, I don't think the code would be too difficult.
vondraco Jul 9 @ 6:27am 
@S-Man: If you've no idea what the K-Car is, then it's likely not from your mod. Although listed in the Ancient Era, I've never been able to build it. It's an almost-exact clone of the Atomic Era unit Helicopter Gunship. The text is identical although the Abilities are slightly different; it has a non-standard one called "Fireforce," which smacks of something you'd use. I'll have to do a bit of checking and see where it's really coming from.

And I'll check the Civilopedia as you suggested when I get a chance.

BTW, really loving the ability to upgrade those Fantasy Units. I might go in and lower the XP penalty just to see how it affects My playstyle. One thing I noted was that I have the ability to upgrade units even if I lack the requisite building in any of My cities. (Such as, IIRC, upgrading to a Wizard to an Alchemist even if I've never built an Alchemical Laboratory.) Minor issue, to be sure.

Thanks for all your hard work!

-- V
S-Man  [author] Jul 8 @ 4:42am 
@vondraco - greetings! I wouldn't call it a "typo", more of a "cut-paste-fail...!" ;)

Will add it to the (hopefully by now shrinking) list of typos...

Wasn't sure which unit was the "K-Car" you mentioned?

Am puzzled about your Civolpedia problems - put a lot of time into getting that working. Maybe the best thing is to clear cache, then launch Civ V with only this mod loaded and see if it's still broken? And if it is, it's probably time to enable logging then review the Database.log and Lua.log files..
S-Man  [author] Jul 8 @ 4:35am 
@tonyrhonemus - the barb monsters have moved to a separate, extended mod: "Fantasy Army - Wandering Monsters Expansion"

There's also another mod, "Fantasy Army - Arcane Allies" Expansion" - it adds several "magical" allies, each with unique units and promotions:

These expansion mods were designed to play well with this mod, but can also be played independently if desired. Any of the 3 can be played separately or together in any combination.

Take a look!
tonyrhonemus Jul 7 @ 1:37pm 
Wow the units in barb camps were so much fun with germany, Any vhance we can get those back in the next version?
vondraco Jul 7 @ 12:38pm 
Heya, S-Man. Finally upgraded to v.5. For some reason the Civopedia still isn't working any better. Also, found a typo: in the Rune Warrior text, under Historical Info, it says that "The Hermit is replaced by the Argonaut unit..." If I'm not mistaken that should be "Rune Warrior" and not "Hermit." Another note: in the Civopedia, the "K-Car" unit is listed under "Ancient Era" on the "Units" page.
S-Man  [author] Jun 24 @ 12:00pm 
Hello!!! Version 5 now published!!! See change notes for details.

Please note: this version is NOT compatible with previous versions. Please finish any current games before starting a new game with the new version.

S-Man  [author] Jun 22 @ 4:06am 
@Cyb0rg - I looked at the Future Worlds mod, and it also uses a "PROMOTION_MOVE_ALL_TERRAIN" promotion - the same as this one. It also deletes the "embarkation" promotions from Helicopter-type units - like this one does. Both mods are doing about the same thing, but perhaps for some reason this is confusing the game when both mods load.

I'll rename the promotion in V5, to avoid that possibility. However, if the multiple deletions of the same embarkation promotions is causing the problem, I'm not sure how to fix that one... :^/
CYB0RG777 Jun 21 @ 5:42pm 
I would like to let you know that the problem I was facing didn't involve Wildlife (Reborn). I suspect that the flying unit problem is an issue with compatibility with the Future Worlds mod, which implements a similar flying mechanic for the "Nexus" unit.
S-Man  [author] Jun 20 @ 7:56pm 
Hello! The second expansion to this mod is released: "Arcane Allies" - adds 8 "allies" and 56 magically-themed units to the game:

In a few days, I'll start working on the update for this mod (Fantasy Army, to be V5) - which should complete the "harmonization" of units/buildings/techs, etc. introduced in the two expansions. It will also fix a lot of things players have been requesting for quite a while. Am hoping to have V5 of this mod published in 1-2 weeks. Thanks!