Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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SMANs Omnibus Mod
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Jul 13, 2017 @ 7:20am
Apr 18 @ 11:18am
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SMANs Omnibus Mod

This mod is a consolidation/reconciliation of several mods I normally use to play Civ V. When I first started playing BNW, I didn't enjoy it very much. My son recommended trying a few mods. I'd never done this before, but after a little bit of research/experimentation, I found a few that greatly improved game play for me.

The Crazy Scotsman's Omnibus Mod was the cornerstone mod, and the one that made me actually like Civ V in the first place. Over time, I added more and more mods to my normal complement. I then began noticing inconsistencies/incompatibilities between these mods. To fix this, I decided to bring the mods I use the most into a single, unified mod and remove all the potential conflicts between them. I also added a few units, buildings, etc., from other mods to make a more-involved late game experience.

SMAN's Omnibus Mod Features:
* 40 new Units; 38 major Unit adjustments
* 78 new Buildings; 43 major Building adjustments
* 12 new Technologies
* 13 new Luxuries/Resources
* For the English Civ (which I play a lot) I added an automatic unit naming function – for no real reason, just for fun
* Numerous changes to game rules, features, etc., to produce a more consistent, enjoyable gaming experience

Mods used to build most of this omnibus mod include (either in whole or in excerpts):
* The Crazy Scotsman's Ominbus Mod
* Cecil Lizard's Future Tech Does More than Add Score
* TofuSjo's Real Future Era and Info Era Ship Fix
* Bouncymischa's Future Worlds
* Framedarchitecutre's Reforestation and National Wonder Collection
* Bloublou's Promotions – Expansion Pack
* Kyte's Dynamic Culture Overview
* Labby's Improved Air Recon
* Delnar Eriske's Artificial Unintelligence Lite
* WHoward's Consolidated Promotions, Plot Iterators, other code, ideas, and suggestions…

Please see the SMAN's Omnibus Mod Manual.pdf in the mod folder after download for more information. Otherwise, consult the Tech Tree when first starting a new game for a good summary of the changes, especially in the Information Era.

The mod is fairly stable, but please let me know of any issues, problems, inconsistencies, etc., that you find, and I'll correct them right away. Also would appreciate any suggestions on how to make the mod better, any components/features from other mods that might make it more fun to play.




Acknowledgements: This mod is a "synthesis" of several great mods, taking liberally (sometimes shamelessly….) from the following mods. Many, many thanks to the authors for their great insight on making the game better. If you're having an issue with some feature of the game, it might help to look at the instructions from the appropriate mod below:
Thecrazyscotsman (TCS Omnibus Mod)
Cecil Lizard (Future Tech Does More…)
Bouncymischa (Future Worlds)
- (Real Future Era)
- (Info Era Ship Fix)
- (National Wonder Collection)
- (Reforestation)
BlouBlou (Promotions – Expansion Pack)
- Kyte (Dynamic Cultural Overview)
Labby (Improved Air Recon)
SamBC (Steel and Steel Mill)
Delnar Eriske (Artificial Unintelligence Lite)
Krajzen (Aggressive and Expansive AI)
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Feb 23 @ 1:47am
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S-Man  [author] 17 hours ago 
@Deathwing - it should work. Most of the buildings and units in this mod have been renamed to be unique. So, even if the "Supercarrier" in this mod uses the same model as another mod using the same mod, the two units should show up in the City Screen when they are valid to build/buy.

Since they are really two different units, they may appear at different times, if they have different prerequisite techs or other variances in their definitions. It may be a little confusing to see two units with the same name and/or a similar icon in the City UI.

But, all-in-all, this mod "should" work with those others.
Deathwing Jul 16 @ 10:32am 
Can you play that mod with lot of buildings mods ? (spy building, xp buildings, 128 and 256 wonders) I play with a Supercarrier mod (14 places), will it crash my game since you have one too on your mod ? (same unit name I guess)
S-Man  [author] Apr 29 @ 4:41am 
@ DeftlyPlayed - LLOL! (Literally LOL...) ;)

Great story! Was quite a chuckle envisioning it, and a great way to start the day! Thanks!!!
DeftlyPlayed Apr 28 @ 1:04pm 
Leviathans. My first thought was, "What in the world is this?" But, that was quickly followed by, "Why not?"

The other day I took a shot at one with a Galleass. Coming out of the next AI turn here come 7 of his buddies! I had never seen that many Leviathans or Krakens in one spot before.

It was like you're walking down the sidewalk and some guy comes out of a restaurant and the 2 of you get into it. You throw one punch and suddenly 10 of his best friends and closest relatives come piling out of the restaurant and pile on you.

I lasted a few turns but they eventually got me. I'd take out one and another one or two more would show up coming out of the next AI turn. I think in total I wound up trying to fight off 10 or 11 Leviathans. Like I say, they eventually sunk my Galleass but I didn't care. I was having fun doing battle with Leviathans. It was fun. Great addition to game play.

If you want to explore you gotta know going in – There Be Monsters!
S-Man  [author] Apr 27 @ 2:06pm 
@ DeftlyPlayed - WHAT? Are you crazy? ;)

The Barb Leviathan represents all those "sea monsters" that ancient mariners have reported seeing for millennia. It could be a shark, or whale, or unknown sea creature, but I threw it in to add a little "legendarium" into the mod.

Plus, they're a lot of fun to capture, tame, and sicc on your enemies... ;)
S-Man  [author] Apr 18 @ 11:29am 
New version (V5) just published!

Adds 9 units, but perhaps the largest change is the mod now allows 2 Units per Tile (UPT).

Before anyone wants to complain, try it out and see how you like it. I've been testing this for a few weeks now and really like the flow. The AI uses it well, and it solves alot of pathing confusion during large-scale invasions.

And don't worry - 2 UPT is in now way a "stack of death." Maybe the better term is a "stacklette of convenience...."

DeftlyPlayed Apr 17 @ 2:12pm 
A Barbarian Leviathan is kinda silly but I can live with it. : )
McShaneGun Mar 7 @ 2:44am 
Well done, many thanks man. Ive used this along side Ultimate eras mod and i have to deal with a crash every 200 turns but no biggie, its a whole new game haha
S-Man  [author] Jan 27 @ 1:02pm 
New version uploaded (V4). Lots of fixes and hopefully a few improvements. Please see Change Notes for details. Thanks!
vondraco Jan 3 @ 6:28pm 
Speaking of which ...

Playing "Uighur_Caesar's Libya (Gaddafi)" civ. Normally, with this mod, the Agora is required to be built before the Market. Correct? (Although 'Agora' is just Greek for 'market' so really you have to build a market before you can build a market...!) Anyhow, this mod has Libya's UB as the Popular Market, replacing the standard Market. The Popular Market does *not* seem to require the Agora in the city in order to be built.

Would I be correct in assuming that I'd need to modify the Libya mod in order to get it "back on track?" Add in some kind of prerequisite building?