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Trials of the Foolhardy Collaboration Guide
By Nocturnal Pie and 1 collaborators
This guide is here to help solve the puzzle of entering the "Trials of the Foolhardy" mission that is hidden within the Wizard's Tower.
Hello, this guide has been made to allow for easy collaboration of confirmed information about how to access the hidden level legitimately. The first iteration that I'll be releasing will be all of the current steps that we know exist and have been proven with pictures and by myself being able to do it in game.

Anyone who I get information off of will be quoted under whatever information they have provided, the pictures taken are from my own game, but any that aren't will also be quoted.

Also if any of the information is wrong please comment to let me know, I have this guide up to give as much of an accurate picture as possible to all players.
Map and Difficulty
The map that unlocks the level is the Wizard's Tower and it must be done on hard or higher. To do the current steps, you'll need at least 2 players as it cannot be done alone. Also make sure you are well geared to handle a long amount of time within the level as you will be waiting in areas for long periods of time for other players to do their parts.

Step 1: Trigger the Switches
The first thing to do once you've loaded into the Wizard's Tower is to proceed through the level normally until you reach the location of the second tome. From here what you want to do is leave at least one person here to grab a statue later on. It's recommended to leave two people in case you run into a special that incapacitates you.

The group that is staying at the tome just needs to hold here, so from now on these instructions are for the proceeding group.

Firstly, enter the courtyard and start the gate opening as per usual. To the right of the gate is a small alley.

If you proceed into this alley you will find a lever.

Pull that lever then continue past the gate to the first drop down point. Don't drop down, instead look to your left.

There will be a stone protruding from the wall. Interact with it and then hold there for your teammates in step 2.

Now that the first team has activated the switches, the door next to the second tomb will open and you'll see a statue.

Step 2: Escort the Statue
Now carry this statue all the way to the bridge where the illusion occurs.

Before you cross the bridge, place the statue in the skaven circular symbol behind the skeleton hung on the posts.

Once this is done, goto the end of the bridge and end the illusion. When you return there is a picture lying facedown next to a bookshelf in front of the statue.

Once you approach the picture it will lift and reveal a picture of another statue standing in a different place on the map. Credit for finding this spot goes to Waffuru.

Step 3: Finish The Level
To do all of the current steps you need to repeat the mission at least once as currently no second statue has been found to complete the second statue location.

After the previous steps have been done simply go and finish the level as per usual.

Step 4: Repeat Step 1
Basically just do Step 1 again as this team will be required to trigger the same switches to unlock the statue room. After that it is up to the statue team to take it to the new location.
Step 5: Statue Location 2
Now that you have the statue again, take it to near the location of the first tome. In the background of the picture you saw in the previous run, it shows part of a window sill and part of a bookshelf behind the statue. Near the first tome there is a bookshelf with three windows beside it.

Placing the statue next to where they connect will cause another illusion to occur. Credit to this spot goes to: dpi.erico The screen should flash and now show the statue with four skulls sitting in front of it.

If you turn around, there are particles shooting through the air as well as a swirling effect on the roof.

At the moment that is all that I have been able to scrounge up. All of these steps were done on hard mode.
Step 6: Find the Positions
A new step has been discovered thanks to the help of YearLink's discovery. After placing the second statue a book appears in a hidden location near the statue. Upon standing on the book and attacking it, an effect plays around the character standing there and one of the skulls lights up. There are likely 3 other positions with similar books that are around the map. It is also key to note that only kerillian can see this book so it is likely that specific characters can see specific books.

One big issue with doing this next step is that the person that triggers the switches cannot get back to the correct area. There are two ways around this:

1. Let that player commit suicide while the rest of the team stays in the correct area. They should respawn just a little way ahead and you can proceed from there.

2. Let that player disconnect, wait for the AI to teleport to the other players, then reconnect.

Kerillian's Book location:

After placing the second statue head down, if you head two floors down there is a wedge of wood behind a bookcase. When you stand there for a few seconds it will trigger an effect as well as lighting up a skull.

The book appears leaning against the wall in this location. It is not visible to anyone but Kerillian, however all characters can activate it.

Note once you leave the book, the effect will disappear and the skull will unlight.

Credit to YearLink for finding this book accidentally by finding a safe spot for a toilet break. ;)
Also a thank you to Slati Jnr > /? and nebular_dc for assisting in recreating this event.

Sienna's Book Location:

This location is easier to find. In the room where you place the statue, head to the end of the room where the massive open space is. Facing backwards according to the map, you should be on the right side, next to a bookcase.

And a view facing forwards according to the map.

Zaylify is creditted for finding this location.

Bardin's Book Location:

Bardin's book is the easiest to find, simply head to the top floor where the 3 story staircase is and stand in the corner of the top most one.

Credit for finding this location goes to MuffinMonster. MuffinMonster also thanks Henk Jansma and FCoR_CapraHicrus

Kruber's Book Location:

For this location, you need to stand in the same room as the first tome. Stand in the corner that has an open book laying face up. There might also be a Victor Book but I have no idea where that is and it isn't needed to trigger the secret.

Credit for this location goes to Zaylify

Victor's Book Location:

This location is near the top floor exit to the large room where you do the secret trigger. It is near the pillar connected to the railing of the edge of the walkway. It is on the outskirts of the large open area where Sienna's book is.

Credit for finding this location goes to Typical Elf Player who persisted after the secret was found to find Victor's book.

Once you are all in position and the effect is around all of you then check the statue. It should have an effect over the top of it. Everyone needs to interact with this statue before moving to the next step.

This part below here is just my train of thought after Yearlink and I confirmed the first book for the guide.

The most logical assumption I can think of at this point is to find the other 3 or 4 books, one that only each individual character can see like kerillian and her book. This has now been confirmed.
Step 7: Into the Void
With all of this done, a portal should appear in the middle of the room.

Picture courtesy of ZayLify
Simply make the jump and you will enter the level. If you all miss the jump and die, then the uninstall button is your next step. Otherwise congradulations! You've now reached the level. That's right, reached. To unlock it on your map you need to BEAT the level and it is an extremely difficult level. If you return to inn you must repeat the second statue onwards again.

Thank you for reading this guide, I hope it helped you complete the puzzle as much as it did us when we were still figuring it out. I'd like to say that without people constantly messaging me with new information and possible leads, half of this guide wouldn't have been here in the first place. Here's to another secret level sometime in the future! Happy rat hunting!
Speculation on Further Steps - History
I'm just keeping this for historical sake, to show my thought patterns during solving the puzzle.

4 skulls appeared when the statue was placed in the second location. As this was done on hard it might mean that doing it on nightmare or cataclysm will result in something different. The reasoning behind this is that the symbol for hard is 3 skulls, for nightmare 4 skulls and for cataclysm 5 skulls.

There's likely another statue location as well and perhaps even another statue location. This means that there is also more switches to press or hidden doors to find.

It will also likely require all four players to complete the secret triggers so it would be best when testing to have all 4 slots filled with players.

Another excellent point spotted was that the particle effects produced from placing the second statue are the same as the effects in the ward room when the event triggers.

Another update has been released from the devs with a hint saying "Knowledge is King"

One thing we can check for is a painting with a king on it as there are many in that area, especially the square room with lots of stairs near the second tome. Someone should check the paintings after placing the statue.

Update to this, I found two things that relate to a king on the map, however I was unable to place the statue as I don't have the people for it.

The first is a carriage at the start of the level. It has a crowned skull on it, matching both the skulls placed around the statue and the twitter clue. It is possible to jump onto the top of the carriage so there might be something to grab after triggering the second statue location.

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ScienceDiscoverer Nov 25, 2020 @ 8:03am 
This achievement is possible to do with just 2 players. We found out that you don't actually need to be alive on the spot of book. You can stand on it, wait until it activates, than suicide and it will still be active! 2nd player than can just pick you up after respawn, and you can repeat this with 2nd book. After that just stand on 2 remaining books and statue will activate. Maybe you can add this to this guide! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAEOLBz_jRA
Arkendight Oct 12, 2020 @ 6:23am 
This is amazing. Thank you for your investigation!
VernonKun Oct 2, 2020 @ 4:23am 
From my experience in the last few runs, the order to stand on books is Saltzpyre -> Sienna -> Bardin -> Kerillian -> Kruber.
VernonKun Aug 29, 2020 @ 10:44am 
BTW if the host has the achievement on cata, then the team doesn't need to repeat step 1. It is probably the case if the host did step 1 before but I didn't experiment on it.
COD MC Jul 4, 2020 @ 9:32am 
VernonKun Mar 18, 2020 @ 8:16pm 
It is not mentioned in the guide. All the players have to stand on their books at the same time, so it is suggested that one of the players do the count down (mic or chat messages).
Nocturnal Pie  [author] Apr 4, 2018 @ 2:00am 
@Zermerus sorry I don't have a photo, however you don't actually need to be Saltzpyre to activate the Saltzpyre book and so forth, so just follow the other four with pictures and it should be fine. You just need 4 of the books activated at once, it just means the book itself is invisible if you aren't the correct character.
Zermerus Apr 4, 2018 @ 1:04am 
Could you clarify more on Victor's book or a photo? I couldn't figure it out at all based on what was written.
uhryab Dec 2, 2017 @ 1:25am 
Nocturnal Pie  [author] Sep 22, 2017 @ 10:47pm 
Nah, I just left that all there to show what we were thinking at the time. Consider it bonus stuff.