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Newcomers Be Ambitious! Tips for New Battleborn Players (2017)
By Kaede[x00]
A manicured guide to bring attention to some of the early facets of building a Battleborn account -- including pitfalls and errors that could negatively impact your introduction to the game. Community links & Battleborn resources are also included!
Introduction to the Guide

First off, welcome to BATTLEBORN -- an FPS with MOBA-style objectives that is steeped in controversy, angst, enthusiasm, and loyalty! Launched in the Summer of 2016, Battleborn has faced both criticism and praise from the gaming community. While some players adore it for its colorful design concepts and narrative, others condemn it for its struggling matchmaking system and (arguably) inconsistent balance changes.

The Battleborn of today has changed considerably from the Battleborn at launch -- perhaps most significantly after the release of the "Free Trial" version -- but most of the core mechanics remain the same. Several of the guides and resources created by the community have been updated to reflect the changes, but some have not -- so, if something does not seem to match with your in-game experience, I'd recommend you check the dates on the guides -- or ask for clarification on the Steam Discussion Board, the Official Gearbox Forums, or the Battleborn Discord channel.

My goal with this guide is to shine a light on specific, up-to-date details in Battleborn that will help a new player acclimate to the game's mechanics quickly -- and, hopefully, to avoid rare (but stressful) criticism from the most critical of Battleborn players. There are topics that I will intentionally avoid -- such as advanced PVP tactics (meta) and gear combinations. There are a multitude of in-depth guides available both on Steam and the Battleborn Forums that can help you hone your skills.

Be sure to check the final section for links to some of my favorite Battleborn resources -- as well as information on how to join the sinfully-helpful Unofficial Battleborn Discord.

Lastly, if something in this guide is incorrect, feel free to leave a comment (or message me directly through Reddit or the Battleborn Discord) to alert me to the error; since accuracy is my goal, I'll have it corrected ASAP. If you disagree with my assessment on one (or more) topic(s), I'm also more than willing to discuss it -- so long as we can remain civil and mature in our debate. I'm not at all averse to altering sections to reflect other players' opinions beside my own! And, if you're happy with the guide and would like to show your appreciation, click the thumb's-up icon at the top marked "Rate"! The more ratings that the guide receives, the easier it will be for new players to find it.

Good luck, and thank you for reading!
#01: Clarifying Retail Versions + DLC
With the release of the "Free Trial" version of Battleborn, some newcomers have expressed confusion when researching how to upgrade to the full version of the game. This section will attempt to clarify the versions of Battleborn that have been released -- including the versions that are still available -- and will outline the content included in the Season Pass.

As far as I understand, regardless of how you upgrade your game, you will not only retain any progress you've made in the "Free Trial" (towards Command Rank, Gear, etc.), but you will be refunded the full amount of credits you've previously spent to unlock a character from the roster, as well!

Retail Versions of Battleborn:
  • Firstborn Pack. (Possibly Still Available via Secondary Key Sellers.) This was the pre-order bonus for Battleborn that could be obtained by reserving the game either digitally (on Steam, PS4, or Xbox One) or at a local retailer for a physical copy. It unlocked golden character skins for Thorn, Reyna, Montana, Marquis, and Rath, but it did not include the Season Pass or any additional content.

  • Digital Deluxe Edition. (Still Available via GameStop, Amazon, Newegg, etc.) A version of Battleborn that was offered at launch (and included the Firstborn Pack, if pre-ordered). It can still be purchased at this time. This version does not include a physical copy of the game. The Digital Deluxe Edition unlocks:

    • A fully-upgraded copy of Battleborn.
    • The Season Pass (which unlocks all five DLC characters and all five Operations).
    • Taunts for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe, and Orendi (only unlockable with this version).
    • “Cyber” character skins for Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Phoebe, and Orendi (only unlockable with this version).
    • Three Legendary Gear packs.
    • A golden pedestal beneath your Battleborn on the character select screen.
    • A golden Battleborn logo (with the title "Digital Deluxe Edition") on the title screen.

    The Digital Deluxe Edition is not currently available on Steam. If a player has already purchased the base game and wishes to unlock the additional content, a product key can be successfully redeemed atop your current copy of the game (and the skins, taunts, packs, and other bonuses you did not previously own will be added to your account). However, you will not be granted a second copy of the game or the Season Pass to share with another person; those will simply be lost when you redeem the all-inclusive code on an account that already owns both.

  • Steam Full-Upgrade Version. (Available on PC.) The listing on Battleborn's store page -- currently priced at $29.99 USD -- will take the game from the "Free Trial" version and upgrade it to the standard game. This will automatically unlock all 25 original Battleborn heroes, and it will grant you access to the Story Mode and full Versus modes.

    However, this version does not include any of the DLC content, nor does not grant you the Season Pass. There are currently no means available to unlock the Season Pass through Steam. Without a product key for either it or the Digital Deluxe Edition (purchased via online or local retailer), the DLC Story Operations can only be unlocked through the in-game Marketplace (either individually or as a bundle) by purchasing Platinum currency. The DLC characters, however, can still be purchased with Credits (as well as with Platinum).

Season Pass (DLC Content):
The Season Pass for Battleborn grants you the following bonuses:

(Following the release of the fifth DLC Operation, Gearbox has made no further announcements about additional DLC content.)

Important Note: Some users have reported issues with redeeming a Season Pass or Digital Deluxe Edition key on Steam. If you do not receive access to the DLC Battleborn/Ops following key redemption, contact 2K or Gearbox Software Support immediately -- and they should sort it out for you. Links to both are in Section #07 of this guide.
#02: Glossary of Basic Terms & Topics
Command Menu & Battleborn:
  • Command Rank. This is your overall ranking that measures the amount of experience and success you've accumulated in the game. Command XP is awarded through the completion of Story Mode (Episodes), Operations, Bots Battle, and Versus matches, and large bonuses can be obtained by completing a wide range of ranked "challenges" (which can be found listed under the "Career" heading in the Command Menu). Command Rank does not offer you any stat bonuses or priority in combat, although it does reward you periodically with free Loot Packs and player titles as you gain levels.

    The maximum Command Rank level that can be achieved is 150. Players participating in the "Free Trial" are not allowed to access Story Mode (regardless of rank) and are restricted to novice PVP queues until a Command Rank of 20 is achieved.

  • Helix. The skill tree that unlocks progressively as you gain levels in combat. During a match, each Battleborn can reach a maximum level of 10 -- allowing up to ten total enhancements to your character. Some helix choices work well together, and some do not. There are a multitude of guides that explain the pros and cons of every helix option; I will leave it those guides and to you, the player, to dictate the choices that suit your desired play style!

  • Mutations. On each Battleborn's helix, there are five "mutations" that are initially locked. These mutations add additional options throughout the skill tree -- meaning that certain levels will present you with three options instead of two. Mutations are universally unlocked at Character Ranks 3, 5, 7, 9 & 12. Some "Lore Challenges" require a mutation to be unlocked before progress can be made towards completing it.

  • Lore (Challenges & Specific Gear). Each Battleborn is given a set of five "Lore Challenges" that encourage you to explore their skillsets. The requirements to complete these challenges can be found under each individual character's heading in the Command Menu. If you complete a single challenge, a piece of character-specific text/dialogue can be viewed by clicking on the completed block; each character has one skin and one taunt that can be unlocked via Lore Challenges, as well. Completing all five challenges will automatically drop the character's lore-specific Legendary Gear into your inventory -- which grants a unique enhancement to that Battleborn only. Lore-specific Legendary Gear cannot be sold.

  • Gear. Equippable items that enhance (or diminish) your Battleborn's stats -- brought with you into both PVE & PVP battles and activated with shards. Gear ranges from Common (White, low shard cost) to Legendary (Gold/Orange, high shard cost), and some levels of gear have prerequisite conditions that must be met for a boost to temporarily kick in -- such as killing a minion or destroying a buildable structure. Gear is randomly dropped from enemies, bosses, and chests in Story Mode; it can also be obtained by opening Loot Packs.

  • Gear Loadouts (Command Rank 3 Required). A pre-assigned group of up to three pieces of gear. Gear Loadouts can be created in the Command Menu (under the "Gear" tab) with a total of 35 loadouts available to purchase. You cannot put two of the same type of gear into a single loadout (regardless of rarity); however (with a few exceptions), all statistics are multiplicative (for percentages) and cumulative (for whole numbers) across a loadout, so primary and secondary buffs will be combined (as will debuffs). For example:

    Total Stat Bonus: +15.06% Attack Damage, +8.40% Attack Speed, and -140 Maximum Health.

  • Loot Packs. A pack containing several pieces of randomly-generated gear. Loot packs have changed significantly since the launch of Battleborn -- in name, price, and availability. Hovering over a pack will reveal the quantity and rarity of the gear pieces that will be generated. Certain types of packs can also contain a character-specific skin or taunt.

Types of Currency:
  • Credits. This is the farmable, free currency of Battleborn; it is awarded through the completion of Story Mode (Episodes), Operations, Bots Battle, and Versus matches -- and by selling unwanted pieces of gear. Credits can be used to purchase Gear Bank (Inventory) space, Gear Loadouts, and most types of Loot Packs. In the "Free Trial" version, this currency can be used to unlock the original 25 Battleborn heroes (for varying amounts); in both the "Free Trial" and full retail versions, the five DLC Battleborn characters can also be unlocked for 47,500 Credits each.

  • Platinum. This is the paid currency of Battleborn. Platinum can be used to purchase anything that can be bought with credits, but it is the only currency that is allowed to purchase [Premium] Skins & Taunts, Loot/XP Boosters, Magnus Loot Packs, and DLC Operations (PVE). Platinum is available through the Marketplace and is sold in stock amounts (from 230-23,000 Platinum), but small amounts (from 4-32 Platinum) are awarded to users via Daily Quests for free. The retail cost/value is as follows:

    • 230 Platinum = $1.99 USD
    • 700 Platinum = $4.99 USD
    • 1,625 Platinum = $9.99 USD
    • 3,500 Platinum = $19.99 USD
    • 9,300 Platinum = $49.99 USD
    • 23,000 Platinum = $99.99 USD

  • Shards. Shards are a third type of currency -- accumulated solely within matches. Shards are not carried with you outside of combat. They are used to activate your assigned gear loadout and to build (or enhance) environment objects (such as turrets, accelerators, supply stations, and MX.Elite Bots) throughout the game; in some Story Episodes, you will often be required to spend shards to advance the mission objectives, as well. Shards will appear in stages as yellow clusters embedded in the ground; running over them will add them to your purse. Larger shards (with dedicated life bars) will spawn in PVP & PVE modes; attacking them will cause them to break apart into smaller shards -- which can then be picked up when in close proximity to the fallen pieces. Lastly, all minions will drop shards upon their death.

    Shards can also be automatically generated through a specific type of gear -- commonly referred to as "Shard Generators" (pictured below).

Battleborn Abbreviations:
  • PVE. Stands for "Player Versus Environment". The Story Mode, DLC Operations, and Bots Battle are referred to as PVE -- as you are facing AI-controlled enemies and Battleborn in these modes. These are sometimes also referred to as "cooperative campaigns".

  • PVP. Stands for "Player Versus Player". The Versus modes in which you face other Steam users are referred to as PVP. These modes are competitive.

  • CC. Stands for "Crowd Control". This refers to any type of skill or attack that stuns, binds (or bubbles), pulls, knocks up (or back), slows, silences, or blinds an enemy. (Characters known for their strong CC skills are Galilea, Alani, Kelvin, Montana, and Rath.)

  • AoE. Stands for "Area of Effect". Skills with AoE effects deal damage to a wide area around a target -- rather than a single point. This is great for cleaning minion waves! (Characters with AoE skills include Orendi, Thorn, and Oscar Mike.)

  • Ult. Shortened term for "Ultimate". During combat, Battleborn heroes unlock an ultimate skill at Level 5. Every ultimate skill is different -- but all of them offer a massive tactical advantage!
#03: PVE v. PVP! Where To Go First?
Upon your initial launch into Battleborn, you will be asked to complete the The Prologue stage -- which will reward you with your first taste of XP & Credits upon completion. You will not be able to choose your Battleborn for this stage; you are automatically assigned the Eldrid Battleborn Mellka. Once you complete The Prologue, you are then faced with your options (assuming you own the retail game):
  • PVE = Story Mode, Operations (DLC), & Bots Battle.
  • PVP = Versus Mode (Quick Match & Supercharge).
Note: Since it does not give you access to Story Mode, the "Free Trial" version of the game requires players to complete a "Versus Prologue" before gaining access to the PVP multiplayer queues, and you will only be allowed access to novice Versus queues until you reach Command Rank 20. As of Battleplan #55 (August 17th, 2017), "Free Trial" players can participate in the full PVE Bots Battle queue regardless of their Command Rank level.

To be quite frank, a new player's time is best spent in relatively calm waters. To be extra frank, the current playerbase does not offer you much choice in this matter. Dedicated PVP queues (like Quick Match) are relatively quiet and have limited peak hours in which to find players; also, should you find a match, you may find yourself facing off against veteran players who won't offer you much opportunity to learn your chosen Battleborn. Therefore, I offer two recommendations for your earliest hours:

Whether you own the full game (or are thinking of upgrading), I'm going to outline some of the benefits of spending dedicated time in this PVE setting. While Story Mode is not always a walk in the park, it is your best option for accumulating early pieces of gear and a decent amount of XP/Credits. Gear of every color has its use in this game; debuffed common gear, in particular (which is white in color and has a shard cost of "0"), has a very strong place in PVP settings, and it is dropped by bosses and enemies alike (or can randomly appear in chests). Gear will be absolutely integral when you choose to enter the competitive realm of Battleborn, so gathering and familiarizing yourself with it is a high priority.

Some Additional Info. about Story Mode: Story missions will scale in difficulty based upon the number of Battleborn banded together during a match -- which can be anywhere from one to five players. With more players in combat, the enemies will see an increase to their HP and the damage they deal. However, just as the mission difficulty increases with a stacked team, you will also be given some relief should you choose to play alone. When playing solo in both Story Mode and the DLC Operations...
  • Your Battleborn's skill cool-downs will be reduced (with the current exception of Kleese) -- allowing you to activate them more frequently in combat;
  • Certain Battleborn (such as Miko and Alani) will also be buffed slightly to better defend against the enemy hordes;
  • Battleborn whose skills typically rely on targeting other players (such as Reyna) are allowed to use their skills without a surrounding teammate.
Whichever way you choose to enter Story Mode -- whether with a team or by yourself -- is up to you. Even if you should fail the mission, you will retain any gear/credits gained up to the point of death, so don't get too discouraged! Lastly, I would recommend you initially avoid the Hardcore & Advanced difficulties and concentrate on collecting the gear available in Normal (which includes some useful legendaries); once you are more familiar with the game and/or have a team of friends to fight alongside you, you can forge your way into Advanced for rarer gear and larger rewards.

Although Bots Battle is listed under "Versus Public", it is not technically a form of PVP since you are not competing directly against other players. This mode requires five players in a lobby to initiate. You can create a lobby and invite friends, or you can find them through the public matchmaking system -- or you can do both (by gathering friends in a lobby then jumping into the queues to fill the remaining spots with public players). Once five players are matched or invited, you will be allowed to choose from three randomly-generated Versus modes/maps -- followed by selecting your hero. The game will then choose an opposing team of five AI-controlled Battleborn, and you will play out the match against them. After the match is over, if all five of your teammates remain in the lobby, then another Bots Battle will begin after approx. 30 seconds.

This mode is a great way to familiarize yourself with skill trees, gear combinations, and PVP maps -- and it is a safe place to practice team coordination tactics during PVP-style gameplay, as well. While this mode will not reward you directly with any gear, it will allow you to...
  • Complete many of the Lore Challenges -- especially ones that rely on playing with other Battleborn characters (which veteran players are often willing to help with if you ask);
  • Accumulate XP/Credits (for both your Command Rank and Character Ranks) which will, in turn, unlock free Loot Packs, mutations, and character skins/taunts;
  • Complete Daily Quests (for Platinum) which can be used to purchase XP/Loot Boosters and further increase your net gains.
Bots Battle also has a slightly more populated queue, and matches are relatively easier to find (when compared to the current public queues). Lastly, this is a great place to meet/befriend both new and veteran players alike! Speak up. Talk about the game. Ask questions, if you like. And find like-minded players to band together with!

Final Thoughts:
Now, mind you, these are simply my suggestions based upon the current ecosystem of the game. These two modes, in my opinion, will be the most forgiving -- and will net you the most significant rewards (versus time spent) while you learn the game's mechanics. You are more than welcome to jump into the competitive modes right away; in fact, those queues need players, so the sooner you feel ready to join -- the better! Some tips regarding PVP will be touched on in Section #06 of this guide. Keep in mind, however, that losing a match rewards you with less XP/Credits than winning one -- which can sting when you've been queued up for a long time!

Also, the Battleborn wikia has fairly accurate pages for the standard game modes available in Bots Battle (and Public Versus). Since I felt as though I couldn't improve upon them, I decided to simply link them here:
There are Steam users looking for teammates to play Story Mode and Bots Battle on the Unofficial Battleborn Discord! See Section #07 of this guide for information on how to join!
#04-A: Gear (1/4). Don't Waste Shards!
As mentioned in the glossary, the next four sections are going to expand upon the concept of gear and point out some commonly-missed aspects of the system.

Wasting Shards on Improper Gear:
There are two major pitfalls that new players seem to commonly miss when choosing their gear loadouts. The first comes from the inaccurate belief that "higher cost = more effective"! Many players equip a piece of Legendary Gear and believe that it will offer all of the Battleborn heroes an advantage in combat; this is not always the case! Some pieces of gear will offer little or no benefit to a specific character due to the conditions required to trigger them. For example:

The piece of gear pictured above is called the "Talon of the Hawk". It offers a buff to both attack speed and maximum health -- which is good but, as you can see ...

... those stats can also be found on the "Stout Aelfrin Warblade" (on the left) or the "Fortifying Aelfrin Warblade" (on the right) at a lesser activation cost. What gives the "Talon of the Hawk" its legendary rating is the addition of the third attribute: "Gain 5.46% Attack Damage for 3 seconds after being airborne for more than 1.5 seconds."

While the "Talon of the Hawk" could work well for a character such as Benedict (who has the option to glide through the air for far longer than 1.5 seconds), the additional attack buff won't activate consistently for a grounded character such as Oscar Mike or Rath. Therefore, you could be paying 1470 shards for a piece of gear that offers you the same attack speed & maximum health benefits as one that costs 714 or 1050. Those shards unnecessarily spent could have gone towards a buildable structure (such as a shock turret or supply station) -- or could have helped your teammate to activate their own gear!

This is why Battleborn allows you the option of creating multiple Gear Loadouts -- and asks you to choose your loadout before each match! By giving yourself a wide variety of options, you can choose a loadout that (a.) benefits the character you're bringing into battle, and (b.) efficiently budgets the shards you've gathered in the midst of combat.

Ask Questions, or Stalk Other Battleborn:
If you're not sure whether a piece of gear will hurt or hinder a character, the veteran community is all-too-eager to assist you with your questions! You can also view the Gear Loadouts of all allied and enemy Battleborn after a match; navigate to the "Match History" option on the title screen, click on the match you'd like to view, and press "E" on your keyboard (or "X" on a gamepad) to expand a person's loadout. By asking questions and seeing what other players are equipping, you'll get a better sense of how to make the most of your shards.
#04-B: Gear (2/4). Watch the Debuffs!
Whereas the last section touched upon the temptation of activating an expensive piece of gear, this section explains why some gear is significantly cheaper -- and warns against crippling your Battleborn's stats too greatly.

Stacking Too Many Cheap Negatives:
Every piece of non-legendary gear has a counterpart that adds a debuff (i.e. a negative statistic in red text). For example:

Pictured above are two similar pieces of common gear. The one on the left -- the "Eldrid Bio-Weave" -- is your basic common body armor. It buffs your Maximum Health by +280, and it costs 420 shards to activate in battle. The one of the right, however, adds the prefix of "Drained"; in addition to buffing your health, it removes 42/sec. from your "Shield Recharge per Second" statistic -- but it also drops the cost to 0 shards. These debuffs are equally as important as the enhancements; some can be given to characters without consequence, and others can significantly affect a Battleborn's core strengths -- especially when stacked by multiple pieces of gear.

Case in Point: Both pieces of gear pictured above would benefit characters who may find themselves in tense skirmishes or tight spots (such as Boldur and Ghalt). However, Eldrid characters do not naturally generate a shield, so subtracting 42/sec. from Boldur's recharge rate does not affect him in the least (since his base shield stat is always "0"). Ghalt, on the other hand (like most tanks), would suffer in battle should his shield not recharge at its normal rate. Hampering the strength of his shield may not be something you'd want!

Just as a high-cost piece of Legendary Gear can be tempting, so can a low-cost piece. However, pay attention to those debuffs! If you find yourself relying on a certain statistic, don't subtract from it. Once again, when in doubt, ask (or test your gear before bringing it into mortal combat). The game has been around for over a year, and much of it has been thoroughly tested by the community!

Shield Debuff Stats & The Eldrid:
For Eldrid Battleborn, the removal of "Maximum Shield Strength" will temporarily affect the displayed value of overshields applied from allied sources (such as Reyna and M3.Shepherds). For example, an allied M3.Shepherd will grant +450 Overshield to nearby Battleborn; if you activate two pieces of debuffed gear (for a total of -280 Maximum Shield Strength), you will only see an overshield of +170 initially displayed. However, after a short period of time (which seems to coincide with your "Shield Recharge Delay" statistic), your overshield value will jump to a higher amount. Also, if your debuffed gear drops the value of a possible overshield below "0", the initial display will be blank -- but it will still correct itself after a few moments. (Tested on 07/16/17.)

If you frequently make use of overshields in combat, then you may want to avoid bringing this debuff (since it does seem a bit tempermental despite not affecting the actual value). However, if you do not mind the visual glitch, then you'll save shards on Eldrid character loadouts with these pieces of gear. Debuffs for "Shield Recharge per Second" and "Shield Recharge Delay" have no affect on the Eldrid, however, since overshields do not recharge.

Skill-Based Case: Boldur's first-helix choice grants him an overshield upon hitting an enemy with his skill "Boldur Dash". In this case, while the overshield seems to glitch and improperly displays its value (similar to those applied from allied sources), it appears to give you the full +225 bonus (even with two pieces of debuff gear activated). (Tested on 07/14/17 by forum user khimerakiller.)

Multiple Debuffs of the Same Statistic:
In general, there are some debuffs you want to avoid for all Battleborn (such as Movement Speed, Maximum Health, and Damage Reduction). However, below are a few examples of Battleborn that markedly suffer from stacking multiple pieces of gear with the same negative statistic:
  • Alani, Ambra, Miko, Kid Ultra, & Reyna: Avoid gear that subtracts Heal Power, Movement Speed, or Sprint Speed. You want your support to move nimbly and heal quickly.

  • Shane & Aurox, ISIC, Ghalt, Montana, & Galilea: Avoid gear that removes Maximum Shield Strength, Shield Recharge (Speed or Delay), Maximum Health, and Damage Reduction. You want your tanks to have plenty of shield strength and health to soak up damage, and you don't want them to take more than necessary.

  • Deande & Pendles: Avoid gear that negates Movement Speed or Sprint Speed. You want your assassins to stay agile and be able to get in (and out) efficiently.

  • Orendi, Thorn, Ambra, Alani, & Miko: Avoid gear that reduces Skill Damage. The first two deal a great deal of damage to enemies via their skills; as for the remaining three, skills that involve healing are affected by gear that buffs or debuffs skill damage -- which will increase or reduce the amount of skill-based healing they produce (respectively).

  • Most Ranged Battleborn (Oscar Mike, Montana, Whiskey Foxtrot, Marquis, Reyna, Ghalt, Caldarius, Mellka, Beatrix, Kid Ultra, Ernest, & Benedict): Avoid gear that subtracts Attack Speed, Reload Speed, and Recoil Reduction. In most cases, you want your range-based characters spitting out bullets (or grenades, rockets, etc.) accurately and without prolonged interruption.
#04-C: Gear (3/4). Pieces to Keep!
Early in your career, you're going to get slammed with a lot of gear. The vast majority, I'm sad to say, is fodder, but some is worth saving. Below are pieces of gear that, should they come into your hands, I recommend you keep. But, first, some basic information:
  • 0-Cost Gear. Although I'll mention shard generators below, a lot of 0-cost gear is worth keeping in your inventory. Capture matches (which are currently only available in Bots Battle & Versus Private) are fast-paced and do not offer many opportunities to farm shards. A cheap Gear Loadout is often better to bring into these matches than an expensive one. As always, be mindful of your debuffs.

  • Gear Calculations. As previously stated, combined gear statistics are multiplicative (for percentages) and cumulative (for whole numbers). On a single piece of gear, however, bonuses are added together (including percentages) before being multiplied with the other activated pieces. (Some special cases exist.)

  • Gear Rarity. The order of rarity, from lowest to highest, is: Common (White), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Orange/Gold). Uncommon & Rare pieces will always have a conditional on the secondary buff, and Rare gear will always grant two of the same statistical bonus (e.g. Attack Speed + Attack Speed).

0-Cost Shard Generators (UPR, Jennerit, LLC, & Rogue):

There are four common 0-cost shard generators in the game; I've personally used the upper two the most, but all four are good to keep for the sake of flexibility. Now, "+2.10 Bonus Shards per Second" may not seem like a lot, but consider it instead as "+126 Bonus Shards per Minute"; with the generator alone, you'll be able to activate a debuffed rare piece (630 shards) in 5 minutes or a perfect epic piece (1050 shards) in ~8.5 minutes -- and you can even find yourself able to activate legendaries without having to frequently duck out of combat. Lastly, a surplus of shards can be used to build MX.Elite Bots and turrets which, in many cases, can tip the scales in your team's favor.

Note: Any players who purchased the standard game prior to June 6th (2017) were awarded "Founder Status" and gifted with a unique Legendary Loot Pack. Upon opening this pack, a piece of Legendary Gear titled the "Shard of Solus" would appear; this is the only other 0-cost shard generator in the game. It has no debuffs and generates "+1.80 Bonus Shards per Second". If you purchased the game before 06/06/17 (but have not yet logged in), you can still claim your prize by contacting Gearbox Support if the bonuses do not appear.

Three-Minute Survival Gear (Eldrid):

An increasingly popular type of gear in PVP, these items apply a secondary statistical bonus to your character if you manage to stay alive for more than 180 seconds (starting from the point of activation). If you die, the timer restarts once you've successfully respawned. The debuffed gear above is helpful on Eldrid Battleborn in particular because they do not naturally generate a shield (although subtracting Maximum Shield Strength will temporarily affect the displayed value of overshields due to a "glitch"; see Section #04-B for more information regarding Eldrid shields and debuffs). However, non-debuffed versions are still an affordable option for all Battleborn factions.

Shield Depletion Armor & Health (LLC):

By many players' standards, this is considered the best +Maximum Health gear in the game for Non-Eldrid Battleborn (or Eldrid characters wearing an additional piece of "+Maximum Shield Strength" gear). Every time your shield is completely depleted, you will see an additional +210 instantly added to your health; in addition, your shield does not have to fully recharge to see this bonus added! Once your shield begins to recharge, the health will disappear. However, if your health is less than "210" at the time your shield begins to recharge, the value will drop to "1" -- saving your buns and allowing you the chance to teleport back to your base. There is a "Rusted" debuffed version of this gear that subtracts Sprint Speed (also pictured above), but the standard version is preferable -- as Sprint Speed is important to all Battleborn characters.

Additional Note: If, when your shield begins to recharge, your health is exactly "210", the displayed value will actually drop to "0" -- but it still will not kill you. (Special thanks to NatsumeRyu and Kitru for clarifying and contributing to this section.)

Epic Offense + Defense Gear (Jennerit & Eldrid):

These particular pieces are universally strong because they provide a valuable benefit to most (though not all) Battleborn. By activating gear that buffs both offensive and defensive statistics, you will increase your survivability while also enhancing your damage output. As a small aside: +Attack Damage actually increases the strength of Miko's healing beam, making the "Fortifying Ekkuni Wristguard" and the "Enraging Cellular Condenser" practical additions to his gear loadouts.
#04-D: Gear (4/4). Helpful Legendaries!
The last section was devoted to low-rarity gear that you'll have an easier time of finding in your early hours. Below are some pieces of Legendary Gear that are helpful in both PVE and PVP settings! Some of these pieces are currently popular in the community; some are pieces that I found myself using often as I was learning the game.

Helpful Legendary Gear for New Players:

  • Firmware Update 1.51C. This is a good piece of gear for Battleborn who use their skills frequently -- like Orendi, Reyna, or Kelvin. If you employ this piece in PVE & PVP settings, you'll likely be able to activate your skills more often (depending on your luck). Drops off of Geoff (mid-boss of Episode 1: The Algorithm) on any difficulty, or from Oscar Mike VS the Battle School (DLC Operation).

  • Bola's Target Finder. Characters like Orendi and Thorn can tap an enemy with their skills and dump an additional +12.60% amount of skill damage (including their ultimate skill) on that player for the next 10 seconds; as a new player, it could go a long way in helping you to keep up with the fight around you. Drops off of Supervisor Antem (mid-boss of Episode 6: The Experiment) on Advanced.

  • Voxis Core. Currently a highly-controversial item (for experienced players), this will deal +15% damage to enemies that are near the target of your skills. This piece of gear works with ultimates, as well, which is part of why it's banned in polite matchmaking. Characters with high-damage skills -- like Thorn, Marquis, Orendi, and Oscar Mike -- become deadlier with this gear equipped. Voxis Core is randomly generated from Loot Packs (but has the highest chance of appearing in Legendary, Core, and Jennerit Faction & Commander Packs).

  • Poor "M-Pulse" Controller. Once active, any enemy that you attack will explode (upon death) and deal 67 damage to enemies in close proximity. If you find yourself falling back to minion duty, this can help you clear waves with Battleborn who may not specifically be good at that job. In addition, this gear can sometimes kill a weakened Battleborn, or it can tap a small amount of damage into a player who subsequently dies to another of your teammates -- granting you an assist. This legendary is also useful in Story Mode for clearing spawns of small minions (like varelsi). Drops off of the Galactic Emperor (mid-boss of Episode 1: The Algorithm) on any difficulty.

  • Symbiotic Gauntlet. Essentially the legendary version of the "Fortifying Ekkuni Wristguard", this piece scales additional Attack Damage depending on how much health you have remaining. Similar to it's epic-level counterpart, this is a solid and useful addition to anyone's inventory. Also, because Attack Damage affects Miko's healing beam, this piece is unexpectedly strong for the mushroom-capped Eldrid healer! Drops off of Guardian Arc (mid-boss of Episode 5: The Sentinel) on any difficulty.

  • Symbiotic Spores. This is a strong piece of gear for die-hard support Battleborn like Miko. Boosting the Healing Received stat of nearby Battleborn effectively boosts your heal power overall; for a healer that is constantly going to be in close proximity to the team, this gear provides a consistent enhancement to their support abilities. Drops off of the Varelsi Conservator (final boss of Episode 6: The Experiment) on any difficulty.

Legendary Gear Conclusion:
In general, it's good to keep any piece of Legendary Gear that you find! Since the game has launched, the strength and statistics of many pieces have been altered. Some have been made weaker (or, perhaps, more fair in PVP settings) and some have risen from the depths of mediocrity to find their place in many loadouts. In any case, Legendary Gear can be quite fun to test, so I recommend keeping one of every piece you find in your inventory.
#05: PVP/Bots Minions (Info.+Crits)
Throughout the game, you'll come across a variety of enemies to sink your proverbial teeth into (or swords, bullets, hellfire -- whatever your choice of weapon). This section will focus on the minions that spawn on Incursion and Meltdown maps (PVE & PVP).

M1.Blade Bot & M1.Gun Bot. (Low to Medium Priority)
  • Description: Waves of these bots (accompanied by MX.Striker and M3.Shepherd bots) will walk a predesignated path through Incursion & Meltdown maps. When faced with an enemy, they will fire small projectiles (from afar) or attack with their bladed arms (at close range). Once they reach the sentry in Incursion, M1 bots will remain stationary and rapidly drain the sentry's shield; once they reach a grinder in Meltdown, they will jump inside and generate points on their team's scoreboard. Therefore, the closer M1 bots are to their goal, the higher the priority they are to kill.

  • Critical Spot: All M1-rated bots have a critical point in the center of their chest -- where the light glows. Also, since they travel in tight formation, AoE damage-based skills are a keen way to do damage to these types of minions.

MX.Striker Bot. (Medium Priority)
  • Description: MX.Striker bots are recognizable as having a more humanoid body compared to most other minions. They come equipped with a rifle (which they will fire from afar), and they will melee-kick their enemies for close-range damage. MX.Striker bots do not spawn in Meltdown matches; during Incursion, they will escort the M1.Bot minion waves towards the sentry.

  • Critical Spot: These bots have a relatively obvious critical spot -- which is their head. They also have more HP than their smaller M1 companions, so they will likely still be standing after an AoE attack wipes the wave around them.

M3.Shepherd Bot. (Highest Priority)
  • Description: These types of bots will hover protectively behind minion waves in both Incursion & Meltdown PVP modes. During Incursion matches, they will alternate appearing with every other minion wave; during Meltdown matches, they will appear with every wave. Shepherds will also attack the opposing team with small projectile fire -- but their most significant act involves placing +450 Overshield around all nearby allied minions and Battleborn. Because of this, they are considered extremely high priority in PVP settings -- as they will do this repeatedly on a set timer. I repeat: Target them first.

  • Critical Spot: A shepherd has two critical spots -- one on either side of its body -- in the form of small, protruding orbs (jets) near the back of their chassis. You cannot deal critical damage to one, however, until it is stripped of its overshield.

MX.Elite Bot. (High Priority)
  • Description: MX.Elite bots do not spawn naturally. They must be purchased by a player for 800 shards in Incursion and Meltdown modes. These large bots have a significant amount of health. When left to their own devices, they will attack (and quickly wipe out) enemy minion waves traveling in the opposite direction. They will also target enemy Battleborn with both a high-rate of projectile fire and grenades.

  • Critical Spot: These bots have one of the harder critical spots to pin down. It is located on their back -- sometimes directly on the round, glowing exhaust port and sometimes on the illuminated power cell beneath (depending on the Battleborn you attack with). Since they turn slowly, a melee Battleborn character may have luck in repeatedly hitting it should they be able to circle the Mx.Elite Bot smoothly; ranged Battleborn (such as Marquis) are ideal for dealing with these large bots, as well. They can also be CC-ed for a temporary respite from their attacks.

M7.Sentry Bot. (Incursion Objective)
  • Description: These are the largest minion robotics enemies you'll face, and they are the main objective in Incursion matches. M7.Sentry Bots (and M7.Super Sentry Bots) are large, spider-like robots with glowing eyes and six appendages -- four large, armor-plated legs and two humanoid arms that rest on the ground (closer to their heads). They have a single, large energy-turret mounted high on their back and two railguns on either side of their neck, and they are protected by a domed shield. Do not linger too long in the M7.Sentry Bot's territory, though; once it turns its sights on you, it will attack from long range for significant damage (telegraphing its turret beam with a visible line), and melee characters will find themselves facing screen-shaking stomp attacks should they remain close for too long. They can, and will, kill you.

  • Critical Spot(s): The first (and most readily accessible) spot is on its face; the glowing "eyes" can be shot for extra damage, but the hit-box is relatively small and can be hard to pinpoint when the sentry is moving. However, the armored plates on each leg can be removed by damaging them, and the destroyed plates will reveal large, glowing critical areas that span nearly the full length of the appendages.

Outcast Thralls. (Incursion Only; High Priority)
  • Description: Thralls are the large, beast-like enemies that you face in PVE and PVP modes. However, only in Incursion can you hire them to do your bidding. Once they spawn on the map, you are able to engage them in combat; if you defeat them, you then stand on the pad and summon them back to life. They will march down the lane in your favor, killing minion waves in their path and, eventually, attacking the enemy sentry.

    Thrall Crushers, or "Back Thralls" (as they are sometimes referred to), lie closer to the teams' spawn bases and linger by themselves. They first spawn in at the 28:00 mark. They have four types of attacks they can perform with their dual-wielded blades:

    • At close range, they will swing or stab their sword, knocking you back slightly and dealing moderate damage;
    • From mid-range, they will slam their swords downward -- which will cause a shockwave to travel across the ground, knocking you (and anything nearby) into the air;
    • At long range, they will either throw one of their energized swords at you (which will temporarily slow your character's movement speed) or they will emit a battle roar and charge you with both swords electrified.

    Thrall Guards, or "Mid Thralls" (as they are often called), spawn as a pair near the center of map, and they will begin firing at you the second they perceive you as a threat -- hitting you with projectile fire and high-damage grenades. They carry large shields that will hamper your ability to damage them. They first spawn in at the 25:00 mark.

    Following the game's last patch, summoned Thrall will now engage enemy Battleborn on the way to their target, but players can still be caught in the cross-fire (including the shockwave CC) as the Thralls engage minion waves in the lanes and charge the sentry.

  • Critical Spot: It's very straight-forward. Their weak spots are their heads. Marquis is extremely talented at dropping Outcast Thralls.
#06-A: Entering PVP. Tips & Tricks!
Alright, this is it. You've increased your Command Rank. You've collected your Gear. And you've kissed your children good-bye found your favorite Battleborn. You're ready to try PVP -- which is exciting! Below are a few specific tips that primarily fall under the category of, "Things I Wish I'd Known."

There is quite a bit of minutiae in the meta discussion of this game, so don't expect this section (or the next) to cover everything. Be patient if you don't see something you consider wholly important. I may add it yet.

Essential + Random Knowledge:
  • Two Standard Modes (QM): Incursion[]& Meltdown[]

  • Communicating via Text Chat. In Battleborn, you can push "Y" on your keyboard to open a text line. Be careful, though, because this will lock your controls until you press "Enter" and close the chat. Avoiding doing this in the middle of combat.

  • Teleporting to Base. If your health is low and your healer is indisposed (i.e., dead or saving your team's tank), it's not always a good idea to remain in combat. To recall to your base's spawn, press "B" on your keyboard (or down on the D-pad for controllers). Your Battleborn will enter a pre-warp state; taking damage will pull you out of this state, so be sure you're in a safe place before you initiate the recall. After a few seconds, you'll warp back to your base, and your health will be instantly restored.

  • Hoarding Shards. Sharing is caring, and you should certainly care about whether the rest of your team can activate their gear (or purchase buildables). Unless given permission, try not to hog shards throughout the battle. The strongest teams spread the wealth amongst themselves.

  • Minions = XP & Levels. Killing Battleborn isn't always the fastest track to success. Minions are one of the largest and most reliable sources of XP in PVP, and you will want to use them to gain levels. Be mindful, however, because some advanced Battleborn (like Orendi and El Dragon) require minion kills to boost them to a helix level where they can keenly contribute to the team. Don't avoid minions, but try not to hog them, either.

  • Critical Hits & Shields. All enemy minions and Battleborn cannot be hit with critical damage unless stripped of their shield and/or overshield.

  • Primed Skills & CC. Some Battleborn require you to aim (or prime) their skill before firing (e.g. Ghalt's hook or Miko's spore). If you are hit with a CC-attack during this time, your skill will not fire and will immediately begin to cool down -- effectively stealing your ability to use it!

  • Attacker Battleborn & Minions. In a recent (2017) patch to the game, Battleborn who are listed as "Attackers" were given a new advantage! They deal increased damage to enemy minions, buildables, and sentries. If you like to be the one to make minions go "pop!", then take a look at the following Battleborn (with popular minion-killers bolded): Benedict, Caldarius, Deande, El Dragon, Marquis, Mellka, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Pendles, Phoebe, Rath, Thorn, and Whiskey Foxtrot.

  • Defender Battleborn & Minions. In the same patch that buffed the Attacker heroes (above), Battleborn who are listed as "Defenders" were also given an advantage. They now take reduced damage from enemy minions, buildables, and sentries. If you want to feel like the ultimate tank, then consider the following Battleborn (with popular damage-sponges bolded): Attikus, Boldur, Ernest, Galilea, Ghalt, ISIC, Kelvin, Montana, Shane & Aurox, and Toby.

Minions v. Battleborn? Who To Kill First:

Early in your Battleborn career, you may be tempted to go for all the kills. However, if every player on the team concentrates on trying to kill enemy Battleborn, minions and buildables could go unchecked -- and you may find yourself rapidly losing the objective.

The best thing a new player can do in the unfamiliar PVP setting is be conservative and helpful. Here are a few recommendations if, like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, you're not sure what to do with your hands:
  • Hang back just a smidge. Not taking damage is a discreet way to help your team. Feeding XP to an enemy by allowing them to kill you repeatedly can snowball the fight out of your control (as your opponents will out-level even your most skilled teammates).

  • Clear minion waves. This will help you to gain levels, first and foremost. It will also protect your sentry from taking damage (in Incursion) and will keep the scoreboard even (in Meltdown).

  • Focus on buildable structures. Build friendly turrets or supply stations, or destroy enemy turrets -- especially ones that lie near the center of the map where your teammates will be fighting. Pictured below: The thumper behind the first sentry on Overgrowth (left) is particularly nasty, as is the shock turret near the center of the map (right). It's good to drop both as soon as possible.

    Nice double kill there, Seiko!

  • Take out enemy Battleborn support skills. These items serve to make the enemy team stronger (offensively and defensively) as they push against you. If you see one within range, focus your fire on it; it will greatly aid in your team's ability to push back. (All destructible objects, with the exception of Kelvin's Ice Wall, are pictured below.)

    A note on Deande's clone: This is a bit of a special case that I'd like to touch upon. Deande has an ability in which she cloaks herself and spawns an AI-controlled clone. The only differences between the real Deande and her clone are its glowing red eyes and some subtle, red wisps around the model. Upon death (or timer expiration), the clone will explode and deal damage to nearby enemies. It can be helpful to kill a clone that is far away from combat, but use caution when killing one near your teammates -- especially if their health is low. It may be better to allow your allies to put distance between themselves and faux Deande before she a'splodes.

By focusing on the above tasks, you stand more of a chance of helping your team -- and veteran players -- keep control of the match. As you get a feel for the rhythm of PVP battles, you'll start to naturally understand when to dive and seal a kill. Until you get the hang of that, play smart and stay alive. I guarantee that it will teach you more about the game than constantly watching the respawn timer.

The Infamous Pre-Made Teams:
I'm not here to spread fear about the proverbial boogeyman, but the fact of the matter is that you will (at some point) come up against a team of five experienced players. It's inevitable. While many of the veteran players have universally agreed to allow newcomers the breathing room to flourish, others have not been as magnanimous. What I want to impart to you, our newcomers, is this:

Try not to get discouraged! You did not do anything wrong by losing a game against a stacked team. The vast majority of the Battleborn community wants you here. We want you to learn, and we want you to have fun while you discover the Battleborn that best suite your style. In short: we want you to stay. I encourage you to openly mingle with your peers; join the Discord and the forums, and bring your voice to the community and the developers. Above all else: have fun!
#06-B: PVP Team Compositions (Intro.)

A Light Introduction to an In-Depth Topic:
At the Character Select screen, your first instinct may be to choose the character you've played the most and are best at. This is good! I'm not going to necessarily discourage that. However, much of the battle begins at this screen, and the combination of Battleborn you bring into combat can either put you at a strong advantage or an ugly disadvantage. Generally speaking, the strongest teams are comprised of:
  • A quick, dedicated healer. Miko, Ambra, Kid Ultra, and Alani are popular in this role. Some healers have very strong synergy with tank-style Battleborn -- like Miko & Montana.

  • A tanky fighter (preferably with a strong CC). This is a character that can soak up damage and initiate skirmishes. Montana, Galilea, Ghalt, Boldur, Kelvin, and Shane/Aurox all work well here (to name a few).

  • A mid-/long-ranged shooter. Sometimes call the "poke" of a team, this person should keep the opposing team scared of coming out into the open and should help to finish weakened minions (or fleeing Battleborn). Oscar Mike, Marquis, Whiskey Foxtrot, Toby, and Caldarius all work well in this role.

  • An AoE minion-killer. Sometimes referred to as a "wave clear", players who take on this role will often prioritize killing minions above killing Battleborn. Their job is to keep the lanes clean, and to stop waves from reaching the sentry. In addition to their wave-clear capabilities, Battleborn who shine especially bright in this role tend to be capable of dealing burst damage to a single target, or they can provide damage follow-up after a skirmish. Orendi, Thorn, Ernest, and Benedict are all talented at murdering minions (as well as dealing burst and/or finishing damage).

  • A wild card. This last role can be changed depending on the strength of your composition and the experience of your teammates. An assassin (like Deande or Pendles) that can finish weakened enemies can work well here; you can also bring in a secondary support character (like Reyna or Kleese) to keep your team fat and happy. Another popular choice is to bring in a second (or third) CC-capable character to chain-lock an enemy into a stunned state. This final choice is the perfect time to look at the current composition and ask, "What could make this team even stronger?"
The best thing to do is communicate with your team. Tell them where you're experienced or inexperienced. Build your team together. Otherwise, you may end up with too many ranged characters that will tear like tissue paper when faced with the enemy tanks -- or too many tanks that don't have the proper healing support to keep them alive! Below is one example (out of many) of a balanced team (not taking enemy team into account):

And, for fun, here is an example of a potentially-disasterous composition:

All joking aside, in capable hands and with meticulous gear loadouts, this composition may not necessarily lose; it has two support characters, good wave clear capabilities, and several high-damage ultimates. However, without any strong CC-capable Battleborn (and an overabundance of low-health characters), it's likely that this team would be overwhelmed when faced with the team above them. To add further complication, Marquis and Orendi both have skills that can reveal cloaked Battleborn; with three characters that rely on stealth (Pendles, Oscar Mike, and Deande), the second team is at a severe disadvantage.

Picking Last! It Happens Sometimes:
There will be times, perhaps, where your teammates lock in their characters without considering your input -- leaving you in the awkward position of filling the composition yourself. While it is to your benefit to learn at least two classes (for cases such as this), you're not expected to master the entire roster in your first 100+ hours.

In any case, if this happens and you don't feel comfortable in the missing role, don't sweat it. It won't be perfect every time. Pick a character you enjoy, and let the game play out how it will! Or you can attempt to fill the void and try something new; sometimes it's better to have an inexperienced healer or long-range shooter than none at all, and you might find your spirit Battleborn without knowing it! (I would recommend leaving the tanking to an experienced player, though, since you can find yourself dying often in this role.)
#07: Discord Info. + Web Links

The "Unofficial" Battleborn Discord:
If you haven't tried Discord yet, I strongly suggest you give it a moment of your time. Discord is a lightweight, proprietary freeware VoIP application designed for gaming communities; if you were around for the days of it, think of it vaguely as ICQ + VoIP Chat. It's a wonderful way to avoid interruptions to voice chat sessions while gaming; even if you do not have a microphone, you can join a lobby and listen to the chatter during a match -- then use the associated text chat to share your thoughts.

The Battleborn Discord is moderated by dedicated fans of the game, and it is a venue in which you can find users who are currently looking to play Battleborn on all platforms (or ask others to join you). There are servers specifically designed for you to ask questions of the community, and the developers even stop by to share Prince Twizzle their thoughts with the players from time to time. In short, there are very few reasons NOT to join if you're looking to settle in and play Battleborn for a while!

To download Discord, visit their website HERE[].
To join the Battleborn Discord Channel, click HERE[].

Important Note: Upon joining the Battleborn Discord, the first thing you should do is navigate to the #open_lobby and introduce yourself to the mods. Tell them what platform(s) you play Battleborn on -- and be sure to mention whether you're an online streamer. They will then give you access to the full listing of servers that are applicable to you.

Battleborn & 2K Links:
  • Official Battleborn Website[]: The official page for Battleborn -- where you can find news (including Battleplans and patch notes), media, and links to community and support pages.

  • Gearbox (Developer) Support[]: A means of contacting Gearbox Software to report any issues you may be having with the game or purchased content.

  • 2K (Publisher) Support[]: Should Gearbox not be able to resolve your issue, you can consider contacting 2K directly, as well. Click "Submit a Request" to initiate a ticket.

Battleborn Community Resources:
  • Gearbox Forums: Battleborn[]: The official forums for the Battleborn community. This is a good place to ask questions, and many informative guides have been posted here by Battleborn enthusiasts.

  • Battleborn: A Beginner's Guide (Forum)[]: An awesome guide (by jacksfields) on the official forums that is also geared towards new players. You'll find some overlapping advice between this guide and the one I've linked, but it came before mine -- and is absolutely worth a read!

  • Lowlidev: Battleborn[]: An incredibly -- and I mean incredibly -- detailed database of Battleborn statistics, gear information, lore, drops, and more. I used this resource for all of the gear images in this guide.

  • Google+ Group for Battleborn[]: A budding community of Battleborn players (owned by Nanyayoksay)! If Google+ is your choice for communicating, consider joining the group and battling for Solus together!
About the Guide's Author
This Section Is Useless:

What are you doing here? Why would you be interested in a section like this? I've literally done nothing interesting for, like, the past ten years -- or even the past ten minutes, for that matter. For God's sake, go play some vidja games or something.

Actually, what I will do is thank DDCP & Co. for allowing me to spectate private matches so that I could take screenshots, as well as the Battleborn Discord (including Kitru, Gris, cromerino, General Capybara, NatsumeRyu, and LucFal) for answering questions and providing feedback while I was writing this guide. Also, a huge shout out to the Battleborn Forum members khimerakiller, Vicks_Toire, and vagrantsun for their feedback. I have nothing for you but words, but you're all much appreciated!

Fact: I used the word "Battleborn" 143 times in this guide.
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