Crystal City

Crystal City

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100% Achievements Guide
By NoFear13
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Boob Mini Game
Klick on the boobs of the lady with the red dress

Solution Level 1:

Solution Level 2:

Solution Level 3:

Solution Level 4:

Solution Level 5:

Solution Level 6:

Solution Level 7:

Solution Level 8:

Solution Level 9:

Solution Level 10:

Solution Level 11:

Solution Level 12:

Solution Level 13:

Solution Level 14:

Solution Level 15:
Escape the Room
  • Play until the Escape Room (Time for some Action)
  • click on the painting next to the fridge
  • click on the button behind the painting (Achievement Romantic)
  • Take remote control under the pillow
  • Use remote control on the robotic vacuum (Achievement Killer)
  • Take extension cord next from the fridge
  • Take magnet on the fridge
  • Take thread under the table
  • Use thread with magnet (fishing rod)
  • open curtain
  • use fishing rod on the vase next to the window (key)
  • use key on closet
  • take jacket (screwdriver)
  • use screwdriver on cupboard
  • take knife
  • use screwdriver on control panel next to the door
  • use knife on extension cord (wires)
  • use wires on the open control panel
  • use screwdriver on drilling machine (battery)
  • use battery on the wires that connectet to the control panel
  • click on the door
Play the novel to the end

After that you should have all Achievements. congratulations
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@repezitu, maybe you're in the wrong OS, it happened to me in another game, in MAC I never got an achievement, but in Windows I got them all
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sadly the boob mini game does not work on my machine, no achievement pops up when i start or finish de mini game :steamsad:
any ideea why ?
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