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Bruma: A Travelers Guide
By Praetor Invicta and 1 collaborators
A general guide to the "Beyond Skyrim: Bruma" mod...
Intro notes
This guide is always a work in progress, if you see anything im missing please feel free to leave a comment. Same goes for any criticsim or suggestions.
"Welcome to Cyrodiil" First of all, to find this quest, you need to head to the southern border fo Skyrim. Its best to get there starting at Helgan or fort Neugrad if you got it. From fort Neugrad, head south and youll soon see the mountian pass icon on your compas if all goes well. When you reach the border gate, approach the captian who will only let you in if you are the dragonborn, in the legion or have done something noteworthy enough to warrent passage. If you cant convince him, you should notice that a new location nearby called "Serpants Trail" is now marked. Go there and proceed through the dungeon to enter Cyrodiil through its back door... Smugglers inhabit the dungeon. Quest complete.

"A Stormcloak in Chains" For this quest, you'd need to be at Pale Pass fort and speak with the legate in command. The legate will tell you of a prisoner they are having a hard time interrogating and they could use your help. From this point youll be brought to meet the prisoner and have to choose to either interrogate him or help set him free. I, being an imperialist myslef chose to interrogate him... screw the rebels. Anyway, after getting the information out of him, the fort will be under attack and pew pew pew, somehow the interrior of a fortified imperial position is now swarming with rebel stormcloaks. After killing them off and heading outside to warn the legate, the legate seems to be very much aware of the rebel presence at this point... not long after, he will call up the prisoner to be retrieved by the penitus oculatus, giving you another option to free the prisoner scum or let the oculatus agents take him... i say screw him, may the emperor have mercy on his soul. Quest complete.

"Ugly Love" This side quest can be started through an orc named Dumrag that frequents the "restful watchman" tavern in Bruma. Dumrag tells a story of a lost wife and a conspiricy theory about some nobles and a setup. Dumrag sends you to castle Bruma to investigate the nobles for clues. There you should talk to Afanna and the other nobles and youll recieve a key to Simund Gautierre's room with a journal on the table with a hint towards the crime. Bring the journal to Dumrag and he will have you investigate Simund's home. From there, grab the only obvious note from the small manor and take it back to Dumrag who will then go to the home and uncover a secret room. This part is glitchy in version 1.2, so try saving and reloading the game a few tims to get the dialog to move forward. Make a decision and quest complete.

"Upon my Honor" This quest can start from the "Iron-Heart" family who will direct you towards Mrs. Iron-Heart looking for her lost husband who joined the legion and hasnt responded to her mail. Naturally, she sends you to investigate... so your sent to the fort at pale pass to speak with the legate again, this time about a missing soldier. The legate directs you to "Serpants Trail" where youll learn that the dude ran off to join Hippie rebels and died because he couldnt handle the realities of war. You then get the honor of informing his wife that he died like a hero of the empire (lie), or he died like a weakling and childish rebel. Quest complete.

"The Screeching Songman" So a bit after visiting the Jerall View inn inside Bruma, residents such as the argonian begger will be complaining about a bards horrible music and your tasked with shutting him up. A few things you can do here, but first of all, you should talk to him so you can learn that he has lost a prized lute and agrees to shut up if you can retrieve it... ask around the restful watchman tavern and youll learn that it was sold to some bandits. This gives you a few options... buy the lute back (dont complain or the price goes up), kill the bandits for the lute, or broker a deal to have the bard play for the bandits who will no doubt kill him. Whatever you choose, let the argonian begger know of your success and he will offer you gold. If refused, he will offer an enchanted item reward instead. Quest complete.

"The Way Home" this is a super easy quest that starts at cloud ruler temple north of Bruma. You just head there and youll bump into a ghost that will send you on simple "go here and grab this" type missions around the small fortress. There arent any enemies or anything to worry about. Super easy, you really dont need help with this one bro. Quest complete.

"Whispers of the Mountian" This quest starts in the Synod enclave in Bruma when you walk in the front door to find a bunch of mages stareing at a statue that just teleported into the center of the room. Youll then be approached by the leder who will task you with figuring out whats going on. Your first task will be to talk to Roland Wickhart about the statue, followed by informing Cadius that more random items are appearing. Cadius will then tell you to look for any more items. The items are a black soul gem on the bed post of what I believe is Cadius's bed, a boot on the railing of the eastern staircase and a book on the floor near the western staircase. Return to him with the items to deal with a zombie and get sent to investigate frostcrag spire to the east on the mountian top. To get there is a pain, but there is a trail heading up the mountian, or alternatively, you can use your horse to climb the cliff at hilarious angles. Once there, head up to the bedroom/garden area via teleport and youll see two mages discussing the nearby teleporter. Talk to them to learn that they are responsible and pass a speach check or some dialog to convince the dude to stop his shinannigans. Then return to the Synod and let Cadius know that the problem is solved. Quest complete.

"Absent Antiquity" This quest is the first of the main quests. It starts with the Bruma guard captian whom can usually be found in or near the castle . He will task you with locating the counts missing artifacts. Youll need to head into the shadier part of town at the restful watchman tavern and ask about the missing artifacts. Youll then be told that youll need to "pressure" the innkeeper into talking. To do this, head back to the captian who will give you a note to pass along to the inkeeper to get him to revel to you the location of the jewel thief. After heading to the location, clearing out the dungeon and retrieving the jewel artifacts, head back to the guard captian and wrap up the quest. Quest complete.

"A Delicate Situation" This quest should happen a few days later and it will request you to go back to the captian whom needs help dealing with talos worshipers. CAUTION, for version 1.2 or earlier, this quest is HEAVILY bugged and wont progress properly without console commands which if used incorrectly can screw up the next quest as well. If you know about how to use console to progress quests, you can get the quest id's and info from the construction kit. If you dont even know how to do that, then just wait for the patch since your clearly incompitant with these sort of things. Anyway, the quest will allow you make a decision on what to tell the worshipers to do. Pass a few speech checks and return to the guard captian with the results. Also on a side note, you can tell the local Bruma Thalmor agents about it and they will tell you that they already knew about the worshipers. Quest complete.

"Against the Cutters" this quest has to be triggered via console in version 1.2 or earlier, but involves you getting a drink with the guard captian who will convince you to go wipe out a gang of bandits that the captian has history with. You are sent into what is litterally an underground fortrress... castle walls and all. Youll have to kill a few mini boss enemies and retrieve keys to progress through this fort and kill the leader. Finish up and quest complete.

"Service Rewarded" The last of the main questline, this quest will have you sit through dialog that will unlock the ability to buy a house. Done!
More Side Quests
"Alammu's Veil" So you get this quest when a dark elf woman approaches you in Bruma. I found her locked in the Bath house in the Jerall View inn basement when I was exploring. She tells you about her stolen heirloom located in frozen grotto. When you get to frozen grotto, you find no "heirloom", but instead you find that you have been set up. Turns out that the woman had you walk right into an ambush and now you find yourself with a knife to your neck and being told to deliver drugs... am I in Compton now or what? Anyway, either kill the thug or deliver the drugs. I chose to cut his head from his neck since he threatened me. Quest ended there so I was left wondering about the other options. I then tried to report the crime, this resulted in the dark elf woman being hauled away to a cell by the city guard... I liked this one too... the last one... sucks... you just give the "heirloom" to the dark elf chick and she doesnt even bother to pay you... I like the one where she goes to jail better... Quest completed my bros!

"Undeath at Underpall" this one didnt appear for me until I updated to version 1.3. The location and name of the quest giver is Cadius Venucius of the Synod in the Bruma Synod Conclave. When you talk to him, asking about arcane threats, he will send you to Underpall cave to exterminate some Necromancers. When you get to the final room, youll be greeted by a zombie that will take you to the dungeon boss. Turns out the boss is actually the Synod guys sister... after beating her in combat and hearing her whine about her life, you can choose to spare her and send her to several locations. After making your choice, head back to turn in the quest and PAYDAY! Quest complete.

"The Courier" This quest was reported by root, but I couldnt get it working. Basically you sleep in the rented room and the restful watchman inn and youll exit to be approached by the questgiver NPC. I couldnt get this to trigger on version 1.3, but Root did.
Interesting Side Locations
"Rielle" This Aylied location included a very angry Aylied lord whom isn't so happy with being undead. Cool voiced narrative and interesting story told through visuals. Definitely worth checking out. Located north west of Bruma.

"Underpall Cave" This cave was the location of a Knighs of the Nine quest in TES4 Oblivion and is actually pretty accurate for a fresh remake. The atmosphere is creepy with different colored filter effects added and it still has that underground fort and lake.

"Frostfire Glade" While not anything like it was in TES4 Oblivion, it still proves interesting, even more so then its TES4 counterpart. Its bigger and more imaginative then the old version and it still has the frozen knight and atronach.

"Shrime of Namira" Pretty cool statue built into the rock there. Worth seeing once, but no interesting loot.
New and Interesting Items
"Eastern Dwemer Axe" Unique dwemer axe located on the boss in the Serpants Trail. Seems like this is inconsistant due to the boss being randomized in equipment.

"Aylied Lich Helmet" Located on the boss in Reille.

"Pilgrims Cudgel" Steel mace located in Frostfire Glade.

"Hvitbrand" Unique katana awarded for finishing main quest. (Upgraded at Akaviri Fire)

"Flamelight Spire" Unique Staff found on boss in Reille.

"Glenroy's Empowered Akaviri Katana" Quest reward for The Way Home.

"Prized Iron Club" Currently invisible (ver. 1.2) Iron club in the Beasts Maw dungeon.

"Spell Tome: Conjure Scamp" Located in Fort Horunn at the end on a dresser.

"Steinulf's Protective Amulet" Located in Northfringe Sanctum ,it is in Northfringe Cave, at the end of the dungeon on the table. (found by Root)

"Boots of Mishaxi" A unique pair of boots found in Pale Pass's abandon underground area.(found by Matt Damon)

"Honed Alessian Sword" Found on the table above the boots in Pale Pass's underground location.

"Garridan's Mithril Helmet" Located at the end of frostfire glade.

"Bewitching Nodachi" Located in the treasure room of Castle Bruma. There is a sneaky trap that gets activated by opening the display case be careful about that. (found by elimonator3)

"Spell Tome: Firelight" Located in Frostfire Glade. (Found by Jokkestan)

"Spell Tome: Snowy Firebolt" Located in Anga. (Found by Jokkestan)

"Spell Tome: Absorb Health Cloak" Located in Northfringe Sanctum. (It is in Northfringe Cave) (Found by Pokemon98125)

"Blade of Larrius Varro" Located in Fort Pale Pass Captain's Quarters in his bedroom near the dresser. (Found by Jokkestan)

"Spell Tome: Force Rune" Located in the treasure room of Castle Bruma.

"Clasomo's Stormblade" Located in Riverside Shack , southeast from the Eastern Watch Tower. It's unmarked on the map. (Found by sreyemgerg)

"Amulet of Morihaus" Sold by Gryford Peton in the Bruma Market.

"Amulet of Reman" Also sold by Gryford Peton in the Bruma Market.

"Shadowbanish Wine and Colovian Battlecry" Located in a ruined storage building inside serpants pass.

-Anything from Mr. Homeless wizard in Bruma is interesting but garbage.
All Alchemy Ingredients Effects in Alphabetic Order (Check Side Notes If You Don't Find The Ingredient You're Looking For)
Alkanet - Restore Magicka , Light , Resist Poison , Damage Stamina
Aloe Vera Leaves - Restore Stamina , Restore Health , Damage Magicka, Invisibility
Arrowroot - Restore Stamina , Regenerate Stamina , Slow, Resist Poison
Ash Salts - Slow , Cure Disease , Resist Magic , Fortify Magicka
Azra Root - Fortify Magicka , Fortify Marksman , Damage Stamina , Paralysis

Bamboo Leaf - Restore Stamina , Fortify Health , Weakness to Frost , Damage Magicka Regen
Bjoulsae Hake - Weakness to Frost , Weakness to Poison , Fortify Sneak , Fortify Restoration
Black Eagle Beak - Restore Stamina , Fortify Carry Weight , Resist Frost , Resist Shock
Black Eagle Feathers - Cure Disease , Fortify One-handed , Fortify Light Armor , Fortify Sneak
Black Lichen - Damage Stamina Regen , Slow , Resist Frost , Cure Poison
Black Poppy - Damage Magicka , Restore Magicka , Damage Magicka Regen , Resist Poison
Blackberries - Regenerate Health , Fortify Heavy Armor , Resist Shock , Restore Magicka
Blessed Thistle Branch - Restore Stamina , Ravage Health , Fortify Two-handed , Fortify Speed
Bloat - Damage Magicka , Regenerate Magicka , Fortify Magicka , Detect Animal
Blue Entoloma - Ravage Magicka , Restore Health , Weakness to Magick , Invisibility
Blue Flax - Restore Magicka , Shield , Fortify Carry Weight , Damage Health
Blueberries - Regenerate Health , Fortify Heavy Armor , Resist Shock , Restore Magicka
Bog Beacon - Restore Magicka , Frenzy , Damage Magicka , Damage Health Regen
Buck Moth Wing - Restore Stamina , Cure Disease , Damage Magicka , Weakness to Magic
Bungler's Bane - Slow , Regenerate Stamina , Damage Stamina Regen , Damage Health Regen

Cairn Bolete - Restore Health , Resist Poison , Damage Magicka , Shock Damage
Chokeweed - Weakness to Poison , Cure Disease , Restore Stamina , Weakness to Magic
Clouded Funnel - Restore Magicka , Ravage Health , Fortify Magicka , Damage Magicka
Cold Fire Salts - Weakness to Frost , Restore Magicka , Resist Fire , Regenerate Magicka (You can learn how to make this in Frostfire Glade.)
Colovian Nuthatch Egg - Restore Stamina , Slow , Fortify Carry Weight , Paralysis

Daedroth Teeth - Weakness to Frost , Invisibility , Resist Frost , Weakness to Fire
Domica Redwort - Resist Frost , Damage Health , Cure Poison , Invisibility
Dryad Saddle Polypore - Fortify Lockpicking , Slow , Resist Frost , Frost Damage

Earth Moss - Fortify One-handed , Damage Magicka Regen , Damage Health , Restore Stamina
Eastern Wallcreeper Egg - Regenerate Magicka , Weakness to Magic , Resist Frost , Damage Health
Elf Cup - Frenzy , Restore Stamina , Cure Disease , Damage Magicka
Eltheric Grouper - Restore Stamina , Ravage Health , Damage Stamina Regen , Resist Frost
Emetic Russula - Restore Stamina , Frenzy , Shield , Damage Health Regen
Emperor Moth Wing - Weakness to Poison , Waterbreathing , Restore Magicka , Damage Stamina

Fire Petal - Resist Fire , Resist Magic , Damage Health , Paralysis

Ginkgo Leaves - Restore Stamina , Weakness to Magic , Fortify Magicka , Shock Damage
Ginseng - Fortify Health , Restore Health , Fortify Conjuration , Damage Magicka Regen
Goblin Wax - Resist Poison , Frenzy , Fortify Two-handed , Damage Health
Golden Kingfisher Egg - Fortify Speed , Shock Damage , Fortify Health , Lingering Damage Stamina
Golden Poppy - Fortify Persuasion , Damage Health , Fortify Carry Weight , Lingering Damage Health
Goldengill - Shock Damage , Resist Frost , Fortify Speed , Frenzy
Green Lichen - Fortify Persuasion , Damage Stamina Regen , Cure Disease , Damage Health
Green Stain Cup - Restore Stamina , Reflect Damage , Slow , Damage Magicka
Gypsy Moth Wing - Shock Damage , Fortify Sneak , Waterbreathing , Weakness to Poison

Hackle-Lo Leaves - Restore Stamina , Waterbreathing , Paralysis , Weakness to Magic
Heartland Highfin - Damage Magicka , Damage Health Regen , Fortify Destruction , Light

Imp Gall - Fortify Persuasion , Damage Health , Cure Paralysis , Fire Damage
Ironwood Nuts - Restore Magicka , Damage Stamina , Resist Fire , Fortify Health

Kwama Egg - Restore Stamina , Resist Frost , Paralysis , Fortify Health

Lady's Smock Leaves - Restore Magicka , Damage Stamina , Resist Fire , Fortify Health
Land Dreugh Wax - Damage Stamina , Waterbreathing , Resist Poison , Damage Health

Magus Mint - Restore Magicka , Cure Poison , Slow , Weakness to Frost
Mandrake Root - Cure Disease , Ravage Stamina , Resist Poison , Regenerate Magicka
Marshmerrow - Restore Health , Damage Magicka Regen , Fortify Enchanting , Damage Stamina
Milk Thistle Branch - Light , Cure Poison , Frost Damage , Paralysis
Minotaur Horn - Regenerate Magicka , Fortify Stamina , Paralysis , Resist Poison
Mort Flesh - Damage Stamina , Fortify Health , Fear , Damage Magicka
Motherwort - Resist Poison , Damage Magicka , Damage Health , Invisibility
Motherwort Sprig - Resist Poison , Damage Magicka , Damage Stamina , Cure Poison
Mountain Lion Teeth - Restore Health , Fortify Two-handed , Fortify Carry Weight , Damage Magicka Regen
Muck - Ravage Magicka , Fear , Fortify Lockpicking , Cure Disease

Nibenay Snapper - Fortify Magicka , Invisibility , Damage Stamina Regen , Weakness to Magic
Nibenese Silverbird Egg - Restore Magicka , Weakness to Fire , Slow , Fortify Lockpicking

Ogre Teeth - Damage Magicka , Weakness to Shock , Paralysis , Fortify Carry Weight
Onion - Restore Stamina , Detect Life , Waterbreathing , Damage Health

Rainbow Fish - Restore Stamina , Fortify Illusion , Weakness to Frost , Resist Poison
Red Cinnabar Polypore - Restore Health , Damage Magicka , Fortify Heavy Armor , Damage Stamina
Red Flax - Restore Magicka , Shield , Fortify Carry Weight , Damage Health
Red Lichen - Slow , Cure Disease , Light , Damage Magicka
Red Mudcrab Chitin - Restore Stamina , Resist Poison , Cure Disease , Resist Fire
Red Onion - Damage Stamina , Weakness to Frost , Fortify Magicka , Invisibility
Red Poppy - Damage Stamina Regen , Restore Stamina , Damage Stamina , Fortify Stamina
Rhino Horn - Restore Stamina , Regenerate Stamina , Fortify Persuasion , Paralysis
Rice - Restore Stamina , Damage Stamina Regen , Fortify Health , Lingering Damage Magicka

Saltrice - Restore Stamina , Damage Stamina Regen , Fortify Magicka , Restore Health
Scamp Skin - Ravage Magicka , Regenerate Health , Damage Health , Resist Shock
Sload Soap - Fear , Fortify Stamina , Resist Fire , Restore Stamina
Somnalius Frond - Resist Fire , Fortify Health , Damage Health Regen , Fortify Carry Weight
Steel-Blue Entoloma - Restore Magicka , Resist Frost , Fire Damage , Weakness to Poison
Stinkhorn - Damage Health , Waterwalking , Restore Magicka , Invisibility
Stoneflower - Restore Stamina , Weakness to Magic , Fortify Magicka , Fortify Persuasion
Sugar Cane - Fortify Stamina , Fortify Speed , Resist Frost , Paralysis
Summer Bolete - Restore Stamina , Fear , Fortify Light Armor , Damage Health Regen
Swamp Sparrow Egg - Resist Poison , Waterwalking , Restore Magicka , Ravage Health

Teardrop Pepper - Weakness to Fire , Frenzy , Cure Disease , Fortify Stamina
Tinder Polypore - Restore Magicka , Invisibility , Resist Disease , Damage Magicka

Water Dreugh Wax - Fortify Carry Weight , Weakness to Poison , Restore Health , Weakness to Magic
White Poppy - Damage Magicka , Lingering Damage Magicka , Damage Magicka Regen , Restore Magicka
Wisp Stalk - Damage Health , Damage Magicka , Damage Magicka Regen , Fortify Speed
Wolfsbane - Resist Magic , Damage Magicka , Invisibility , Damage Magicka
Wood Warbler Egg - Damage Stamina , Invisibility , Frenzy , Fortify Speed
Wormwood - Fortify Stamina , Damage Health , Invisibility , Damage Magicka

Yellow Amanita - Weakness to Poison , Frenzy , Waterbreathing , Fortify Carry Weight
Yellow Cinnabar Polypore - Restore Health , Frenzy , Regenerate Health , Reflect Spell
Yellow Flax - Restore Magicka , Shield , Fortify Carry Weight , Damage Health
Side Notes
- CTD issues could be due to lack of required side mods.
- CTD in versions before 1.2 were often due to werebear spawns, so update as its fixed in 1.2.
- Missing textures are currently being resolved by the Beyond Skyrim Team.
- The broken quests are already being looked at.
- I wrote this mostly from memory after I finished.
- I was running version 1.2.
- Mod is available on Nexus.
- No im not a developer, I just played it and wrote a guide since I couldnt see any others.
- There is lots to see outside the map but all that is early WIP.
- The Hobo wizard seems to sell invisible "Glass staff of ____" staves.
- Plenty of the mods items are craftable but many are also invisible in version 1.2.
- The map is pretty accurate to TES4's map.
- I cant seem to find out how to refine copper ingots yet, though I havent really looked.
- There is a strange white fire under the pale pass fort in the dungeon there. If you finished the main quest, you can place Hvitbrand in there and it will add a new buff to the weapon.
- Im looking for a summon zombie spell that allows you to summon the new zombie NPC, i havent found a tome yet... too lazy to check CK, but I did get a summon "cowardly" zombie as a quest reward from the homless wizard.
- You can find a creepy argonian in the Jerall View inn's basemant bathhouse who will wish to talk politics with you... kind of glitchy until you update to version 1.3.
- The console commands are supposedly no longer necessary to progress quests after patch 1.3.
- Here are some codes that you can use if 'A Delicate Situation' and 'Against the Cutters' are bugged.
----> A Delicate Situation: For this quest when you done dealing with Talos worshippers if nothing happens after that (although i saw some playthroughs of this mod that had no problems with this quest) use these codes;
If you convinced them to be 'lay down' is enter the following in the console:
-> setstage CYRBrumaMS08 21
If you chose the option to convince them to actually stop worship, enter the following instead:
-> setstage CYRBrumaMS08 31
----> Against the Cutters: When you are done with 'A Delicate Situation' this quest never starts after that (some say wait like 3-4 days but it never worked for me) use these codes to start this quest
-> sqv cyrbrumams09misca
If it says that the quest hasn't started, type out:
-> startquest cyrbrumams09misca
But again these codes may not be needed for the Special Edition i dont know but im %100 sure that these bugs will be fixed and you can play this mod with no problems. Devs are working really hard for this project.
- The treasure vault in castle Bruma's lords manor contains mithril boots and gauntlets as well as a lot of gold and the Bewitching Nadachi. With a master sneak, a guard will likely follow you, but still not see you due to how brokenly overpowered a master of sneak is in this game... you would litterally have to bump into the guy to get detected.
- If i missed any ingredient that you didnt find in 'Alchemy' section let me know in the comments.
- I can't add more ingredients in the 'Alchemy' section apperantly so here are some of the ingredients i missed if someone is curious.
Bergamot Seeds - Resist Disease , Resist Magic , Damage Magicka , Damage Magicka Regen
Flax Seeds - Restore Magicka- Shield - Fortify Carry Weight - Damage Health
- There is a Nord chest located in a ruined tower across from Pale Pass that I believe is connected to the keys found on dead stormcloak soldiers in the mod.
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Armin Smiling Jun 1 @ 10:29am 
Does anyone have the id of the quest "Whispers of the Mountains"?pls
Chouru May 30 @ 12:20am 
I found a "Worn Elven Sword" inside Serpent's Trail right next to Harran. It seems enchanted but all it says it "This sword has seen better days..." Does anybody know what the deal is with this sword? Anybody else find it?
Genryu Ōkami 91 Mar 4 @ 10:05pm 
So I found another unique spell. Spell Tome: Summon Will-o-the-Wisp o.o It can be found within Grayfard Peton's safe under his stall. Not sure if anyone has found it anywhere else or not lol
Jonstyx Jan 21 @ 11:21am 
bro, thought id add this, inside sedor there is a welkynd stone you can pick up, it fully restores magika just like in oblivion. So far i only found the one
mnomaha Dec 13, 2018 @ 5:21am 
Maybe I missed it but what is the Quest ID for The Screeching (I forgot the whole name)? No matter what I do, the quest will not update when I get the lute.
Neizue Nov 24, 2018 @ 6:37pm 
Is there a list of Bruma ingredients that are actually growable?
Dovah Heavy Nov 22, 2018 @ 5:41pm 
Anyone know where to find Bjarni after A Stormcloak In Chains?
Breakman Sep 7, 2018 @ 1:49pm 
actually come to think of it, the map marker and cell name are the same, aren't they... still, it's a little confusing.
Breakman Sep 7, 2018 @ 1:48pm 
Just wanted to let you know that the fire light spell is not in frostfire glade... it is in frostfire cave tunnels , close to the entrance to the next cell frostfire cave, cold's embrace.... I want my hour of my life back.
Monkey Mix/Merc Jul 13, 2018 @ 12:01pm 
I don't know if someone reported it, but i found an unique weapon in the "Castle Bruma Lords Manor" inside the "Treasure room door", and inside you can have various loot suck as gold, equipment, cloths, jewels, weapons and a display case where you can find the "Bewitching Nodachi" with an unique enchant on