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Browy's halloween 2012 bundle
Hi, im browy, and i am NOT the guy that makes things for TF2, but i am the person that puts it all together in bundles and collections. :D

Browy's collection, has the best halloween 2012 items considered for use in TF2!

Recomended FOR YOU -> Just added 2 new items so if you see this collection please like it! and another!.....
Items (74)
Bloody Scream
Created by SNIPA

Be afraid...Be very afraid...

To quote "mexican" from the comments below
"Just because something is based on an old painting doesn't mean ...
Greased Lightning
Created by Orko
"Go! Go! Go!"

Additional info:
-Lock is jiggleboned...
Sir Hootsalot
Created by Psyke
Warning: your new little avian comrade's diet consists of field-mice and the fears of those who glance into his eyes.

[ Comes with 2 Styles! ]

[ Paintable Glowing eyes! ]

[ Shows as an assister in pyro-vision! ]

[ UPDATED: added lods ]...
Baryon Boots
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
High density boots to make kicking the asses of interstellar invaders a more enjoyable experience for both parties!...
Heart Beater [without particles]
Created by NeoDement
Halloween themed bat n ball. Includes heart beat animation, jigglebones and custom fleshy sound effects.
All the sound effects are 100% original audio.

Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Killicons and promotional media by NeoDement
Initial Item Concept, Sou...
Intergalactic Phaser
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
Outergalactic beings need not apply....
Jack's Ol' Lantern
Created by Gadget
Jack's Ol' Lantern

o All class
o Paintable
o Self illuminated
o Jigglebone
o 2 LODs

Yes, it's another lantern but this actually was my initial idea before I decided to create the paper lantern first. This one is paintable and self illuminated, ju...
Joule's Jetpack
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
This baby can clock speeds up to 100 astro-knots! (get it?)...
La Calaca (resubmitted)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Submission for Halloween 2012

Mexican "Day of the Dead" - themed

'calaca' is slang for 'calavera' = skull

Submitted as both headgear and misc because it clips with some hats, so I was not sure which category to choose...

* Paintable
* 2 LODs
* Jaw is ...
Boo Balloon
Created by Psyke
Did you know "Globophobia" is cited as the severe phobia of round shapes and balloons?

Did you also know "Cucurbitophobia" is listed as the fear of pumpkins?

When you put it together. that could make this here gift-shop balloon a floating nightmare t...
The Patty-Whack
Created by SNIPA

Comes with 2 LODs, 2 texture styles, with/without blood, and a free hug. Compliments of Scout....
Lil' Reaper
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
So you thought you were safe. You tried to hide from your fate but he has found you. And he is here to REAP YOUR SOUL

(im bad at descriptions)

-2 styles

Model and original concept by emrfish
Texture, pose concept, and promos by Primrose

Murderous Muse
Created by SNIPA
Pull out your murderous mask and go "execute" your plan!

Spec map
Fits with normal pyro hats...
Death Bringers Hood *UPDATED now comes in 3 styles*
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
With the appalingly high Robot mortality rate these days, you'll have to look the part!

Threads and scarf are paintable and hood tail is jiggleboned!

Comes in three styles!...
Courier's Coat V2
Created by Midnight™
Reuploaded to give credit to DANGeR21 and Kunoichi | UNRATED.

Model: Midnight Wolves
Texture: DANGeR21
Screenshots: Kunoichi | UNRATED

I understand that the track terrorizer made it in game, t...
The Burning Terror
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
From Eastern Europe, with love....
The Cortex Command
Created by Sparkwire
Vote for the Cerebrospinal Reserve, the companion item to the Cortex Command!

Updated with a new shattered gla...
The Ghost of Updates Past
Created by Pie_Savvy
It's the Ghost of Updates Past!
Hear the shriek and howls of it teachings as you learn a lesson on how Tiny Tim's hatlessness changed the course of time and made it so Robo-fish walk the earth and how the Moon is now made of a silicone based substance name...
The Skullbuster 2012
Created by Sparkwire
Remastered and resubmitted for halloween 2012.

This submission is approved by the original creators, all parties are credited appropriately....
Heavy Machinery Mk2
Created by Psyke
We said we’d be back.

Misc/Hat compatable!
Glows in the dark!
Comes with Team colours!
Where is Mister Jane Doe....
Hard-headed Hardware
Created by Merczy
"Introducing the paramount of head-replacment technology, say hello to the heat-absorbent, titanium-plated, Hard-Head Hardware. Marvel at the light producing sockets, and razor sharp teeth. Now with 20% more lead. Double the price of our standard Face rem...
Myocardial Eruptus
Created by SNIPA
Herr Doktor: "Heavy, your heart rate iz above average, vwe might have to operate if it gets vworse"

Poor heavy, he didn't listen to his doctors recommendations, and look at where he's at now kids, so take this as a ...
The Haunted Eyeball
Created by SNIPA
An eyeball. Yes....
The Soft Blow
Created by Ducksink
Death has never been more comfrotable.

Part of "Count Tavish" pack which includes:

-Demons Fro
-The Ghoulic Exstensions
-The Soft Blow
-The Brawny Homebrew...
The Unshaved Bear
Created by Doctor Birdbrain
A neatly-trimmed beard / wig combo for Heavy, as an alternative to the default stubbly look.

Show that tiny baby man Scout what he can never have by exercising the full potential of your facial follicles.

UPDATE 7/23/14: Item is now gold-starred and full...
Das Maddendoktor
Created by NeoDement
A pair of goggles partially obscured by a messy mop of hair. Based on mad scientists.


This item was part of Night of the Living Update 2, and can be downloaded here:
The Spooky Root
Created by MonkeyBug
With a quick slight of hand this spooky root will send fear down your spine. A stolen relic from Merasmus can only mean he intends on coming for it.

Spine Rotting Skull
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
Torn straight from dead jackalopes. Or living jackalopes... I can't remember....
The All Seer's Crown *UPDATE: Now all class*
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
Stare your heart out.

UPDATED: Made the crown compatible with all classes...
Cadaver's Capper
Created by Psyke
This Little Satin cap and underworld charm are the perfect combo for a night out causing big trouble in little china!

-Team colours!
-Comes with lods!

[ Model By Treythepunkid. ] [ Textures/Concept by Psyke. ]...
Geungsi Charm
Created by Psyke
Ever wanted to rid yourself of those ghastly explosive reserves strapped to your chest?

How about this fancy Necklace and pendant from the late qin dynasty.

Comes in quite good condition barring the restless spirits that haunt it's being.

We'd go on mor...
Everlasting Limbs
Created by Bapaul
Part of the engineer rigsuit set for halloween

Model by Bapaul
Textures by Nassimo...
The Foul Ball
Created by TidMiste
Maybe it's not a good idea to ALWAYS keep your eye on the ball...

My second submission for the Night of the Living Update 2! Silly Scout, that's why you wear a helmet!...
Hellsinger V.2
Created by Zoey
The Hellsinger

"There are Spies in life and there are Snipers - and you are one of the Snipers. The Sniper of all Snipers."

The remake of the year old "Hellsinger" - which was part of the "Van Mundy" set of items from NOTLU.

A link to that can be fou...
The Hughes Improvement
Created by accident
Step into the world of aviation with this Hughes inspired aviator's cap. On top of that, nothing says genius like a pair of spare goggles!

Be just like a Hughes impersonator!!!

Now with one free genius-stache and completely paintable!!!

Special Update!!...
Uncrackable Cranium
Created by Bapaul
Yes, we know uncrackable is misspelled in the promo image. But since we lost the original files of those and the deadline being tomorrow we couldn't care less

Part of the engineer full rigsuit set for Halloween

Model by Bapaul
Textures by Nassimo...
the Dark Soultaker
Created by Deity Link
No one knows for sure the orgins of that peculiar artifact, what some people learned however, is that holding it puts the user in a soul harvesting trance, but few of them managed to save their own soul from that knife.
Would you take that risk to quench y...
Andersons Lament
Created by Big Dick Lanm 
Hell sang....
Death Effect - Bats
Created by obstipator
Particle effect of bats flying out of your body when you're killed. On a scale of 1 to 10 of spookyness, I rate this a solid 9.5

Also a version as an unusual effect with less bats, but still just as spooky can be found here:
The Crossed Stitch
Created by Sparkwire
I have no mouth and I must scream.

Thanks to Trey for the fabulously frightful facial flexes, and BANG! for the prodigiously pretty Source Filmmaker promos!

Vote for the other two items in the Stuffed Saboteur set!
The Ragdoll's Rags...
The Cursed Cravat
Created by Mister Royzo
Last Thursday a banker made a deal with the devil to get a 75% discount on a nice new suit and a cravat. The devil played a trick on him and it turned out to be a size too small so he had to return it, and they didn't really have a refund policy so he had ...
The Dreaded Backstitch
Created by Sparkwire
Let's stitch you up real good, partner.

Thanks to Trey for the fabulously frightful facial flexes, and BANG! for the prodigiously pretty Source Filmmaker promos!

Vote for the other two items in the Stuffed Saboteur set!
The Ragdoll's...
The Ragdoll's Rags
Created by Sparkwire
See? Good as new.

Thanks to Trey for the fabulously frightful facial flexes, and BANG! for the prodigiously pretty Source Filmmaker promos!

Vote for the other two items in the Stuffed Saboteur set!
The Crossed Stitch
[url={LINK REMOVED}...
The Ultimatum
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"Sometimes people just don't get it. Their buildin’ has to come down and there's nothin' they can do about it. For those times you take this paint-grenade firin' beauty and coat your targets in thick yellow paint. Now everybody knows that this buildin' is ...
ACTION HALE! series 3
Created by Ducksink
After several lawsuits and one restraining order against the ol...
The Groundbreaker
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"It's always tough to seperate a man from his buildin', 'specially if its one o' them engineer lads. "Why are ye always blowin' up everythin' I make?" they say, like they don't know it's a vicious monster that's killin' all me mates. They're like the owner...
Created by Orko
"If the enemy wants a peace offering, offer them a piece of this."

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
Blasting Capper
Created by Orko
"Use for building construction or bodily destruction. Keep out of reach of children and Demomen."...
Created by Orko
"Builds it up, tears you down."...
Created by Orko
"Place firmly on cranium until dangerous situation ceases to be."...
War Trophies
Created by Orko
"Finders, keepers."...
Created by Orko
"to plow through the muck and blood"...
Created by Orko
"Nothing can bring you down, when you have a proper cup of coffee within your reach."...
Created by multitrip
4:15 PM - Bapaul: MASK FUR LE PYRU

Has 2 styles....
Light at The End of a Tunnel
Created by youngdrozd
Shotgun from a set of the driller.

I will make something else soon...
Please look video...

model (replace...
Created by Orko
"When the cannons fall silent, it's just because you can't hear them over the sound of this baby!"

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
Plunder Hunter
Created by Orko
"The meticulously sharpened lenses offer the clearest view of exploding enemy innards."...
Safety Boots
Created by Orko
"Safety regulation requires a boot to the head."...
The Backrack
Created by Orko
" what a good Soldier calls a "Nice Rack""...
The Bombard
Created by boomsta
A real gun for a real Demoman. Lob bombs over walls and trenches and hope you hit something! Part of the Bombardier set!

UPDATE!: LODs have now been added to the whole pack! Each weapon now has 2 LODs each....
The Bombardier's Defender.
Created by boomsta
Use this piece of demolition to make sure the other team don't get in your trenches. Part of the Bombardier Set!

UPDATE!: LODs have now been added to the whole pack! Each weapon now has 2 LODs each....
The BookBear
Created by nano393
"Recently, Heavy carries a selection of russian literature with him to find a brief moment of peace in the heat of battle. We don't know if it's relaxing, because the more he reads, the more he kills."

2 LODs...
The Braided Pride
Created by Ducksink
A stylized viking-like beard for engineer/soldier/heavy.
(jiggleboned and flexed)

Hinga dinga durgin!
-updated with all flexes and reduced jigglebones courtesy of trey

updated with LODs and imported with importer!...
A barrel of inspiring beverage.
If you appreciate strong drinks you can consume it anywhere, even on a battle field. Only one cup of the beverage inspires you on crazy actions that would surprise your enemies. But you need to have long arms to reach the cup (without taking off the barrel...
The Brainframe
Created by Zoey
I got my mind on my machines and my machines on my mind.

Technical Shizzle;

- 256x Normal map + Diffuse
- Self-illumination on the small frontal light
- Paintability on the brain.
- Team colours
- LODs...
The Butterknife
Created by Skilln't
"Also cuts cookies"

This is a remake of an old item of mine that was originally designed by Kibbleknight....
The Chronic Croaker (UPDATE #3)
Created by Über Winfrey
"Let the Croakin'ing Begin!"

its paintable, animated and has a style called the "Gentlefrog"

EDIT: Added noise filter (forgot it)
EDIT: Added a witch hat for Halloween
EDIT: Added a Santa Hat for Christmas...
The Civil Suit
Created by Midnight™
You got a problem? I'm your man.

Includes 1 LOD and a paintable tie.

Model: Midnight Wolves
Texture: DANGeR21
Wallpapers by by Kunoichi:
The Cremator's Cowl
Created by Zoey
The Doombringer
Created by Zoey
The Improviser
Created by Orko
"If problem arises, use downward force on object. Continue until issues have been resolved."...
The Refreshing Breeze
Created by Svdl
Due to numerous complaints, mercenary dress code now includes mandatory underwear....
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