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Low-Poly Spinning Asteroid
Age Rating: Everyone
Genre: Sci-Fi
Resolution: Other resolution
Category: Wallpaper
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Jul 6, 2017 @ 11:08am
Jun 14, 2019 @ 6:59am
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Low-Poly Spinning Asteroid

Slowly rotating asteroid with smaller rocks orbiting it.
Adds depth to the background without making it distracting.

V1.0 no settings, dark blue only.

"Opening Unknown Application" warning comes up as it is an Unity app and as such executable file. It will NOT harm your computer. Enjoy and put thumbs up if you like it !
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tecosaur Aug 28, 2018 @ 7:12pm 
@Dr.Zepsuj I'm running Windows 10 on a Ryzen 1700x with a Gtx 980ti. Thankfully this seems to be less of an issue as of yet. I'm not sure what has caused it, or what the pattern is, but I have found four .wer files in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive that contain text like this:

Sig[0].Name=Application Name
Sig[1].Name=Application Version
Sig[2].Name=Application Timestamp
Sig[3].Name=Fault Module Name
Sig[4].Name=Fault Module Version
Sig[5].Name=Fault Module Timestamp
Sig[6].Name=Exception Offset
Sig[7].Name=Exception Code
Sig[8].Name=Exception Data
Dr. Zed  [author] Aug 28, 2018 @ 10:39am 
Hi tecosaur !
This never happened to me, can you please let me know your hardware details and when it happens ? I could possibly rebuild with newer version of Unity and see what happens ;)
tecosaur Aug 1, 2018 @ 11:55pm 
Before adding more, there may be an error to fix...

Faulting application name: Asteroid.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x59462946
Faulting module name: mono.dll_unloaded, version:, time stamp: 0x592f2cba
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000f8869
Faulting process ID: 0x95384
DJ-Dazbo Mar 15, 2018 @ 7:57am 
Cheers Dr. Zepsuj :):steamhappy:
Dr. Zed  [author] Mar 13, 2018 @ 8:03am 
I'm gonna get back to it soon, been really busy lately :) I will send you a personal message when the update is live :)
DJ-Dazbo Mar 9, 2018 @ 1:38am 
I keep coming back for a look, but no update or new scene... are you still working on it?
I hope so, the new scene sounds really cool.
Dr. Zed  [author] Jul 18, 2017 @ 11:03am 
It does involve quite a bit of work as I want to be able to have multiple backgrounds with colour selection, control over light direction/colour intensity as well as graphic options (at the moment it is quite GPU intensive) + few planetoid models.I have local version with a starfield as a background, soft shadows and ambient occlusion ;)

I am looking to update this around end of August when I get back from holiday.
DJ-Dazbo Jul 17, 2017 @ 11:41am 
Oooh! What're you adding/doing with it? How much work does it involve?
Dr. Zed  [author] Jul 15, 2017 @ 1:53am 
I see, thanks for pointing it out, seem that the background needs blending.
I am working on an updated version with few options cool :)
DJ-Dazbo Jul 14, 2017 @ 7:00am 
Looks good (apart from the bezel) on dual ultrawide monitors :)