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This War of Mine

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Creating a Custom Mod Guide
By ???
You will learn how can you create a mod in This War of Mine.
2 Types of Mod
There are 2 types of modes;character and scenario.
Character Mod
1.Firstly,click Write Your Own Story.

2.Click Define New Civilian.


3.In this part,you can design your own character and if you want,you can add images.

4.To add images,go to your Steam library,right-click on This War of Mine then click properties.

5.Select local files and click browse local file.

6.Go to portraits and paste the images to there. (Images have to be 770x770 to perfect matching)

7.Also you can choose your character's job from Define New Civilian.Every job has a special skill;

Insurance Agent : Persuasive

Psychologist : Strong willed

Photographer : Keen Eye for Detail

Computer Specialist : Knack for Electronics

Police Officer : Familiarity with guns

Pharmacist : Medical Knowledge

Forester : Skilled Wood chopper

Nurse : Medical Training
8.After you complete everything about character,click Upload To Workshop.

9.Write your character mod's name and description and click publish item.
Scenario Mod
1.Click Write My Own Story.

2.Now you need to choose characters that you want to use on your mod.If you want,you can use the characters that you created before.

3.Then set the difficulties.

4.Click City Map.

5.You need to choose places in this map.Number of places can be change with difficulty.

6.Turn back and click Upload To Workshop

7.Write your scenario mod's name and description and click Publish New Item.

If you want change your mod's thumbnail you can find a guide in workshop about it.[/h1
I have a mod named Political Leaders Global in Workshop.This mod add Putin,Xi Jinping,Trump and Merkel to This War of Mine.
Thanks for reading my guide.

If you want to translate this guide to another language,consult me please.

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... Normal mods are custom
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These are mods but just simple mods.As you said , anyone can make it.I renewed the name of guide.
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Those aren't mods. They are just custom things that anyone can make. I thought tthis was gonna talk about mods whichh you make using the Tools optionwhen you press play in your Steam Library.