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Kyalami_Legends_v1.01LE (1975)

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MonteCarlo 1966
Created by Studio 397
Surrounded by lamp posts, walls, hay bales and people, it is an intensely difficult lap, requiring complete concentration. The tight and twisty nature of this street circuit makes passing difficult. Qualifying is all-important.

In 1966, the year of trac...
Belgium 1966
Located in the Belgium Ardennes is this beautiful and blindingly fast circuit that was home to many races. This is the 1966 layout of the track....
Longford 1967 (by woochoo)
Longford began hosting motorcycle events in the early 1950s, and car races soon after, including two Australian Grand Prix. The lineup included touring cars, sports cars, and the Tasman Series featuring a number of the top F1 drivers and teams. The circuit...
Silverstone GP 1975
Created by senormen
This is a track I had in rF1 and have now put into rF2.
Countless hours have been spent updating materials, shaders, textures, and adding rF2 features including increasing the resolution of the track mesh for real road and mapping the race groove to the f...
Brianza 1966
Created by Studio 397
In the forests near Brianza, Italy, sits the Brianza race track: Historic and filled with the ghosts of a racing past, the circuit is incredibly dangerous, and with multiple high-speed sections, any mistake could lead to a big accident.

The circuit includ...
Le Grand Circuit 1967
Created by woochoo
Based on a classic French endurance race from 1967.
WARNING: This project is not yet complete, so please do not expect polished graphics. It is released here as version 0.50 / beta / early access.

Scratch-made by woochoo, with authorised reuse of some ...
Rouen-les-Essarts v0.97
Created by odb
Basic conversion into rF2 by SJ.
Extensively and substantially updated by digga (www.simracingteam.net).
All credits to original authors of rF1 version who made the track in association with VLM, Elwood and Madhorse.
With thanks to Monsum a...
Buenos Aires Historic
Created by Mak80_
Buenos Aires Historic (circuit n.15) updated by Mauro and philrob. Road mesh reworked by Rik. A big thanks to philrob for help. Permission gived by Rik and GPC-Motorfx...
[Virtua_LM] Le Mans 1991-1996
Created by Gijs van Elderen

Special thanks to Ethone and MonSum.

History of the project: http://www.virtua-lm.com/lemans/

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