ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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TwitchRP Beyond (Genesis)
Mod list for TwitchRP's Beyond (Genesis) season! Watch the trailer here:
Items (17)
Created by Peoples Gaming


Welcome to Ark Genesis, the first step in your Cyberpunk adventure in the Ark.. Travel through the tek dystopia in one of the most unique takes on Ark yet. Cyberpunk dropships and speeders, reskinn...
Cute Hair
Created by Sakura
The mod has expanded to include skins for other equipments.
Over 200 different customizations for your RP needs!

Learn the engram for the Apple bowl (Female Hair), JD (Male Hair), Skyrim (Helmet & Mask from Skyrim) , Black Kitty (Requested Hairs) or Bro...
Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
Created by RedDwarf
  • Craftable item that unlocks all hairstyles and emotes, including:

    • Mohawk
    • Afro
    • Romantic
    • Dreadlocks
    • Ponytail
    • Braids
    • Viking

Vanilla Armor Skins
Created by Kaliya
This simple mod adds craftable skin versions of -most- vanilla armors to the game. Ever wanted to be an arctic commando, camouflaged in your snow-dyed ghillie suit while still wearing furs for their hypothermal insulation? Or wander the desert as a Riot-cl...
Created by TWO
This MOD add head skin in the game data.
If you add mod,automaticly include Engram.


MOD ID:576432474

KRY Wardrobe Mod
Created by Krytxx
Clean and stackable!
Mod ID 1213429840

This mod contains several custom armor skins that give the appearance of clothing of various styles/eras. All are currently craftable in a single station and all are dyable!

--UPDATE (Nov 16, 2018)--

As many...
Reusable Parachute [Discontinued]
Created by jslay
Reusable Parachute
Available at level 40. Requires Parachute Engram to be learned as a prerequisite. This engram costs 0 pts.

Crafting mats:
10 Polymer
10 Cementing Paste
20 Fiber
200 Hide

100 uses before breaking! Can be defined in Gam...
Armor War Mech
Created by Jay
Perhaps the most pleasant thing is that the robot can now be pumped!
Added: Missile installation. It is located in the chest slot. Shoots a "space bar" and can be used simultaneously with other weapons. Has a visual flight path with three levels of distan...
Tek Helper
Created by Chris

This mod adds 1 Engram which allows you to craft true vanilla TEK Element in your inventory and inside the Vanilla TEK Replicator.

By default this mod also unlocks all TEK Engrams automatically for all players. You can change that using the fol...
Builder's Helmet
Created by Grebog
Builder's Helmet
This Builder's Helmet gives a buff, which helps you to build structures.
The target structure has a colored overlay. You can pick up the structure.

New GameUserSettings.ini entry: PreventPickUpDa...
Created by Ivam
Creative version of this mod is now an open project. Feel free to collaborate.

Add a new set of Metal with Glass structures

The structures have the same durability than the metal ones, but w...
Tek Glass
Created by Biggumzzz

Tek Glass adds a Glass Tek Tile-Set to your game. The Tek Glass structures have options in the radial menu to allow different transparencies, such as one way glass, or two way glass.

Created by eco
MOD ID: 670764308

Craft and plant trees, rocks, bushes, and more to create your own garden paradise!

100% Stackable mod.


All items can be picke
eco's RP Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 741203089

Craft decorative furniture and tons of other items for your RP (Role Play) servers!

100% Stackable Mod


All items can be picked up.
eco's Tek Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 816908578

Craft scientific decor for your technological base!

100% Stackable mod.


All items can be picked up. (Hold use key to pick up.)
eco's Garden Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 880871931

Craft fountains, topiary, indoor/outdoor lighting, fences, and planters for your garden!

100% Stackable mod.


All items
eco's Shoppe Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 902548451

Create wonderful decorations for the interior and exterior of your RP shoppes!

100% Stackable mod.


All items can be pi
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