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Fausts Alptraum Walkthrough
By FebruaryRed
This is a step-by-step walkthrough to the game. It will have all the items, as well as how to get the endings.
Things to know:
- Do watch out for the rats as they make your light dimmer
- You can't die (excepting key events) and getting attacked or losing your light will put you back into My Room.
- You do not have to follow this guide to the letter, some steps can be skipped.
-The names of the rooms are based on the maps.
- If you don't want to read this whole guide, there is an index at the bottom. The Index has maps, puzzles, and ending tags. Use those to search the guide.
-There are four endings.

Well, the beginning is pretty self-explanatory, but here:

Go through the door underneath the stairs and talk to the demon.

[My Room] :Save Point:
- Chocolate Candy x1 (automatically used)
(I think there are three speeds in all)
- 1F Right Corridor Key
- Candleholder
- Matches x1 (automatically used)
Use the matches and candy as you like, there will be lots more later. There are limits to using the candy/matches and the game will let you know by playing a piano sound.

- Matches x2
- Chocolate Candy x1

Open the door on the right with the 1F Right Corridor Key.
Chapter 1: Puss in Boots
[1F Right Corridor]
- Matches x2
- Chocolate Candy x1

[Dining Room]
Nothing really.

[Kitchen] :Save Point:
Note the pot of acid and the Witch's puzzle on the wall.
Examine the Plaster Sculpture
- Matches x3
- Chocolate Candy x1
- Fish Eye

[1F Right Corridor]
Examine the Plaster Sculpture
(It will attack you, so exit to the Hall)
Re-enter the Right Corridor and push the key out of the keyhole with the metal wire.
- Metal Wire
- Living Room Key

[Living Room]
Note the two paintings on the wall as well as the empty spot.
{Riddles for Children}
There is you, a mouse, and a cat. Who do you give the apple to? Well...if you think about it, cats eat mice, so... the apple would go to the mouse!

- Matches x1
- Puss in Boots I
- Note
- Golden Key
- 1F Map

[1F Right Corridor]
- Key on the Floor

Open the door with the Key on the Floor

[1F Left Corridor]
The first door talks about a "sparkling exterior" and "internal beauty".
Take the Golden Key and dunk it in the acid pot (Kitchen).
- Matches x4
- Chocolate Candy x1

[Sitting Room] :Save Point:
Note the clock, it doesn't have hands.
{4 Tumbler Safe}
There is a note on the wall beside with clues on how to open it.
B+C, B+K, A+K, A+B.
This corresponds with the Note in your inventory.
A=Red, B=Blue, C=Yellow, K=Black :: 1=Purple, 2=Green, 3=Orange, 4=Black
Combine the two to get Blue+Yellow, Blue+Black, Red+Black, Red+Blue
The code is: 2441

The key reads "French doors in the bedroom" so go up to the 2F Left Corridor where you came from before.
- Matches x1
- Small Key
- 2F Map
- Puss in Boots II

[2F Left Corridor]
Enter the middle door to My Room.
- Matches x3
- Chocolate Candy x2

[My Room] :Save Point:
Open the French doors (they look like windows) with the Small Key.
Go onto the balcony to go left or right and enter the rooms.

[* Room]
Note the shape on the 2F Map on the Left Room and how the floor squeaks when you walk over it.
There's a safety deposit box, but you don't have any clues yet.
Unlock the door and head to the 3 Pig Room Room.
- Chocolate Candy x1
- Puss in Boots III

[3 Pig Room]
You'll find a doll on top of a safety deposit box. Leave it alone for now.
Unlock the door and head to the 2F Right Corridor since there's nothing else to do.
- Matches x1
- Bookmark

[2F Right Corridor]
Examine the first door twice to talk to the people inside. Looks like you'll need some fancy clothing.
The second door says it opens at 4. Go to the Sitting Room where the handless clock is.
- Matches x1
- Chocolate Candy x1
- Clockhand

[Sitting Room] :Save Point:
Turn the hour hand to 4 and head back up. The door should be open now.
Go past the Gallery to Marguerite's Room.

[Marguerite's Room] :Save Point:
Read the Diary on the table.
Read the Diary on the bookshelf.
Open the Red Dresser with the Wooden Handle Key.
Pick up the Paper Fragment and read the Diary on the floor.
Wear the Formal Dress and leave. Watch out for the head.
- Matches x1
- Chocolate Candy x1
- Bound Book I
- Bound Book II
- Bound Book III
- Wooden Handle Key
- Formal Dress
- Paper Fragment

[2F Right Corridor]
You can talk to the people behind the door again, but it seems you'll still need to get something pretty. Since we had the clues for the safety deposit box, let's go to the * Room.

[* Room]
{Safety Deposit Box}
The safety deposit box tells you to start with the most expensive.
Examine the Bookmark: Eyes(1,500), Tooth(1,000), Blood(300), Heart (110,000)
Examine the Paper Fragment and find the corresponding numbers for each of the body parts. The numbers 1-4 are sequential for each row.
Heart:3, Tooth:1, Eyes:4, Blood:2
Order it by price from greatest to least. Heart, Eyes, Tooth, Blood
The code is: 3412

Take the Spade and read the Diary.
Mother is buried by the pond.
Let's go to the Kitchen where the door to the pond is.
- Spade
- Bound Book IV

[Kitchen] :Save Point:
...The door is still locked, but look! Something's different. Examine the broken plates to get a Plate Fragment.
Head to the 3 Pig's Room where the doll is.
- Plate Fragment

[3 Pig's Room]
Insert the Fish Eye and cut a mouth with the Plate Fragment.
Take the Fish Eye back.
Head to the Living Room where the two paintings are.
- Painting
- Fish Eye

[Living Room]
Place the Painting onto the empty hook.
The door in the Kitchen is now open.
Go through to the Pool.

Dig at the spot left of the fountain.
There's a yellow gem... Pretty isn't it?
Bring this to the door on the 2F Corridor.
- Yellow Gem
- Bracelet
- Puss in Boots IV

[Waiting Room]
The 3 piglets run, each hiding in different rooms. Ignore them for now.
Examine the drawers for the Hand Axe.
The rooms the piglets are hiding in will generally have music playing.
The pigs are hiding in Marguerite's Room, the Kitchen, and the Wine Cellar.
Since you have the axe, you'll be able to open up the creaky floorboards in the * Room.
- Matches x1
- Chocolate Candy x1
- Yellow Gem
- Old Diary
- Hand Axe

[Marguerite's Room] :Save Point:
Piglet under the chair
- Puss in Boots V

[Kitchen] :Save Point:
Piglet in the fireplace
- Crayon

[* Room]
Walk around until you find the creaky spot. Break it with the axe.
Go down.

[Library] :Save Point:
Move the empty bookshelf right next to the bookshelf (to the right of the room) with the ladder.
Read the torn scraps of paper
Examine the shiny thing on the bookshelf...
Welp, looks like the key's too high for you now. You'll need Siebl to get it

for you.
Leave the room.
- Matches x1

[???] :Save Point:
Follow the Memos to progress to the next room.
Push desks.

Move around till you get to the exit.

Don't get hit by the mice, move fast.
Read the List.
- Memo I
- Memo II
- Memo III
- Memo IV
- List

[My Room] :Save Point:
Wake up to find Siebl.
Go to the Waiting Room to open the Data Room.
- Key with a Label

[Data Room] :Save Point:
Fill the empty spot on the bookshelf with the Old Diary
Note that golems are created by writing Emeth on it's forehead and to destroy

it, you remove the e to write meth.
- Matches x
- Chocolate Candy x
- Letter
- Umbrella
- Sun-shaped Key
- The Blue Bird I
- Long Match
- Paper Spread

[Waiting Room]
Light the candles with the Long Match to open the door.

Engraved on the mirror is an almost open eye and a keyhole.
Head to the Library

[Library] :Save Point:
Use Siebl to get the key.
Leave the room and follow the footprints to the crack in the wall.
Break open the crack with the axe and go down.
The door is locked.
Head to the the end of 1F Right Corridor and open the door with the Sun-shaped Key. Use the umbrella.
Chapter 2: The Blue Bird
[Garden S]
Examine the man
- Forgotten Key

[Garden SE]
"Check the pink carpet on the third floor"
- Matches x1
- Chocolate x1

[Garden E] :Save Point:
Uproot the hand.
{Locked Wooden Case}
There are coordinates on the box. (3,5), (-1,-1), (-1,5), (3,-2)
The sign is split into four quadrants with their own different flowers.
Count the flowers in order of the quadrants the coordinates are in.
The code is 3361

Plant the Seed in the Pot.
- Clay-made Hand
- Seed
- Small Key

[Garden Middle E]
There's a bluebird, but it's on the other side of the fence.

[Garden NE]
Read the Diary
- Bound Book V

[Garden SW]
- Matches x2

[Garden W]
Insert the Clay-made Hand
The door opens at midnight, but turning the hour hand to 12 only makes it noon. Looks like you'll have to make it night.
{Turning Hand}
There are 9 turns in all. The first turn is a right turn. There are three turns to the left and each are separated by multiple turns to the right that decrease after each left turn.
The combination is: Right-Right-Right-Left-Right-Right-Left-Right-Left

- Wing

[Garden Middle W]
The water is too low.
Nothing else here, head to the Library.

[Library] :Save Point:
Use Siebl to get the key.
Leave the room and follow the footprints to the crack in the wall.
Break open the crack with the axe and go down.

[Hole] :Save Point:
Open the door with the Forgotten Key.
Write EMETH on the golem.
Follow the golem.

- Matches x5
- Chocolate Candy x1
- Bound Book VI

[Water Control Room]
You can unlock the Control Panel, but don't mess with anything yet.
Leave the room and head up across the bridge.
Examine the door
- The Blue Bird II

[Walking Door]
Follow the blue arrows
Examine the feather
Wake up and go back.

[Cave II]
"Only bring gold here!" Looks like we'll have to turn the Iron Key back to gold.
Destroy the golem with METH and enter the room.
- Matches x6

[Cave Bedroom] :Save Point:
"Hunters tend to target deer"
"The fox and the hens"
Leave and examine the door with the bird on it.
{Bird Door}
"Head: up down left right"
Examine the hanging birds to see what direction they're facing.
Count how many are facing up/down/left/right.
The code is: 3232

- Matches x1
- Chocolate Candy x1
- Birdcatcher
- Bound Book VII

[Feeding Room]
Take all three wine glasses.
- Wine Glass x3

[Cave II]
The bottom door has a symbol carved on the keyhole.
Go to the Water Control Room.

[Water Control Room]
Turn the water switch down.
Go onto the bridge and have Siebl get the shiny thing in the water.
Turn the water switch up.
Go to Garden Middle W and cross the bridge.
- Small Key

[Garden Middle E]
The bird is gone, but place the birdcage on the floor anyways.
Leave and come back to find a Moon-shaped Key.

[Garden SW]
Open the door with the Moon-shaped Key.
Turn the hour hand to 12 if you haven't already and go to Garden W.

[Garden W]
The door is now open. Enter Garden NW and enter the walking door.
- The Blue Bird III

[Walking Door II]
{Noise Puzzle}
I uh... don't get this puzzle. I kinda brute forced it to be honest.
Here's the combination: Up, Left, Right, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Down, Down

Go up to Garden E

[Garden E] :Save Point:
Take the Empty Watering Can and fill it with water near the bridge.
Water the blue flower
Head to Garden NW
- Empty Watering Can
- Rose

[Garden NW]
Dunk the Iron Key into the gold paint.
Place the Rose in the empty vase.
-Golden Key

[Garden N]
Take the White Flowers
"One can be found on you, One is buried beneath the unsociable hand, One is buried beneath the red X, One is located in the hallway behind Marie Antoinette."
- White Flowers

[Garden NE]
Place the White Flowers beside the empty grave.
- Beak

[Garden S]
Dig up the hand that's different from the rest
- Blue Gem

[1F Left Corridor]
Look behind the Queen painting.
Head down the caves to the Wine Cellar.
Open the door with the Golden Key.
- Green Gem

[Wine Cellar]
Find the last piglet somewhere to the left of the room.
Fill the Wine Glasses with blood that each (Human, Fox, Wolf) would want to drink.
Chicken Blood, Goat Blood, and Deer(Buck) Blood
Head to the Feeding Room and place the according drink in front.
- Wine Glasses with Blood x3

[Feeding Room]
Place the Chicken Blood in front of the Fox, the Goat Blood in front of the Wolf, and the Deer Blood in front of the Human.
Examine the dinner plate.
Head back up to the garden.
- Bird's Leg

[Garden NW]
Dig up the red blooms
- Red Gem

[Garden N]
Place the gems in order. Yellow=Earth, Green=Air, Blue=Water, Red=Fire
"Starting from the top in a clockwise direction...earth, air, fire and water"

[Garden Center]
Examine the teddy bear from all sides.
Left: Attach Wing
Front: Attach Beak
Right: Attach Leg
Go down into the caves where the locked door with a symbol is.
Open it with the Iron Key.
- Iron Key

[Caves III]
Exit to the 1F Left Corridor and go right.
Enter the Walking Door
- Bound Book VIII
- The Blue Bird IV

[Walking Door III]
Go between the eyes that do not move and walk up.

[My Room] :Save Point:
Follow the shouting to Marguerite's Room
- The Blue Bird V

[Marguerite's Room] :Save Point:
Go onto the balcony.
Go down to Garden S

[Garden S]
Head onto the third floor.
- The Blue Bird VI
- Coin
- Key
Chapter 3: The Adventure of Pinocchio
Open the first door on the 3F Left Corridor
- Pinocchio I

[3F Left Corridor]
There's a lightbulb-less lamp and a door with a 2-digit lock.
Draw on the 3F Map with the Crayon
- Matches x3
- Chocolate Candy x1

Open all the curtains.
Run out of the room and come back.
The beds now have numbers on them and there's more stuff in the back.
An eyeless bear, mouthless bear, and a faceless bear.
{Sick Bed Assignments}
Angelica needs to stay in a crowd, Bechstein can't be enclosed, Ferdinand values privacy, Hilda wants to be near the exit, and Emmerich doesn't like people.
Angelica belongs in bed 5 because it's in the middle of two other beds. Hilda sleeps in bed 1 as it's closest to the door. Emmerich's bed is number 3 because it's seperated from everyone else. Ferdinand sleeps in 4 where he has curtains on both sides to hide and Benchstein can remain in 2 because with only one curtain he can't be "enclosed".

Nothing else to do here so leave to the other corridor.
- Note
- Old Diary IV

[3F Right Corridor]
There's a door with a "height restriction" and another that opens at 4/16.
Nothing else you can do here, so head to the Display Room.
- Matches x5
- Chocolate Candy x2
- Key to the Display Room

[Display Room]
Use both the Left Hand and the Right Hand keys on the Gnossiennes statue.
Wear the Witch's Hat and head back to the height restriction room.
-Witch's hat

[Rabbit Room] :Save Point:
Examine the upper left corner of the carpet.
There is a door with a slightly opened eye engraved and a mutilated teddy on the bed.
Examine the box next to the door. "...shine your ringing light"
Looks like you'll have to use the lightbulb.
The other door has a list of items. Count the number of each in the room in the order on the list. Don't forget the stuffed rabbit you're carrying around.
The code is: 925
- Wooden Piece
- Lightbulb

"More gold coins will appear if you plant them underneath the tree!"
{TEDDY box}
Read the Note you have for the clue.
L:2, ü:3, G:2, N:3, E:4, R:3
The pattern among the numbers is that they equal the number of strokes it takes to write the letter above it.
The code is: 24223

NOTE: Depending on where you hide (cupboard or box) you'll get a different CG. If you don't want to black out, leave the room immediately.
Wherever you end up at the end of this, go to the 3F Left Corridor from there.
- Matches x2
- Faucet
- Old Diary III
- Metallic Key

[3F Left Corridor]
Use the Faucet on the bathtub in the Bathroom and leave.
Use the lightbulb on the lamp. Turn it on.
If you look very, very closely to the bottom of the lamp, there are the numbers 6280.
But remember now, that's a shadow.
Head back to the Rabbit Room to open the box.

[Rabbit Room] :Save Point:
The scissors are gone.
The code to the box is 0829
Head to the Sitting Room to change the time with the minute hand.
- Clockhand

[Sitting Room] :Save Point:
The door opens at 4/16.
That's 1/4 or a quarter of an hour.
Move the minute hand to 15 minutes or 3

The door will be open now. Head up to the 4/16 door.
- Old Diary V

The wall has been painted on: 86-41
Looks like you'll get a certain 2-digit number if you subtract.
Use the Key with the tightly shut eye on the door.
- Pinocchio II

[Siebl's Room]
A locked safety deposit box with the letter EHFAB engraved.
Remember the Sick Bed Assignments?
The code: E:3, H:1, F:4, A:5, B:2
- Matches x2
- Chocolate Candy x1
- Swimming Tube
- Old Diary VI
- Metallic Key

[3F Left Corridor]
Open the 2-digit lock with the number from the Gallery
The code is: 45

[TV Room] :Save Point:
There's a tree. Place the Coin underneath
Turn on the TV and go through channels, moving in and out of the room.
After you let the tree listen to all the channels, it'll grow...faces!
We still have the Key with the slightly open eye, so let's open the corresponding door.
Let's check on the bathroom while we're at it.
- Face

Oh my, it seems the Bathroom has completely flooded.
Good thing we have the Swimming Tube.
- Pinocchio III

[Sanatorium] :Save Point:
- Eye
- Pinocchio IV

There are puddles of water in the room. Avoid stepping on them or the piglet will hear you. If you do though, and you have to, hurry and make sure you're a safe distance from the piglet. If you get caught, you'll miss the Wooden Piece at the end of the room.
Leave and come back to get Pinocchio V
- Wooden Piece
- Pinocchio V

[Rabbit Room] :Save Point:
Open the door with the slightly open eye.

[Pawn Room]
"Protect yourself"
{Chess Puzzle}
Move the pawn in a position where it wouldn't be "eaten"
King: Can move one block in any direction.
Queen: Moves diagonally as well as horizontally and vertically.
Rook: Moves horizontally and vertically.
Bishop: Moves diagonally
Knight: Moves in a L shape (2 forward and 1 to the side or the reverse)
Pawn: Can eat you if you are directly one square diagonal of it.
Move the pawn to: Right of the Knight

Now that you have the Teeth, 2 Eyes, and a Face, head to the infirmary to place the body parts on the teddy bears.
- Teeth

Head to Mirrors where the almost fully open eye is.
- Metallic Key

Saving before this is recommended.
Go straight to the end and take the rabbit.
NOTE: There will be a chase scene after this. Get caught to get {ED1} plus some CGs
Else, run to the top of the stairs.
- Pinocchio VI
- Silver Key
- Doll
- Scissors
- Pinocchio VII
Final Chapter
Note: If you want the hidden ending, do not interact with any of the shadows

before you finish the puzzles.

Give the shadows what they need.
Give the Witch's Hat to the shadow standing outside the door
Use the Umbrella to shade the shadow from rain
Warm the shadow by burning the Maps in the fireplace
Give the shadow the Fancy Dress
Put the Swimming Tube back on the wall
- Metallic Key
Open the door in the passageway underneath the stairs
Give the locked shadow your rabbit doll
Get caught to get {ED2}
Escape to get {True Ending}


[3F Right Corridor]
- Old Diary VIII
[Siebl's Room]
Put the Diary back on the shelf
- Old Diary IX
- Diary
- Chocolate Candy x10
- Wooden Piece

{The Witch's Sum}
The sum of all the numbers in a row, column, or diagonally have to equal 15.
The pieces from top to bottom are: 4, 5, 6

- Sheet Music

[Piano Room]
{Piano Song}
Compare the writing on the back wall to the Sheet Music
!: Red, @:Purple, $:Blue, %:Teal, *:Yellow, &:Green, ?:Pink
Use the Gnossiennes code: &%*&? &%*&$
The keys on the Piano are Pink(F), Green(G), Yellow(H), Blue(K), Purple (L), Red(;), Teal(U)
Press the pianos keys in order: GUHGFGUHGK

Bring the Red Flower to Marguerite's Room
- Red Flower
- Old Diary X

Resolve all the shadows.
Ignore her.



{Riddles for Children}
{4 Tumbler Safe}
{Safety Deposit Box}
{Locked Wooden Case}
{Turning Hand}
{Bird Door}
{Noise Puzzle}
{Sick Bed Assignments}
{TEDDY box}
{Chess Puzzle}
{The Witch's Sum}
{Piano Song}

{ED1} - Dearest Elisabeth
{ED2} - Continuation of the Dream
{True Ending} - Faust's Daydream
{Hidden Ending} - Song of Flowers
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CrazyNazy Aug 1 @ 4:48pm 
Im kinda lost because i dont find one eye ?
Blaze Jul 27 @ 3:28pm 
Does anyone know where the Old diary III was?
Simona Marra May 27 @ 11:03am 
@turret I've found "puss in boots V" while i was doing the hidden ending, after the first dialogue with M. Near the door
a Jul 29, 2018 @ 8:31pm 
You must look at the gem puzzle once before the girl can take the gem from the painting.

It's the case for some items, for instance if you try to wear Marguriette's Dress before you interact with the 3 Pigs, she will think it looks too precious and won't wear it.
Turret (RUS) Jun 26, 2018 @ 10:23pm 
Thank you for your guide. I think this is very useful, especially if you pass the game for the first time. But I had a problem with the "Puss in boots V". I couldn't find it in Margurerite's room. Maybe someone knows if a chance still to find? If so, where?
The Doctor Jun 25, 2018 @ 9:46am 
o.fallenmasks.o could you go into further detail please?
o_FallenMasks_o Jun 25, 2018 @ 7:08am 
In chapter 3 I did things a little out of order, and now the door to the imfirmary is gone
a May 27, 2018 @ 10:05pm 
@pchnorth Unfortunately you have to have at least one match, you probably have to restart the game. If you collect most of the matches you would have more than enough to spare for full brightness and sustain the occasional mouse attack, so don't skimp on checking drawers for chocolates and matches.
pchnorth May 27, 2018 @ 7:37pm 
please help i accidentially used my only match in the final chapter and apparently matches don't exist anymore, and the last time i saved was after i used my matc:steamsalty:
bloody_crisis Mar 30, 2018 @ 12:42am 
Can I add to this guide the amount of steps you need to take when crossing in the dark with the golem? (I wish we could just follow it instead and I'm not the only one annoyed by it a little, right?)
You'll need to take 4 or 5 steps to the right (depending if it's slow or fast with your pace)
3 steps down
2 steps right again
1 up, right, and up again.
3 right steps
4 steps up
3 right steps again
4 steps down
and finally 3 to the right to finally reach that door.