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7,62 Hard Life

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GEG - Give Everybody Guns
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GEG - Give Everybody Guns

GEG - Give Everybody Guns - Version 1.2 [Last Update: 2018/06/28]

Visit our discord channel! https://discord.gg/PZ2ZPnt

Installation - PLEASE READ!


2. Please don't skip this step! Download this improved EXE file for more stability, especially when loading shops. This will improve the game stability, but there is no way to make this work from steam workshop, it needs to be a separate download.

For 32-bit computers: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RnMNddu-4mgMllErbjikH03q-fa99rlj/view

For 64-bit computers: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rw5Tm2p51P8vt--zugKMys6tlHx-LvLi/view

After you download it, simply extract both the exe file and the "RenderedItems" folder to the main folder of your game; overwrite files when asked.

If google drive links above don't work, try the mirrors here: https://pastebin.com/TEuSgFCZ

3. Activate the mod in Steam Workshop.

4. Start a >>>NEW<<< game. (no need to start a new game if simply updating from previous version of the mod).

5. Save frequently, i also recommend saving before opening shops.


-800+ new weapons, 35+ new calibers, as well as some new items; all of them integrated into the world, being used by enemies and sold by shops. Enemies now have much higher weapon variety, with bandits for example having over 130 variants for some CGLs, 10 times higher than in vanilla or HLA.

-Improved explosives crafting: Adds new recipes for making remote explosives with grenades and rockets.
-Graphical improvements: GEG adds new weapons with high quality models and textures whenever possible, as well as replacing models and textures for several items already in the game.

-Weapon descriptions: Detailed descriptions for weapons. Almost all weapons have very detailed descriptions, especially those important to firearms history, and even trivias and famous incidents the firearms were involved with.

-Weapons have had their automatic fire accuracy changed. Depending on the caliber, size of weapon and other factors; with SMGs being much more controllable than higher powered rifles. This value is displayed on the description of the weapon. Battle rifles are worse than they originally were.

-Degradation and overheating of the ammunition is displayed on its description. Overpressure rounds are more degradable but yield better performance. There are some other high quality ammo or underpressure ammo that will yield lower performance, but will degrade the weapon less.

-Included option to change AR-15 stocks to any other telescopic stock. To do so, simply buy the item in the shops and change the stock of a compatible weapon. For those that cannot find these stocks for sale, there is one added in the rifles section of the orders in Cali Cantinos and in the army base. Thanks goes to gpgpgpgp for coding this feature.

-As of update 1.2, gpgpgpgp was kind enough to allow me to include his Looting Tweak in the mod by default. His mod allows looting directly from vests, belts and other LBE by right clicking, as well as dropping all items from an LBE when it is folded. He also included a script to combine 7 dynamite sticks into the big bundle of dynamites.

The mod is compatible if playing with Russian language; all item descriptions will be in English language, but the rest of the game will remain in Russian language.

Visit our forum for more information and changelogs! You can also get a Non-steam workshop version in our forum, on the second post.



Regarding folding belts:

If you use "Examine Items" / "Inspect" action on container items (vests, etc), and before closing the "what's inside" window, you click "Fold" action, the window will be left open with looks like the items are inside. If you then operate with the window (clicking "X", etc) or any item inside, the game gets angry and crashes itself.

To avoid this, close window first or click "Finish Inspect" before clicking a "Fold" action.

If the window is already left open (by mistake), you can always let the window close itself by pressing ESC or "leave sector" or "show/hide inventory" key.



GoldenSilver - Stuff.
CFK / Duncan - Attachment corrections, testing, bugfixes, foregrips, shops.
RaiRai - Descriptions for magazines and boxes, new look for ammo boxes, testing, some new weapons.
Slice - NPC inventories, lots of weapon information, testing.
DFN - Testing, ideas, ammunition weight, previous files from Blue Sun Mod.
Zilincan - Weapons of Blue Sun Mod that were ported into GEG.
BSM authors - Weapons and gear ported from BSM.
gpgpgpgp - Author of gpgpgpgp's Looting Tweak and made the AR-15 stock modification possible.


Xelat - Help with HLA files, tips with modding scripts.
Chocolate Sword - License script fix.
Eiya - Models (Daewoo K2, Ultimax, T75, T51K1, Tantal and others), textures, lots of weapon information, testing, Chinese and Taiwanese weapon/ammo information.
MoisesSJN - Testing.
Distress - Russian translation of mod description, bug reporting.
Auspice - Lots of weapon and ammo information, testing.
SweetSoulBro - Lots of weapon and ammo information, testing.
Aenur - Previous files from Silver Armory V2.
All beta testers - Thanks guys!
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