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Tomato Way

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Tomato Way - A Complete Lore
By Viperr101
A comprehensive look into the world of Tomate as he struggles to fulfill his destiny. It is the only way. The Tomato Way.
The Beginning of a Journey

A bitterness fills the air. The land is bleak and desolate with naught a Veggien nor Fruitoc in sight. There are few remnants left in the world of Ediblon.

It is a bleak time for the Tomatians. In a world torn asunder after The Great Ediblon War, the ravaged landscape is now a baren and desolate wasteland inhabited only by the mutants and the souls of those who fought for their families and loved ones.

It is here that we find Tomate, one of the last remainders of what was once a great people. The Tomatians lived in a prosperous and carefree society driven by the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. They cherished the juices of their kind that helped bring tranquility to the world known as the Essence of Tomay which had the power to cure disease and prolong life to those who knew how to harness it.

The Tomatians lived at peace with the Cucumbertons and Onionsans in what seemed to be a perfect balance. The Cucumbertons were a great ally to the Tomatians. They were strong of will and performed a great deal of research that helped the world to better understand the tomay and the potential it had. Unlike the Cucumbertons, the Onionsans were often considered lesser folk. While not as intelligent or gifted, they still provided much for the world of Ediboln. They built cities, helped those in need, and cared a great deal for everyone in Ediblon. Their greatest downfall was addiction which led many Onionsans down the wrong path, tempting them with drugs and alcohol and leaving them weak and susceptible to trickery.

As one of the few remaining survivors of his kind, is it up to Tomate to write the final chapter of his people. Restore the honor once bestowed upon the Tomatians, bringing an end to a once prosperous era in the World of Ediblon.
Characters and Races
Many of the characters in Ediblon are what remain of the survivors of the war.

These are their stories.


Snail was different from the rest of the Ediblons. He was neither a Veggien nor a Fruitoc. His race was unknown, but this did not stop him from trying to help. He lived as a humble mailman, refusing to quit his job after the war even when things looked bleak. Snail continued on with his duties even when no one expected him to.

Snail delivers a letter to Tomate


Amanita is a Shroomtoe, a race considered to be the most wise of all beings in Ediblon. He was Tomate's protector and mentor as he grew up. Padre, Tomate's father, knew that Tomate would not be safe being raised by him, as the war had just broken out.

Amanita helps to supply Tomate during his battles, providing supplies such as ammunition and medical equipment.
Amanita smoking a cigar


Padre is the father of Tomate. He played a prominent role in the Great Ediblon War. He was the leader of a group of Tomatians known as the TomayWays. During the war, he married his wife, Madre, who had died while giving birth to their son Tomate. Padre, knowing that he could not protect Tomate in the Tomatian homeland, sent him off with to be raised by Amanita. That was the last time he saw Tomate in over a decade.

Padre after reconciling with Tomate

During the war, Padre had lost his memory during a Cherribun hyper mutant attack. All memories of his son Tomate were lost. That was until they met once again 10 years later.

Padre remembering Tomate during the war

Worm is responsible for saving Tomate's life. After the car accident that nearly killed Tomate as he was traveling to the city of Saliva in Iraqistan, Worm was responsible for helping Tomate recover. He had the power to emulate and construct worlds within the minds of others, keeping Tomate's strength up for the battles to come.

Worm smoking while inside Tomate


Thief was half mutant, half Onionsan. He could still speak Ukrainian like the rest of the survivors, but his face was twisted and deformed, and his teeth rotting. With no remaining family, his soul purpose in life was to steal from those who were weak and helpless. Unfortunately for him, he misjudged Tomate's abilities, and was swiftly cut down by the Fork of the Fallen, an ancient weapon passed down between generations of Tomatians who were deemed worthy protectors of the realm.
Thief as he sets up an ambush to collect the
bounty on Tomate's head

Tomate could have used Thief as an ally. But instead, Thief chose the path of the corrupt, thinking only of himself and the money promised by those who wanted to see Tomate dead.

Thief threatens Tomate

Carrot Barman

Barman standing behind the counter of the Drunk Rat

Little is known about the Carrote people. Whether they were mutants before the war or simply shapeshifters who preyed on the weak, their existence remains a mystery.

Tomate was aware of the mystery of the Carrote, but he needed to find out what had happened to Sheriff, a Cucumberton who had been lost after trying to find the source of the missing tomay. Tomate had a keen sense for trickery and deceit and knew Carrot Barman could not be trusted. It was a vain attempt in asking the Carrote where Sheriff had gone, as Carrot Barman shows no empathy towards Tomate's questioning.


"The one who started it all." Known to many as Scientist, he was held responsible for the start of the Great Ediblon War. Very few knew him before the start of the war. He was once a Cucumberton, interested in helping research the effects that the tomay had on the world much like the rest of his people. His abilities were unmatched, and he had helped uncover much about the tomay. While it was known that it could prolong life, he found out that it could be used to mold and shape life at a whim. This led to the creation of the mutants. His greatest downfall was his distaste for the Tomatians. He saw them as greedy individuals who rather than using the tomay for its full potential, saved much of it for themselves.
As time went on, his research started to become more sinister. After being cast away by the Cucumbertons for failing to heed their warnings, he left and established himself within the depths of the Drunk Rat.

Many unspeakable horrors were brought out within the Drunk Rat. Onionsans were used as test subjects or killed, Tomatians were hooked up to machines which pumped out their tomay into a reservoir, Cucumbertons that defected to find him were turned into killers. Even the Cherribun, the peacekeepers of the land, were locked up in cages, or killed for resisting.

Scientist knew that it would only be a matter of time before Tomate found him. The posters of Tomate that were found around the Drunk Rat and Iraqistan were his effort to bring him in, preferably alive. He knew how much power Tomate held, both with the Fork of the Fallen, and within his tomay.

Ultimately, he was defeated by Tomate in the battle at the Police Station, as The Egg of Truth fell, crushing him under its weight.
The Great Ediblon War
Tomatian Flameguards stand next to a tank

The Great Ediblon War divided the Tomatians, Cucumbertons, and Onionsans, as well as the Cherribuns. After Scientist started to use the tomay for his own experimentation, he started to experiment on Cucumbertons who he used to spread lies. The mutant Cucumbertons started going back to their families to tell stories, explaining that the Tomatians were responsible for the experiments and were trying to assume power over them. As the Onionsans didn't know better, they started to listen to the Cucumbertons who told them about what was going on.

Buildings lit on fire in Iraqistan

The Onionsans were outraged. They started sending small groups to attack Tomatian farmlands across Ediblon, killing them by the hundreds. The Tomatians had no choice but to defend themselves, sending Soldiers and Flameguards to defend those who could not defend themselves.

A Tomatian guard stands watch

As time went on, the death tole rose. Thousands were dying by the day, Cucumbertons and Onionsans alike. The Tomatians defense was strong, but eventually Scientist came up with a plan to use the tomay against the Tomatians. He created a virus that was dubbed Tomiquion. Its original purpose was to poison and kill any Tomatian that came in contact with the poisoned tomay, but it failed in this respect. It instead infected the Cherribuns, turning them rabid and bloodthirsty. Cherribuns were prominently police officers, medics, and doctors who helped Tomatians in the war against the Cucumbertons and Onionsans. As Scientist sent out defected Cucumbertons to fill the Tomatian's tomay wells with tomiquion, Cherribuns started to turn. Undetected at first, thousands started to become poisoned, and eventually they started turning on the Tomatians, crippling their defenses.

An infected Cherribun attacking

Civilians started to become victim to rabid Cherribun attacks, and the Tomatians didn't have the power to save them. Many Cherribun became prisoners of war and were locked up in cells in the tunnels under the Drunk Rat for further experimentation, leading to the creation of hyper mutant Cherribuns which can be found in Iraqistan. This was Scientist's ultimate weapon, proving to be exponentially more effective than rabid Cherribuns.

A hyper mutant Cherribun

The war raged on for over a decade. The death tole had risen to the tens of millions, and it seemed as if there was no hope for the future. So many had died that eventually many had forgotten why it started. Soldiers started to turn to religion to find peace in what was left in the world. For some the weight of what had happened was too much to bear, leaving them broken and in disrepair.

A legend begins
Distinct Locations
There are few remaining locations in Ediblon. After the war, much of the world had been obliterated.

Drunk Rat

Tomate's first stop on his quest was the Drunk Rat. Filled with drunkards and drug addicts, the Drunk Rat was not the kind of place Tomate would have found himself normally visiting. But it was the last lead he had on Sheriff. After receiving Sheriff's letter from Snail, his only hope of finding out what had happened to him was by facing the dangers that lay inside.

An Onionsan puking in a stall at the Drunk Rat


Beautiful in a serene way, Iraqistan was affected most by The Great Ediblon War, leaving the landscape barren and void of life. Any buildings that remain are empty, and a reminder of the families that once lived here.

There are many secrets that are unknown about Iraqistan. Scattered across the landscape can be found pieces left behind by a creature which was known to Ediblons as the Being of Retadashione.

Stories were often shared about the Being passed on from generation to generation. All that is known about the Being is that it was massive in size, and was made up of an unknown substance that they called Renob which was sometimes used as a material in the construction of buildings.

It is a sight to behold.

Piece of the Being of Retadashione

Police Station

The Police Station was where Scientist fled after the news about the Drunk Rat had spread. While he did not perform any experiments here, he continued to study and research the history of the Tomatians. He also used Cherribuns and Cherribun hyper mutants to protect the station, as a last resort to defeating Tomate

Painting that Scientist had drawn by Cucumbertons

Hospital No.17

While the Hospital pictured was merely a construct in the mind of Tomate created by Worm, it was to be the final destination on Tomate's journey, with the ultimate goal of defeating the Cherribun Dragon. After the car accident, Amanita knew he had to keep Tomate's mind strong, and called upon the porn of Worm to help him continue training. Many mutant Cucumbertons were found in the hospital, along with Lemones who had been injured. The city surrounding the hospital was in complete disrepair, as the ground was destroyed and buildings were floating, and water leaking from sewers.

A Lemone is seen in agony and the city is destroyed

Tomate kills the dragon within the construct

After defeating the Cherribun Dragon, Tomate is seen on a rock pillar with Amanita and Worm over the abyss of lava. It is at this point that Tomate's soul awakens, binding with the world of Ediblon, and bringing forth a new era.

The eyes of Tomate can be seen in the background

A New Age Begins

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