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Project Phantom
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Created by Rad
This a version of my gmod map for source filmmaker, Enjoy

If you found a bug or a issue please, comment and let me know, thanks

To see the cell shading you ...
[UE4] Shooter Game sample enviroment (Buildings)
Created by Texas Doughnut
So I thought SFM needs more sci-fi enviroment, so i imported it.
Since Source have less features and options when it comes to textures, i had to manualy edit them as close to original as i possibly could. (Talking about light reflecting, ect. the textures...
Apartment 2017
Created by renzk
This map is designed for the creation of posters and animations.
A apartment, with a bit of creativity, can turn into a scenary for several scenes!
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron- Bruticus
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Bruticus was the first combiner created by the mad scientist Shockwave. For all his strength and power, however, the monstrous gestalt has only the most rudimentary mind, capable of wanton destruction and little else.
Bruticus is the combined form of five...
Hyperdimension Neptunia Sisters Picture Frames
Created by Nepped Waifu
You didn't ask for them, but here they are. The CPU Candidates in a glorious picture frame!

Type of addon: Prop

A simple picture frame with various images of the CPU Sister Candidates from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series

There are eight pictures fo...
Hyperdimension Neptunia Picture Frames
Created by Nepped Waifu
A picture frame of our favorite waifus.

Type of addon: Prop

A simple picture frame with various images from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series
All art belongs to their

There are eight pictures for one model
  • Adult
Created by UltramanUltimo
Some many animatronics, how about we give you an animatronic that's ACTUALLY kickass?

When terrorists from the future came to the year 1991, they brought with them a genetically engineered beast to destroy Japan, King Ghidorah! However, due to the inter...
PS3/4: King Ghidorah
Created by UltramanUltimo
The King of Terror in all his glory returns with a new model.

A fair warning there is ALOT of bones in the necks and tails, and animating them may prove to be vexing.

Regardless, the model comes in two sizes, like my others.

Yes, potentially a gmod comp...
Ships from Star Wars: The Old Republic
Created by Morganicism

Brief Summary
Includes a number of differently sized ship props from SWTOR.

Additional Information
The ships included are: Harrower...
Starfield Map from Star Wars: The Old Republic
Created by Morganicism

Brief Summary
A large empty space map. The map name is swtor_starfield.

Additional Information
The sky of the map uses a text...
Android 21 Majin
Created by Jacey
* Model and Textures designed by Arc System Works
* Obtained from LorisCangini
* Revised by Anfrien (WinterMyth)
* First render by FamineSkull
* Second render by Drake_Powers

Bionicle: Bohrok
Created by Frosty Dr.
High-poly Bohrok have finally landed in SFM!

This comes on the day LEGO announced that they are ending Bionicle, again. So what am I doing? Keeping Bionicle alive, the old school Bionicle that us older fans will never forget.

Note that AO does not wo...
Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Shockwave
Created by The Mad Demoknight
Shockwave was a member of the scientist caste in the industrial city of Kaon. In a reversal of the usual order, he was swayed by the ambitions of the former mining caste member turned gladiator Megatron. Serving as Megatron's "pet mad scientist" and s...
RWBY - yang xiao long
Created by JTeghius Kittius
yang xiao long from "RWBY - Grimm Eclipse"

model has finger, hair, and skirt posing.

It does not have mouth and eye posing, but it does have the option to switch between 13 facial expressions by picking from her head bodygroups
shotgun gauntlets and some...
Created by Captain Cowboy
This is a small city map I made since there were no realistic cities on the SFM workshop. Feel free to make all, if any of your Source Filmmaker movies on here! It's perfect for anything to do with cities!

SFM_SUBURBIA - A Team Fortress 2 Neighborhood
Created by Benjamoose
[NOTE: This was made for the SFM Workshop, and compiled with the SFM version of Hammer. Therefore this map will NOT work with Garry's Mod or any other Source mod (as far as I'm aware).]

A Team Fortress 2 themed neighborhood.

Current Version: B...