Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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GTAVC Simple Pack
By jamierocks
GTAVC Simple Pack, defines a collection of modifications of which can be used to obtain a more-modern experience of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. There are two packs: the base pack, and the extended pack. Pick which ever suits you the best.
Having gone about playing the 3D-era Grand Theft Auto titles in the past week or so, I have found that mods are an implicit requirement. On one hand, I can completely understand why this has happened: they're old games, and R* have had other things to focus on - but on the other hand, it should be a crime to allow this to happen to classics!

This is where GTAVC Simple Pack comes in. GTAVC Simple Pack sets the standard for two collections of mods, a base pack, and an extended pack. In using either of these packs, you should be left with a vastly improved Grand Thef Auto Vice City experience than you previously had. Doing this, while retaining the look and feel of GTAVC, just making that slight bit more compatible with modern hardware, as a lot has changed since GTAVC's launch.
Base Pack
The base pack simply defines a collection of mods which will ensure that you can have an experience of which you can go about playing GTAVC as it was designed, not adding in any extra features.

Extended Pack
The extended pack, extending on the base pack, defines a collection of mods which will benefit some, but not all. In the spirit of keeping the essentials, and the non-essentials serperate - I kept them so.

I made this guide with Grand Theft Auto Vice City 1.1 in mind - because of this, a number of mods that I would have included I couldn't use, and experience. From having a look at the mods, and their functionality, I would recommend the following if you use 1.0:

You may also want to go about installing Vice City Leftovers[] if you have both the time and patience required to install it.
More Simple Packs
I am a big fan of older games, they tend to focus more on gameplay, and story than graphics - like games do today. Many of these games, like Vice City, require mods to play nicely with modern hardware.
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bebul Feb 21, 2021 @ 12:32pm 
Ped Speech Patch makes the vercetti guards go crazy, kinda funny