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Toggle Globals
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Jun 30, 2017 @ 1:58am
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Toggle Globals

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Toggle globals is a small but useful tool that lets you set the game globals with ease. Globals control underlying functionality from Half-Life 2 that has been previously disabled in Garry's Mod, and now you can control them!

You can find the control panel at Options > Jaxswat's Options > Toggle Globals

You can enable things like:
  • Calm Metropolice
    This is what was used in Half-Life 2 before Gordon became a criminal.

  • Friendly Antlions
    This was enabled in Half-Life 2 where you use the antlions as a weapon.

  • Lowered Weapons
    This is what was used multiple times in Half-Life 2 to lower the weapons in first-person. (Only works for default weapons.)

  • No Player Damage
    Used at the beginning of Half-Life 2 so Gordon wouldn't die.

TG adds a fancy new command called toggle_global which lets you toggle Global States[] for the current game.

Example usage for getting a global state:
toggle_global gordon_precriminal

Example usage for setting a global state:
toggle_global gordon_precriminal 1

Globals can be set to 0 (OFF), 1 (ON), or 2 (DEAD/DISABLED).

You could put the above command in a config file. Good for RP servers who don't want metrocops killing their users.


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This addon was created out of necessity after I saw this reddit post on the /r/gmod subreddit.[]

Go see VDU for all kinds of modding tutorials for quake-based/valve games!
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Dec 19, 2017 @ 2:43am
"Metropolice are claim" is bugged
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I'm not sure if it's a bug (hehe), conflict with another mod or whatever, but for some reason, the Antlions can't detect far-away Bug Bait like they could in HL2 and they don't forget what they were doing and crowd obidently around you when you squeeze it, like they did in that game.
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Tenseleo {LINK REMOVED} wtf man just use it when your not on multiplayer seriously
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when ever I put the metropolice are calm on then turn it off combine don't hurt me, but metropolice can
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its says i have to be a admin , i dont know how to be admin so pls help
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My previous comment. I really think it'd be better saving a millisecond or two just pressing L. Time flies anyway.
Connor Dec 27, 2017 @ 9:36am

Look at the top left. There's a pair of arms. It appears whenever I enable "Metropolice are calm," and then throw something at it. (In this case, a baby doll.) If you can find out the problem to this, then that would be great. It's kind've annoying.