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Jun 27 @ 1:05am
Jul 4 @ 12:17am
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Mossrock is a 2CP A/D map (Gorge-Like) jungle map, with deathpits, trains and mind-controlling radio broadcast stations.

Thanks to:
Fuzzymellow - Orchid textures, flowers and grass
E-Arkham - Antiquity trees, roots and skycards
Alligator - Grassy rocks
Pear - Jungle Flowers and Foliage
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Map Issues
Ninja Cookie
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also people like this map to being able to put a up there and its not even that good puting it up there because people can go around it or just scope it to death.
hey i found a bug at the death area at the bottom near the first point its behind the waterfall the bug is that you can be down there without dieing
king derpaderp Nov 2 @ 4:37pm 
@Freyja: Found an exploit with the train, I found that if you conga on the train as the engi, you can stop the train, I have already sent an email to valve about this issue but it has been 2 weeks so i figured i tell the map creator.
Crenzus Oct 25 @ 1:08am 
This map gives me depression.
Hurricane Pootis Oct 20 @ 7:16am 
Congrats on getting it into the game
Knusperfrosch Oct 19 @ 11:17am 
@Freya: Thanks!
I definitely remember Engis exploiting it in the early days, but not later, but maybe that was because I played Whiterock on an entirely different community server with different people who never got the idea to try it out...

Ah well. I expect a lot of patching in the days after the initial update, anyway. There have always been bugs and exploits after every large content update. No biggie.
Freyja  [author] Oct 18 @ 7:40pm 
That's a shame, I don't remember ever nobuilding that before though, or anyone exploiting it. I'll fix it but it'll be a while before valve can patch it probably.
Knusperfrosch Oct 18 @ 5:21pm 
@Freya: Played cp_Mossrock today on RTGame's server and noticed a pretty annoying issue:
Sentry-jumping Engineers can get up onto the bridge roof above Point A and build there.

I thought that roof was no-build ever since cp_whiterock?
I remember back when the map was cp_keikoku, in the beginning Engineers exploited that roof mercilessly, and there were senties and Snipers up there controlling haöf the map due to the roof's height advantage and insane sightlines.

Can you please send Valve a version of Mossrock where the roof is a no-build zone? Otherwise Delfy will have a field day.
Surafd Oct 18 @ 9:05am 
Congratulations on getting the map into the game!
DaforLynx Oct 18 @ 12:27am 
First of all, congrats!
But I noticed a rather large bug: if you stand right in front of the yellow gate at the left in front of RED spawn, there are some missing textures in the background.