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Transport Fever modding contest "Design the future"
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2050 levitation track (WTC)
Created by Léon Cleaner's
futuristic miscellaneous modding contest

This mod add to your game a new levitation track avaible in 2030

The WTC 2050 track is the track used by the WTC 0813 vehicle but also by all vehicles that use levitation
Its technology allows vehicles to rea...
Created by Bandion
The Beluga is a self driving truck by NK Automotiv. The ideas to its construction are from the last 20'. In the time of the electric car revolution and the common use of drones the use of Semi-selfdriving-trucks started. The Beluga is a complet autonomus s...
Carbon Bridge
Created by EISFEUER
A Bridge made of carbon and acrylic glass. This bridge is available from 2030.
This bridge is made for the modding contest (category futuristic miscellaneous).

ATTENTION: Bridges are not savegame compatible. Bridges my be changed when adding a new brid...
Future Bus (by Seamon)
Created by Seamon
This futuristic vehicle modification adds a bus that is located in a fictional future. It was made for the competition. It is completely low-floor and optimized for fast passenger changes.

Future Bus:
Available: 2045
Power / Tractive Effort: 400 kW / 3...
Future Car (by Seamon)
Created by Seamon
Adds a futuristic car to the traffic (available from 2045). Although it's a vehicle, it starts for futuristic miscellaneous as you can't own it. The car comes in six colors and with hovering engine....
Future Tram/Bus-Station (by Seamon)
Created by Seamon
Adds a futuristic station for busses and trams to the Game (available from 2020). It has the same size as the vanilla ones and is also largely based on them.
The station is available in two sizes (large and very large) as well as the are versions for buse...
Created by MrIgr
The electric low-floor bus Galaxy was put into operation in 2047 and is used for carrying out various tasks for the transportation of passengers within the suburban and urban routes. Due to the use of next generation ultrathin power elements, the floor lev...
Created by OlaHaldor
The Hexagon is a self Driving Multiple Unit.
Named after its solar hexagon panels cells neatly placed into the roof.
The train require electrified tracks so it can share the overflow to the rest of the transport network.

The mod is based on the future...
Hexagon Bus and Tram Station
Created by OlaHaldor
A sleek and modern looking bus and tram station with a modern OLED display on the back wall to monitor where the next bus to arrive is on the line.

Enjoy the view through the energy conserving hexagon windows.

Made specifically for the futuristic 205...
Hexagon Residential
Created by OlaHaldor
A residential building for the futuristic miscellaneous category in the futuristic 2050 mod competition....
Hyperloop tubes
Created by julian.wassmann
For the modding contest "Design the future" in the category "futuristic miscellaneous".

Adds a new bridge and tracks for the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is a battery powered passenger capsule moving through low pressured tubes at almost sonic speed.
As a ...
Levitation harbor
Created by melectro
Levitation harbor, a futuristic harbor availible from year 2049.

This harbor is, for the moment, only used with the
"Peter Pan" a levitation ferry.

Other types of ships arriving this harbor will have a negative visualization.

The harbor can be used at l...
Lighting Hawk - Deutsche Bahn
Created by Maik [Ger]
This mod is my contribution to the TPF modding contest in the category "futuristic vehicle".

The 'Lighting Hawk' came from an international cooperation with Deutsche Bahn and Amtrak developed and built a high-speed train of the latest technology, such a...
Lightning Hawk - Amtrak
Created by Maik [Ger]
The 'Lighting Hawk' came from an international cooperation in with Deutsche Bahn, together with Amtrak, developed and built a high-speed train of the latest technology, such as nuclear fusion reactors and hover technology. The train was developed under the...
Created by Maverick2002
This Modification adds the Highspeedtrain MHST2050 Hybrid to the game.

Introduction: Submission to the modding contest 'Design the future' in the category 'futuristic vehicle'.

Technical Details:
- Vmax: 360 km/h
- Power in kw: 3600 - 13200
- Tr...
Nomad Hydrogen Locomotive
Created by PaTrond
This futuristic vehicle is made for the Design The Future modding contest.

Nomad - Thé locomotive for cross continent transport - is a hybrid locomotive, with a hidden pantograph, and hydrogen for lines without catenary. It packs a massive amount of pow...
Peter Pan
Created by melectro
Futuristic vehicle (150 km/h), availible from year 2049.

This is the first commercial craft with levitation as propulsion.

After many failed attempts, scientists in the CERN laboratory have managed to control this magnetic force. The vessel is a magn...
SMP - Street Modpack
Created by [youtube]majuen
This Modpack adds various new roads, with restrictions for certain traffic users.
With the release of the gameplay patch at the beginning of July this Modpack Savegame is suitable....
Citybus NewGen
Created by YoshiDE
Short description:

The 'NewGen' Citybus was designed by H&S Coaches, a Fusion of Hess, a swiss bus builder, and Stadler Rail, a swiss train manufacturer. This bus is made of carbon fibre and aluminium - because of that, it is very lightweight. ...
SuperPauls AuBaBu
Created by SuperPaul5000
The AuBaBu (Autonomous Battery-Bus) is my contribution to the modding-contest in the category “futuristic vehicle”. The AuBaBu runs by itself and can navigate up to 40mph through the cities. It can carry up to 20 people and because of its large doors it ha...
TG HyRT [Regio Lines]
Created by AleX_BY

This train is made for the modding contest (category futuristic vehicle).

TG HyRT is a hybrid hydrogen-electric multiple unit that was developed by the programme of Regional Railways and has ...
The Hyperloop
Created by julian.wassmann
For the modding contest "Design the future" in the category "futuristic vehicle".

Adds the Hyperloop capsule. The Hyperloop is a battery powered passenger capsule moving through low pressured tubes at almost sonic speed.

- animated turbine...
WTC 0813
Created by Léon Cleaner's
futuristic vehicle modding contest

2050, the French, German, Swiss and Russians collaborated together to found a new company: the World Transport Company. Proud of their revolutionary new prototype, the WTC hopes to reign over European and even world pa...
X-12 Atomic Locomotive
Created by donoteat
Far more attempts than anyone should be strictly comfortable with have been made to create an atomic locomotive. The Germans came up with a bizarre lozenge shaped unit[], and the Russian...
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