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Bugfixes and Improvements
No new items, but simply some improvements and changes to items already in the game.
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Airborne Armaments Updates
Created by [m00] Elbagast

Valve have already taken everything they wanted to from this submission and implemented it in the July 10th 2013 patch (wiki details[]) but they do...
Marked Incompatible ]  Conscientious Objector New Taunt *Update 2012-07-17*
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
New Taunt for Conscientious Objector

*Update 2012-07-17*
Tweak and New Video Uploaded....
ANIMATED PIP-BOY [Build/Destroy Tool] re-work
Created by Ouch!
Since the Engineer got a space for new PDAs in his loadout I have felt that the Pip-Boy Miscileaneous item should no longer be a misc item and, instead, become a reskin item for the build/destroy tool. SFM makes making stuff like this easy!

Brass Beast Windup Sound Fix
Created by Pie_Savvy
A fix for the Brass Beast's skipping sound when winding up.
Download: {LINK REMOVED}...
Official Fix - Black Market Business
Created by SNIPA
It's about time the shells stop coming out of your mouth when firing gallantly on a hill of heroic awesomness.


-Fixed the AO bake error on the back of the tomislav barrel.

-Fixed the AO bake error where the pump slides.

-Optimized t...
Consistent Killicons Pack
Created by NeoDement

This submission changes a lot of the killicons to create a generally more consistent style. It also adds some missing killicons.

Full-size preview image here:

Mod version here:

Dalokohs Texture Fix!
Created by Benjamoose
Tired of seeing that pixelated mess on the rare occurance when you will need the Dalokohs Bar?

Wish it didn't look like digital vomit when using it for machinima purposes?

Worry no more!

- Completely retextured from scratch.
- Uses colors based o...
Gunboats Custom Footstep Sounds
Created by ned_ballad
I made some custom footstep sounds for the Gunboats, like the cleats and jingle belt have.

They're actually a blend of robot walking sounds and normal metal footsteps from Source, but pitch shifted and edited a lot to sound unique. It also means Valve ...
Escape Plan + Equalizer Kill icons
Created by Frying Dutchman
When a new fancy weapon gets implemented to smash peoples heads into fine mushy bits there should be a glorious Kill icon to inform everyone on the server that the new weapon is doing its job.

Kill icon has a smaller impact icon and "speed" lines to ref...
Phlogistinator & Manmelter Particle Fixes
Created by Chaofanatic
This was created to make all kinds of various fixes to the Pyro's Grordbort weapon particles.
List of fixes.
1. More faithful to the concept art.
2. Phlogistinator death ray follows the flamethrower fire's hitbox like it should.
3. Manmelter has a char...
Marked Incompatible ]  Pugilist Protector Styles
Created by Yamo
Two new styles for the Pugilist's Protector!

Flames made to match those on the GRU

(also includes updated loadout icon)


Valve has decided that the styles are incompatible for whatever reason :/

The files I submitted are just redone ....
The "Private Eye" - update! -
Created by Sith Happens.
-Polished hat geometry and reworked to individually fit on each class perfectly!
-3 Styles!
-Re-textured "Investigative Division" Cap (Original style)
-New "Mannco. Hunters Division C...
Marked Incompatible ]  Subtitles [English]
Created by Sven Cakemann
Version I. (Includes all lines up to the MvM Update)

Made for those people who are hard of hearing, deaf, or those who just want to be able to read some of the wonderful dialog that theses characters have to say.

Includes all subtitles for the Englis...
Rainblower Critglows
Created by gk99
I was playing TF2 with my Rainblower on 2Fort, and honestly, I thought the Rainblower with the electric effect, but no glow just looked tacky and bad. So I made this.

This is a fix for the Rainblower to make it glow when events that give ...