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Formula 1979
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Jun 24, 2017 @ 12:55pm
Jul 9, 2017 @ 8:21am
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Formula 1979

Update 0.97 Released!
Fixed front tire size
Fixed flickering front rims
More DX11 optimazed
Car differences more realistic (slow cars are now much slower than used to)
Brake adjustments to all cars
Heat SFX added to all cars (you can see heat from engine when you watch closely)
Downforce from ground effect reduced from all cars
Fuel comsumption bug fixed
Fuel calculations fixed (fuel calculation should be ok now. Report me if not)
Renault turbo has more lag now (car will be slow on slow track and fast on fast tracks)
Wing setups cause more drag.

I have updated this mod quite much last week (im on vacation). But will now take bit of vacation from modding too and travel :)
Will fix if there is big bugs

Sorry no preview pic with this update. Will include to next one.


Hotfix 0.96 released
Shadow (Car) bug fixed
Cars have less downforce from ground effect (bit less downforce now on front wing also)

F1_1979_Official_Server is now updated to latest version


New tires
Fixed many bugs with car graphics
Optimized more to DX11
New suspension
New engines for every car
Fixed Renault turbo problems (turbo stayed on full boost)
new dirty air parameters
New brakes for all cars
Tiny ground effect changes to all cars
Some thing i already forgot :D


*********I kindly suggest to join the official multiplayer server**********
Server name
Download on steam only or at the server!

Hello my friends!

I'm happy to announce F1 1979.

All credits go to:
*****************GPC79 modders and Chequered Flag group******************

They have made this awesome mod to rF1! So big thank you for them to give permission to convert
this to rF2
Remember that this mod is mostly their work, not mine. So all thank you should go to them not me :)

The big works was made by GPC79 modders.
Chequered flag updated the mod

GPC79 modders:
Renato Simioni
MotorFX for texture and more
And other that bring this masterpiece to RF1

Chequered flag group
Mod Basic : GPC79
Sound engine : Dave Sabre
Rear car : Dave Sabre
Pilot : Dave Sabre
Skin car HD : Mansell5
Physical cars : Mansell5
Helmet : team CREW
Pilot seat : team CREW
Wheels : Reiza Studios​

Postipate: rF2 conversion, Physics, Cameras, rF2 pilot, Renault turbo sounds
Chief Wiggum: Rosberg helmet

This mod includes:
17 cars that has been used in 1979 season
29 Drivers that raced in 1979 season
Realistic helmets
Realistic driver suits
Realistic car liveries
Realistic car physics
CPM tyres
Felixible chassis
Deformable Tyres

Cars have ground effect that were used in 1979 season. Very fun to drive and gives very much downforce in full speed

This version will have some bugs! Mostly its graphical bugs. Notice that wet tyre graphics are just placeholder for now! Don't mind these things yet. Will fix later.
Mirrors are very bad quality. Will fix when I get idea how to do it :)

Known bug list:
Brabham flickering texture
Front rims has some flickering texture
Ats render bug
Under car has weird reflections
Tv cockpit camera shows cockpit wrong
Arrows disappearing texture
Reutemann helmet goes out of car
Mirrors look funny sometimes
Many many small glitches
Possible bad ffb with low fuel (?)
Helmets go transparent with supersampling!
Tyrrell flickering texture
Wet tyres are just placeholders

Engines that were used in 1979 season:
Ford Cosworth V8
Alfa Romeo V12
Ferrari V12
Renault V6 Turbo

To find how cars perform to each other read this:

Notice that Renault has turbo with lag. Its bit harder to drive.
Williams has most downforce from ground effect. Easiest car to drive
Ferrari is very fast, but harder car to drive than most Cosworth powered cars

Hopefully everybody has fun with this car.

*********I kindly suggest to join the official multiplayer server**********

I will try to join you guys too. Im tired now (worked 30 hours last 3 days), so will rest first :)

For league admin:
League versions are coming soon too.

Special thank you for:
Mauro: Tested the mod for me and got the permission for the mod! Without him this would have never happen

Ari Antero: For support and online server

Chief Wiggum: For all the things he teached me

And to Arnao and rf2 community to get original permission for convert mod to rF2

*********I kindly suggest to join the official multiplayer server**********
Server name:

Download here:
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[DAA520]Elin's Swing Jun 19 @ 8:51pm 
This mod is still great to this day. I have used it here since it was released. Give it a spin on Imola '72.
S1CK Jun 19 @ 8:24pm 
Thanks i'll try!
Postipate92  [author] Jun 14 @ 9:32am 
Sorry I haven't made the original artwork. Search for "RF1 1979" mod and find original modder:) He has them
S1CK Jun 12 @ 6:22pm 
Hopefully you update your templates at some point, it shouldn't take you much work
Postipate92  [author] Jun 11 @ 10:42am 
Thanks for comment Fergy1010
Sorry no updates coming from me. Hopefully somebody could continue from my work :)
Fergy1010 Jun 11 @ 7:04am 
This is a fantastic mod. Love all the different physics of each car. Any updates coming?
S1CK Apr 23 @ 8:44pm 
Is there any chance you can upload the template for dds?
potter0121 Apr 13 @ 10:42am 
you have a link to download the 79 tracks?!?
Tigrero Feb 3 @ 5:13am 
Thank you. F1 1979 is a mod that I wanted. Cheers.
itookurname Jan 19 @ 9:48am 
is there a Track Pack for the 79 Season|? Is there also a way to play a season within the game itself?