Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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UPDATED 3/10/18 - Reb's R2TW Realism Overhaul
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Jun 22, 2017 @ 6:07pm
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UPDATED 3/10/18 - Reb's R2TW Realism Overhaul

My realistic combat mod for Rome 2 Total War - the most comprehensive battle mod on the workshop.

Legions mercilessly slaughter disorganized hordes. Cavalry charges deliver tremendous impacts. Elephants shred everything. Pike phalanxes are walls of almost certain death. Arrows and bolts kill with unmitigated lethality and volume.


- Armor, shield, and melee weapon values overhauled. Armor piercing damage is reduced for slashing weapons and reserved more for stabbing and blunt-force trauma weapons. Different armor types now have a bonus or weakness modifier against missiles.
- Armor added to appropriate mounts, in vanilla armored horses and elephants did not recieve a bonus from armor.
- Combat is made as matched as possible and as a result engagements are shorter and more brutal. Probabilities for matched combat animations are equalized, making the combat look more cinematic by playing rare animations. This mod does everything all other 'cinematic combat' mods do.
- Hit point values changed to be consistant, like in the Charlemagne DLC for ATW. Hit points are a gradient of the soldier's health, exclusive of armor, and as all men bleed all have the same hitpoints. Horses also have much reduced hitpoints, the logic being that it would either be the rider or the horse that is primarily engaged, not both.
- Cavalry charges will now run through an unbraced unit with considerable effectiveness. The shock power of well-placed charge can kill over half or more of a lighter and unbraced infantry unit.

- Unit spacing changed slightly so that the barbarian hordes actually look like hordes and that the Romans don't move perfectly in sync like robots.
- Unit movement speed changed on different terrain types; utilize the terrain to your advantage.
- Walk speed of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and siege engines changed to be consistant with each other like in the Charlamagne DLC for ATW. This makes moving troops in an orderly fashion easier and with less micromanaging. Also, the speed of siege engines are reduced because in vanilla they could go faster than heavy infantry could walk.
- Changed naval ship speeds, acceleration, & masses to be more realistic. Ships are slower and harder to manauver, and uncapped ships like longboats benefit less from ramming. Historically, a trireme's ramming speed was just around 8 knots, with cruising speeds being even slower.
- Fatigue is overhauled so that your armies get tired now. As a guy in real life whose job is to run around in approximately the same weight in modern ballistic armor, I know what it feels like. Soldiers can recover by standing still or walking.
- Pikemen now hold and move with their pikes, even when out of formation.

- Projectiles changed to be more deadly and actually have variation in ranges and velocities based on weapon and ammunition type.
- Arrows, bolts, and thrown projectiles also do 'shockwave' damage which pushes the hit unit back.
- Fire projectiles do greater morale damage but have less armor penetration.
- Javelins have five times more damage than in vanilla and can kill an unprotected man or beast with a single hit. In real life, a properly thrown javelin could generate up to over 150 foot-pounds of force, which justifies this buff.
- Spread values utilized - different projectiles actually have different accuracies now! Arrows no longer follow men like homing missiles.
- Archers with bows now always fire volleys at an angle, and don't rake your own men with direct fire.
- Artillery projectiles are more inaccurate, better for attacking static defenses than moving bodies of men, but can deliver a tremendous punch when they do hit.
- Torsion bows redone. Ranges on ballistas increased dramatically, out to 750 meters. Historically, the Romans had built some great ballistas that could launch projectiles over a kilometer. Ballistas also have discernably improved accuracy over catapults, but their smaller projectiles do a little bit less damage.
- Thrown projectiles range reduced to 50 m from 80 m. I wanted to reduce it to a more realistic 30 m but toggling the skirmisher ability would make your men retreat before the enemy got within range to engage. Thrown projectile velocity is also reduced to a realistic speed, and are more inaccurate than arrows.
- Legionaries and other melee units do not need an attack order to throw javelins/pila.
- A unit hit by Roman pila receives the "Pilum Effect" - a lower shield defense for a period of time. Roman pila were designed with soft iron tips that bent on impact, which would puncture shields and render them useless.
- Archers and skirmishers have a higher rate fire.

- Some unit sizes changed slightly, for balance and historical reasons. Many medium and light eastern units have a 50% increase in size while Marian legionaries are diminshed from a maniple to roughly a century in strength.
- Unit visibility is also far increased so that the AI will act and respond a bit more intelligently.
- Morale overhauled; more factors now both positively and negatively influence unit morale, such as surrounding defenses, terrain, formation, and flank security.
- Shield and spear wall can now be used in an attack, and will not break formation.
- Visibility in dense terrain like forests and scrub much reduced for better steath gameplay. All infantry can now hide in scrub as well as forest, and infantry missile units an scorpions can engage while staying hidden. Use your scouts with discernment and outwit your enemy.
- Barbarian infantry can all guerilla deploy, and hunters can stalk as well.
- Ranged infantry can engage and stay hidden.
- Changed formation and ability variables to be more diverse and effective. For instance, some formations had negative effects, like speed reduction. On the other hand, wedge formations and trample abilities are brutally powerful. Close, tight formations help improve a unit's morale.
- Made fatigue more sophisticated. Units will benefit from a small 'adrenalin' rush from being active.
- The cohesion system. By attaching more 'bracing' variables to different effects - like taking fire, being fatigued, charging, morale, etc; unit 'mass' is constantly shifting. This means that there are more factors in a charge then just the weight of the two units colliding, whether they break or hold is now dependent on their mental and physical cohesion.
- Added almost 1000 new formations and abilities to a ton of units. Disciplined units like hoplites, legionaries, and their foriegn imitations utilize a flexible variety of formations while barbarians rely on their abilities for intimidation and individual prowess to win.

Compatibility: This mod is a complete overhaul, and affects just about everything to do with battles, so few other mods affecting battles would be compatible. That being said, this mod incorporates some of the best features of mods that offer improvement to individual functions (i.e., more matched combat or better cavalry charges) and make them all compatible with each other. As the melee attack/defense, morale, and charge values have not been altered much from vanilla, most unit mods should be compatible and balanced.
Mods that deal with just the campaign are compatible.
This mod is also great for multiplayer.

Credit to Boicote for the persistant pikes.

If you like this mod, tell me about it and tell me what features you want to see. If there are any bugs, please report them. Realism is consistency and consistancy is quality, and I do my best to reflect that in my mods.

Try my campaign mod:
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Mar 20 @ 5:08am
Sorry, I can write only here
< >
Elchman69 Jul 23 @ 4:04am 
great mod really, sending hastati into two levy spearmen and sword nobles leaves the hastati victorious, dont know whats the issue there but well
the only thing thats bugging me a little is the massive amounts of formations and abilities
like "use the whip" for praetorians, meh.... i dont think so
flaming javelins where a thing among iberian tribes to incinerate hay balls but in actual combat..... no
Arena - infantry_charge_1 <----- what is that?
maybe you could come back for a small update and a little adjusting
richardgraham03 May 26 @ 8:17am 
Hi, Your mod is great any chance of a update for patch 19. cheers
Spartan May 16 @ 9:43pm 
I can't recommend this. As is seen in other reviews, for some reason infantry combat is very unbalanced. I just had a battle where I flank charged a half-unit of tired levy spearmen with Praetorians, and the levys were beating my Praetorians. I had to charge in ANOTHER unit of Praetorians at their rear to do anything, but one of my units still said 'losing' and the other said 'evenly matched', and I lost many from both... TLDR; Took 20 mins to kill 1 unit of levys sandwiched between 2 units of Praetorians
DEAD RaNgEr 888 May 4 @ 5:39am 
@ThePoshBarbarian the mod is maybe not updated for update 19. all mods will break the game if they are not updated for the newest update
Mars May 1 @ 7:07am 
mod is very unbalanced
ThePoshBarbarian Apr 30 @ 12:04pm 
I agree with @CraazyLobo, so far i've tried to play the Moroe/Kush kingdom in custon battles, but the game just does a CTD, though the arabian factions are fine to play as, don't know about the numidians though.
CraazyLobo Apr 20 @ 5:03pm 
It seems when I play as the desert factions the game will crash. Maybe an update would fix?
CraazyLobo Apr 20 @ 3:09pm 
Custom battles will crash when started. This is the only mod im running. Does anyone have problems/solutions? It was a damn good mod when working.
Elchman69 Apr 2 @ 11:32pm 
would you consider removing the flaming javelin?
in terms of realism im not sure if thats a thing
striker_sigma Mar 19 @ 12:14pm 
Is there any strategy to defeating infantry? It feels like, as soon as my infantry engages enemy infantry, they have difficulty killing anyone. Even with higher quality soldiers, with better armor and experience, a lower-tier enemy infantry unit can hold out like the Spartans at Thermopylae. Surrounding them, or killing the enemy general, doesn't faze them at all. The only counter I've found to this is using missile units, which seem to have a greater effect than my heavy infantry.