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HMCS Addon


"GUNGRIFFON THE EURASIAN CONFLICT" is a video game console of Sega Saturn by GAME ARTS.

"HIGH-MACS" is appearance as a "2nd Generation AWGS (Armored Walking Gun Systems)" at this game.
Name means "HIGH-Mobility Armored Combat System".
This special mech is capable of "3-Dimentional Action".

  • HIGH-MACS is inside AWGS of BLUFOR.
  • JagdPanther is inside AWGS of OPFOR.
  • Can use in Zeus.
    Your mission needs to set "All addons" inside "Game Master" module at EDEN Editor.
  • Watch Tutorial Video (English sub available) on top of page. Tutorial start at 1:26.
  • Sorry :(


Guidance : Reload
Low Mode : Auto-Hover Off
High Mode : Auto-Hover On
Cargo Mode : Gear Down
Boost : Car Fast Forward
Jump : Collective Raise (Heli Up)
Fly Forward : Car Forward
Fly Backward : Car Backward
Left Turn : Car Left
Right Turn : Car Right
Cancel Jump : Collective Lower (Heli Down)
(Can assign to another key. Currently assigned key can check at "Guidance".)

  • Dynamic Loadouts is available. Choice the weapons.


  • For Zeus game on dedicated server, be sure to put one or more this addon units on the map.
    Or use " addCuratorAddons ["HMCSAddon"] " command.

  • Useful supply script is here. Can resupply for HIGH-MACS like original game "Gungriffon".
    Resupply Helicopter Script by God of Monkeys

  • "Seat Mode" is auto selected by seats condition at the start of mission.
    You can change it manually later at action menu.
  • "Cargo Mode Start"
    Can activate "Cargo Mode" at the start of mission.Set this code to Unit's init.
    "this animateSource ["InitCargoMode",1,true];"
  • When starting engine at midair, "High Mode" is auto selected and auto start "Jump".
    Safe landing from 10000m is possible.

Another DL Site:

Quick Test Play:

BI Forum:

Thanks comments, everyone !
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Jul 24 @ 5:45pm
Known Issues & Problem Reports
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chkw30k  [author] Aug 3 @ 5:01pm 
If so, unfortunately there is nothing I can do from my addon.
My simple zeus mission work fine.
"GameMaster" module setting (at Eden) by the mission creator is absolutely necessary.
It can't control from addon side...
Ascended Aug 3 @ 4:31pm 
He makes a private zeus server for just himself and cant find the mech in the spawn list outside of eden. he is not using eden at all.
chkw30k  [author] Aug 3 @ 4:16pm 
@Titan Radiation, Ascended
A bit confused... :(
I confirmed that AWGS does not appear in the list on dedicated server game. (but listen server is ok)
However, when I put one High-macs on the map, it came to appear on the list.
For now the reason is unknown, so I will investigate it a bit more.
Both thank you !
Ascended Aug 3 @ 10:31am 
@chkw30k I think he means that he is hosting a zeus session and cant find it in the spawn menu.
He is able to find it in the Eden editor but while on a server he is not able to spawn it in from the units/groups/modules etc.
Titan Radiation Aug 3 @ 10:30am 
@chkw30k Sorry I think we got off on the wrong foot, my question was why I'm not able to spawn it inside of Zeus, I would also like to say I appreciate the quick responses. <3
chkw30k  [author] Aug 3 @ 6:09am 
@Titan Radiation
Thanks for report. Is "Game Master" module set "All addons~" ?
This setting may solve it.

Because there is no other type 30mm(Avenger) ammos on the arma3 side.
Perhaps, it can not be added immediately.
Please against tanks with 8x ATGM (use dynamic loadouts) for a while.
I'll test the anti-tank capability a little more. Thanks for your request.
kramar.1910 Aug 2 @ 8:29pm 
Can you add AP of APCR or APDS belt option to the Jagdpanther's 30mm gun? It will be very useful against IFVs and MBTs if you have no ATGMs left.
Titan Radiation Aug 2 @ 6:34am 
Unfortunately, I cannot find any of the them. It works inside the Eden editor, but not Zeus. If there is a possible solution based off of my situation please tell me! However if this is the first then a solution will most likely be a delayed solution or an impossible one.
chkw30k  [author] Aug 1 @ 5:20pm 
@Titan Radiation
There is a problem report often about zeus.
It may be able to be solved if you tell me more about the situation.

Blue Gender is nostalgic. It's in memory.
"Armor Shrike" concept is close to this addon. But there is no plan at this point sry.
However, we all have the opportunity to start creation :D
SolarAndroclius Aug 1 @ 7:00am 
Any chance you would be able to make the mechs from the anime Blue Gender? They basically look like smaller verison of these.