Portal 2

Portal 2

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Small Chamber
Created by dominik
Is it small?...
One Room
Created by dominik
Not that hard...
Created by dominik
Not that hard...#2
Created by dominik
Speed up gel mechanics....
Not that Hard...#3
Created by dominik
Do not move - Auto Chamber / Level
Created by dominik
Do not move after going into the room.

You may have some FPS drops
Chamber 444 [Easy version]
Created by dominik
I am very bad at naming maps -

This map is much easier then the other Version...
Chamber 444
Created by dominik
I am very bad at naming maps...
The illusion deceives
Created by dominik
Flying cubes!
Created by dominik
the cubes have to fly :D
Hints (1) Collide with the companion cube to get to the mid. (you both step on the 2 fate plates) (2) Fling the lasercube there where the Companion spawns to hit both laser targets with the reflection cube at once (with t...
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Created by dominik
You may have a look at these hints if you need help, or write a comment

Hint for killing the 3 turrets you can speep up gel in an unlimited fall, then the blue gel can reach them

Hint for the last laser part: https://picload.org/v...
Small Room
Created by dominik
Contains surprises. If you dont like that you may don't play this...
Sendificator Puzzles
Created by dominik
Contains sendificator's. these things teleports cubes to the end of the laser, if the cubes stand on the sendificator...
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CuriousCoreDE Jun 29, 2017 @ 7:45am