Portal 2

Portal 2

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The Logical Knot (Abyss)
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Created by Jotta
Logic Puzzle

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The Logical Knot
Created by RedSilencer
Difficulty: Expert. Only 5 Portal surfaces. Five.

Advanced remix of Jotta's Abyss. His puzzle is completely seeded in this puzzle, step for step.

Special thanks ...
Knot Again!
Created by toncica
NOTE: If you were going to play this map and read this before, I'd suggest you try this one (by Stract) instead. Although this PTI puzzle here is fully working and polished, the oth...
Created by Stract
a small little test me and my buddy redsilencer made together facade, watch out for the turet! lol :D
okay; PTI. you need to leave

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_tBWkPDwzw cool and good recotrocks tutoral...
Created by K7 Avenger
Fortitude is a logic puzzle combining multiple elements.

Thinking before moving equals solving.

Music: Portal Stories: Mel - Skototropism by Harry Callaghan.

Thanks to HankyMueller and RedSilencer for helping with playtesting.

Inspired by Stract & RedS...