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"Bendy!" - The Collectable Figure Line
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Jun 20, 2017 @ 7:06pm
Oct 19, 2017 @ 9:02am

UPDATE 3: We now have a 3d model prototype for the moveable figure! We will post a link to the moveable figure once it is released! For now, though, we have a bendy figure set available from Shapeways! You can find that here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/RGMNPVK4Q/portal-reg-bendy-figure-set
This product is still under review, but we still need your support! Show this to your friends! We thank everyone for all the support so far!

UPDATE 2: This product is on the way of being reviewed, but we still need your support! Show this to your friends to get their opinion! We thank everyone for all the support!

UPDATE: We thank everyone for the support of this idea. We are sorry for the lack of updates, life has been busy lately and there hasn't been to much time to bake over this idea. We are looking into contacting the WeLoveFine system in order to get some consutation as to this project. In the meanwhile, we would like to get some feedback. In the Portal 2 files, the Bendy's arms are placed in front of the main body on the 3d model. This is not visible in the game world as these are 2-D. The problem is this... If we do this for the product, it may not look aesthetically pleasing. Alternatives could be having the arms come out of the main body, or just removing them entirely. Please post your opinion in the comments.

"Bendy!" Is a prototypical concept for a collectable line of Bendy figures, each one with collectable accessories. A few examples would be as follows:

- "VR Bendy!" : A Bendy with a HTC Vive Headset attachment, HTC Vive controllers, and a rainbow backdrop stand.
- "Viking Bendy!" : A Bendy with a Viking Helmat and shield, as seen in "The Lab".
- "Office Bendy!" : A Bendy with a Lab coat, and clipboard.
- "Lab Bendy!" : A Bendy with a Universe Sphere from "The Lab".
- "Test Bendy!" : A Bendy with a Portal testing Jumpsuit, Long fall boots, and Portal Gun.
- "Traitor Bendy!" : A Bendy with Crowbar and a hoodie with a Black Mesa Logo on the back.
- "Gib Bendy!" : Pieces of Bendy, or "Gibs".

This product will be updated as the design is perfected.

Drawing Credit to [Name Here]

PLEASE RATE UP. Even if the design is not finished, we still need your support!