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IFA3 liberation
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Jun 20, 2017 @ 12:24am
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IFA3 liberation

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IFA3 Liberation
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IFA3 liberation is the WOG modpack port from old unsupported full version of Iron Front Arma 3 in to the lite version. Includes new tanks, weapons, guns.[h2]


Tanks: Pz3M, Pz3N, Pz2, Stuh42, KV-1, KV-2, T60, T70, T26.
Machines: BA-10, BA-64, ZIS 5V 61K, motorcycles R71, Gaz AA.
Guns: 45mm 53K, Regimental cannon P27, PAK38.
Machine guns: ДШК, М2.
Aircraft: LA-7, modifications for IFA3 lite.
Weapons: KampfPistole, MP41 (r), PTRD.
Improved: Sherman M4, T34-76, Stug 3, Pz4.

Effects of damage to tanks:

Parameters of armor-piercing, high-explosive, sub-caliber projectiles, grenades, missiles, mods IFA3 lite and IFA3 liberation have been changed. when piercing armor, the crew dies more often, but the technique does not burn. Shoot in more vulnerable places.

If the engine of the tank has caught fire - it is necessary to run out of it urgently. It can burn out and explode, it can go out. If the firearms fire, then in a few seconds the tank will explode. The crew with a probability of 50% can catch fire.

The effects of concussion from shells and grenades.

All players are concussed if a grenade or high-explosive shell explodes nearby. Contusion is accompanied by stunning and clouding of the eyes.

Effects of damage to aircraft.

The engine and fuel of the aircraft can catch fire, oil may leak.

Configured ACE for IF

download separatelly

Includes all the necessary add-ons for ACE, all unnecessary we removed.
Configuring all enabled add-ons for IFA3 lite, FOW, IFA3 liberation
In addition, manual reloading of the main gun of the tank is made only from the place of loader. Manual reloading of guns and machine guns.
Advanced shooting from a mortar.
The ability to turn stationary machine guns.

More detailed instructions are in the mod ACE IF.

Compatibility with other modes
With IFA3 Lite - enabled.

7Y WW2 -

Face of War -


Reworked gun recoil
Sound Rocket Launcher
Set of markers and flags
Compatibility with TaskForseRadio (optional)
Zoom off (optional)


Jeg0r - Curator of the project
Shvetz - Chief Developer
PIONEER - Porting to ifa3 lite.

3D Modelers, config, scripts

InverseKinematic - 3D Modeler, texture (

Testing the full version:

WOG community
Red Bear community

Thanks kju for help in porting the mod and IFA3 lite team for the excellent mod.
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[21QRF] Krabbs
< >
MaxP Sep 13 @ 11:58am 
"You can disable all scripts or partially for the server or mission. I will check the script, it worked well"
This scripts have to be rewritten with CBA functions. If you want to check some parameters constantly, all waituntil have to be replaced with CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler. Do not use waituntil at all, especially when you can't imagine all logical conditions that could be. I use it in some parts for my procedural scripts, but only because it is mostly one mission at one time, and CBA functions turn the 20kB code into a whole mess. But not with a dozen of strings of code :)
PIONEER  [author] Sep 13 @ 7:53am 
You can disable all scripts or partially for the server or mission. I will check the script, it worked well, but I don’t know how to do it differently without a loop :). I'm still not sure whether the CBA has a good effect on optimization or better without it. Although much has been done through CBA in ace.
Roach Sep 12 @ 10:54am 
Yeah I think I had that issue as well. I shot a T-26 with a Tiger and the entire server just froze for a minute.
KBBW [~EW~] Sep 12 @ 7:36am 
When in tank battles the servers will completly freeze up because of wait until loop in the scripts:
Suspending not allowed in this context
Error in expression <alse];};

waitUntil {speed _tank >= 15 or !alive _tank};
_set_speed = (0.95 + (>
Error position: <or !alive _tank};
_set_speed = (0.95 + (>
Error Generic error in expression
File ifa3_tank_Script\functions\fn_trans.sqf [ifa3_tank_Script_fnc_tr..., line 62

Notinh moves in the meantime :/
Roach Sep 12 @ 12:41am 
No idea. I'll be on the ground as a rifleman and when there are planes in the sky I get it even on the ground. Are pilots only suppose to be getting it?
PIONEER  [author] Sep 12 @ 12:08am 
Where exactly? On airplanes?
Roach Sep 11 @ 9:16pm 
Can you add an option to remove the annoying dirt that appears on screen? It seems to appear at random.
PIONEER  [author] Sep 11 @ 11:49am 
Мод и все совместимости обновлены. Mod and all compatibility updated.
Deutsche Luftwaffe Sep 7 @ 8:25am 
𝔉𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔫 Aug 27 @ 8:43am 
Здравствуйте. Хотелось бы узнать, а в данном може есть плащ-палатка?